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Rockfit Trailer Lights

07 Dec 2013
Address Royston,  Cambridgeshire  SG8 6PA
Telephone 07803596660
Rockfit Lighting Systems are a new way of looking at trailer lights. With a pre-wired system, fully waterproof lamp clusters and connections along with a virtually crushproof 7 pin plug these are the ultimate system for your trailer or farm machinery. There are 3 standard sizes, 3.5m 6.5m and 10.5m. The measurement is taken from the plug to the juction box, the 3.5m has 1.5m tails leading to the lamp clusters, whereas the 6.5m & 10.5m have 2.5m. Connection points on the juction box allow for front / side marker / hazard lights and connections on the rear lamp clusters are for number plate lights. Price quoted is for the 6.5m kit


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