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HES Tractec Ltd

Dowco House, Innsworth Technology Park
Gloucester GL3 1DL


United Kingdom
Telephone: 01452 733106
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Your Pinion Matters...
There are an ever increasing number of copy parts on the market in almost all components of any system or machine. If the adverse quality means that you replace it more often but it costs you less or a product costs you more but lasts longer that comes down to personal choice. However, if that component is part of a much larger product, e.g. in an axle, which involves extensive machine downtime, you need that component to work efficiently, effectively and be long-lasting. This article will discuss the benefits of using genuine parts for your axle.
One of the most sensitive areas for the reliability of an axle is the differential/bevel gear. Two different bevel gears are compared below: a Carraro original (calculated, tested, approved and manufactured to the Carraro standard parameters) and a corresponding copy product. (See Picture 1)

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So what are the differences?

Visual appearance: The original Carraro pinion has a continuity of the section between the tooth flank and the bottom fitting. The non-original pinion has a step and there is significant roughness in the area between the end of the tooth flank and the radius of the bottom fitting. 
Design: The original Carraro pinion is the result of many years of experience and it is properly calculated, designed and tested to meet the application parameters. The non-original pinion is the result of reverse engineering that that does not have the same depth of knowledge as the Carraro parts. 
Process: The high degree of process and equipment specialisation, in the fully optimised Carraro production sites ensure that quality levels determined in the design phase are met. 
Material: The Carraro original pinion is made with special controlled Jominy steel sheets, which provides a constant heat treatment, in relation to hardness, depth and deformation. This is possible for Carraro thanks to the amount of steel used for its gears which allows it to work directly with the top steelworks. These objectives certainly cannot be achieved by the After Market which does not have the volumes to be able to request customization of the raw material. 
What do these differences mean? 
The discontinuity of the section and the poor surface finish of the non-original pinion contribute to microfractures in the area between the tooth and the bottom fitting (rupture triggers) due to alternation of the elastic deformations that produce fatigue stress, generated by the pulsating load during rotation. These microfractures then quickly extend inside the material causing rupture.
The non-specificity of the configuration for the application does not guarantee performance optimization, resulting in a lower reliability in use. 
Optimization of the tooth section of the original Carraro part derives from a specific “dimension sheet” defined in the calculation/ design phase, which ensures that the “machine setting” parameters are constant regardless of the production batches. This machine data is not available for the execution of non-original components, which therefore cannot ensure the same performances as the original. 
The non-customization of the material which the After Market is forced to use generates large variances of product reliability during use. 
The combination of these factors (design, material, heat treatment and production process) has produced a substantial difference in durability in benchmarking tests of approximately 12 times lower than the standard. After 500 hours in the laboratory (equivalent to 10,000 hours in field) the Carraro original pinion reached the target without rupture, while the non-original broke in just 40 hours! From the top image on the left, it can be clearly seen that the rupture starts from the “step” between the tooth flank and the bottom fitting. On the contrary, in the bottom image on the left, the wear (practically non-existent) at the end of the test of the Carraro original product can be seen. 
Any difference in cost does not compensate the significant contrasts in durability between the original Carraro component and the copy part. When choosing between an original Carraro component and a corresponding copy product, it is necessary for you to assess the costs/risks, where the costs are not only those related to the individual part, but also include the labour for the interruption to service and the machine downtime. 

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