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kune kune piglets

23 Apr 2014
Address Ammanford,  Carmarthenshire  
Telephone 07015 521542
pedigree, BKKPS registered, lovely litter gilts and boars, brown and cream spots, ginger, and cream. Very nice boar piglet for future breeding, will need to be booked in advance or will need to be castrated as a pet. Reasonable prices, will be wormed, vaccinated if future breeding stock, and come with full 15 kilo bag of pig feed, and lifetime after sales advice if wanted. Piglets available as future breeding stock with good breed conformation, as pets, or for meat. Kune's have excellent feed conversion rates and are economical to rear to meat weight. CPH number required. Sow and boar of these piglets can be seen, they are well over 60 kilos and not fat, these are real pigs so please don't expect anything resembling a so called micro pig. We do not sell pigs to be house pets or singly unless you already have a pig to keep it company. Priced from £35 for meat weaners to £120 for registered