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Farm Work
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Bristol, United Kingdom
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Starting salary of £20,198 per annum, with the possibility of incremental progression to £22,958 pe
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14 Oct 2013
St Werburghs City Farm is a green oasis in the heart of Bristol that connects people with the environment through education, training and play. Over the last 34 years the Farm has expanded across three sites and developed a unique range of services that welcome and engage with some of Bristol’s most disadvantaged residents. Our vision is to become a truly inspirational city-centre farm that welcomes and enables a diverse range of people to connect with animals, food, the land and each other. This will create a community that has more knowledge of where their food comes from, increased participation in their local environment, improved facilities for all to access, enhanced understanding and cohesion and better health and wellbeing.

1. Overall purpose of job
The Estates and Livestock Manager will be instrumental in ensuring the Farm meets our vision, mission and aims, in particular, better connecting people to the story of their food by:
1.1. Coordinating and managing the care of the livestock, taking responsibility for their health, nutrition and breeding following recognised standards, national regulations and best practice
1.2. Coordinating the maintenance, health and safety and appearance for the Farm’s three sites: Boiling Wells; the Community Garden; and the Farm (including the Cafe & Playground)
1.3. Developing infrastructure, interpretation, activities and events that connect people with the story of their food, from farm gate to plate

2. Key Responsibilities
2.1. Livestock
• Organise and participate in animal care duties overseeing their healthy diet, ensuring their daily requirements are met and their welfare is a priority
• Recruit, train and supervise weekend staff/support staff/lead volunteers in animal routines and other farm work, in order to ensure consistent, high standards of animal care
• Recognise changes in animal behaviour, particularly relating to their health and act accordingly including coordinating veterinary input as required
• Coordinate grooming, sheering, hoof trimming, worming, pest/disease control etc
• Develop a breeding programme, including the buying and selling of animals, with a commitment to overseeing lambing, farrowing and other significant events
• Ensure the Farm adheres to the Industry Code of Practice, Environmental Health recommendations, Defra regulations and other legislation as appropriate to city farms
• Coordinate the ordering/housing of food, straw, hay and other resources as required
• Establish and maintain relationships with farms, suppliers and buyers relevant to the role
• Organise the slaughter and butchering of selected animals and arrange the sale of meat through existing and new members of the Farm’s meat club
• Introduce and manage a range of income generating activities to support project sustainability
• Maintain appropriate administrative records, budgetary control and invoicing
• Prepare annual reports, project plans and regular reports to trustees as requested

2.2. Estates and Infrastructure
• Develop and implement an annual programme of routine maintenance tasks and planned improvements across all 3 of the Farm’s sites
• Undertake regular infrastructure checks and complete risk assessments as required
• Carry out regular cleaning tasks ensuring that public areas of the Farm are clean and inviting
• Coordinate sites in the preparation of events/site hire such as setting up gazebos, moving resources, ordering stock etc
• Ensure regular maintenance, repair and purchase of tools, equipment and resources
• Ensure the burglar alarm, fire alarm and heating systems are maintained and set as required
• Participate in fundraising event, community activities and other opportunities as required

2.3. Supporting People
• Lead and support staff, team challenge groups and individual volunteers/service users of differing abilities in the delivery of practical activities and animal care tasks
• Assist with the development and delivery of farm related education programmes
• Develop and run farm related activities/training opportunities to support income generation
• Support visiting members of the public/groups and lead visits where appropriate

3. Additional responsibilities
3.1. Participate in preparation, compilation and submission of funding applications to secure continuation funding for the Project
3.2. Promote the aims and objectives of the Farm and present a positive image of the Farm through good public relations, communication with visitors, service users and the local community etc
3.3. Comply at all times with the Farm’s policies, i.e. Health and Safety, Equal opportunities, Child and Young Person’s Protection Policy etc. and to contribute to risk assessments
3.4. Report to the Estates & Infrastructure committee, and attend board meetings when required
3.5. Attend team, and other staff meetings as required
3.6. Any other duties commensurate with the post

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Starting salary of £20,198 per annum, with the possibility of incremental progression to £22,958 pe
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Kari Lucas
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