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Numbers of badgers killed on dairy farms

Dairy farms EIRs: number of badgers killed on land that had cattle (including dairy cattle) on it; number of badgers killed on land within 1 km of cattle (including dairy cattle); and number killed on the rest of the land within the dairy farms - all numbers killed separated for Somerset and Gloucestershire.
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Questions and answers on Bovine TB

Bovine TB - EIRs questions and answers on Bovine TB and the pilot culls.
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Number of badgers Defra targeted to kill in the 2 pilot culls

Number of badgers Defra targeted to kill in the 2 pilot culls in West Somerset and Gloucestershire.
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British survey of fertiliser practice 2013

The British Survey of Fertiliser Practice is an annual nationally representative survey based on the selection each year of a sample of farms from mainland Britain. The main purpose of the survey is to estimate average application rates of nitrogen, phosphate and potash used for agricultural crops and grassland. Information is also collected on applications of sulphur fertilisers, organic manures and lime.  The survey is sponsored by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and the Scottish Government, Rural and Environment Research and Analysis Directorate.
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Farm inspections

This guide is intended to give you some information about how and when government officials might inspect a farm in England. It will tell you about who may inspect your farm, what they are looking for, and why they might visit you.
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HGCA 2012 harvest study results

Oilseed rape growers should put as much priority on varietal stability and consistency as outright yield potential, suggests a 2012 harvest study published by the HGCA.
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Green Belt: Under renewed threat?

Briefing released by Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) on the renewed threats to the green belt.
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Green Belt Threats map

This is a map of green belts in danger, released by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE)
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Sheep and Goat Identification Inspections

Scottish Government inspectors carry out Sheep and Goat Identification Inspections annually. These inspections check that keepers of sheep and goats are complying with the identification and traceability requirements in European and Scottish law.
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Rabobank Commitment of Traders report

Rabobank Traders report for 21st November 2011