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29-09-2014 03:41 AM
Who picks up the pieces if fracking causes damage? asks CLA
29-09-2014 19:59 PM | Posted by Tom White
I think from this its obvious who will pay.
But regardless, even if they have a bond, may are worthless by the time it comes to pay out. Shale is a mirage - only money being made is through flipping the licence (onward selling to the greater fool, or wrapping them into derivatives and selling to funds).
Meanwhile, how much Benzene or other contaminant does it take to cause an Agricultural product recall ?
29-09-2014 20:12 PM | Posted by smokinfish
Any and all fracking will ruin the land for generations to come. Boreholes designed to hold radioactive fracking waste, will also ruin the land for generations to come. Both will poison the water table, which will also ruin the land for generations to come. The only way fracking can be made safe is NOT TO DO IT.
29-09-2014 20:40 PM | Posted by jules
Agree with articles concern. Very baffled that there is not more demand for answers before we turn into a smaller version of Texas!
29-09-2014 20:40 PM | Posted by Marie Taylor
How are we going to get house insurance in a Fracking area,who is going to risk lending people money for a mortgage our house we can't sell because they may frack in our village we have lost two sales and one rental due to a threat of Fracking all our money is invested in our property and you would be stealing our child's inheritance,this must not go ahead in our village
29-09-2014 20:44 PM | Posted by CarrieS
The government takes 60% tax so if companies do not exist in the future then the government must be liable, not landowners - unless those landowners were paid in the first place.

The country already has around 2200 wells sunk into conventional reservoirs in which hydrocarbons naturally flow. Shale gas wells are quite different. After a few years their production decreases and after a decade or there is little chance of natural production.

Anti capitalist groups and 'green' groups gain (many are even paid to oppose fracking by companies set to benefit if it didn't go ahead) by spreading lies and misinformation. There are numerous scientific sites debunking anti-fracking claims.

How can a well that cannot produce anything produce something in a few decades time? These are not conventional rock formations - they had to be fracked to make them produce. The pressure above them closes the fractures, meaning that after a few years the wells are not connected to anything.

The only other issue is with the vertical section drilled through the reservoir. This is monitored and controlled during use and owned by a company. After finishing it will be cemented up.

Shale gas that could lead to hundreds of billions of pounds of production might only need a few hundred new wells drilled through reservoirs - the production comes from the multiple lateral sections drilled off of these few hundred wells. Perhaps it will need a few thousand. Either way, if the UK already has 2200 wells then adding another 2200 doesn't even double the risk because these are wells drilled to modern standards with modern materials.

The country could get tens of thousands of new jobs and hundreds of billions in tax revenues for a doubling of the current risk - and right now there isn't any problem caused by the UK onshore industry and even if a well leaked it is easily repaired.

Anti shale protesters show their desperation every day by having to resort to lies about this. They should be embarrassed, though I think their egos prevent that.

However, for the farming community this is an important issue. Given the billions to be made by the government though taxes they should pick up the bill as normal if companies do not exist. If they do then the company should pick up the bill - just like any industry.
29-09-2014 21:03 PM | Posted by Mike Godsell
My I respectfully suggest that the CLA re-consider which political party best protects their interests? With particular regard to the government's plans to promote fracking for shale gas & oil in and under members land and property.
MG Mill owner in West Wales.
30-09-2014 13:35 PM | Posted by MagnaCharter
With regard to CarrieS' deeply skewed response, that 60% is a tax break given by George Osborne to (his brother-in-law's industry,) fracking. It has nothing to do with compensation.

You rightly say that unconventional wells decline in productivity after (a rather optimistic value) 10 years. There are over a thousand well-documented cases of contamination from the US. To call the fraudulent science, that fails to properly peer-review itself, a sufficient rebuttal to the proven cases of toxicity resulting from fracking processes is just plain wrong.

The modern processes you refer to, do those include the dumping of radiactive wastewater into the Manchester Ship Canal by Cuadrilla, the outrageous claims about their safety and processes made by that company that had to be withdrawn under Advertising Standards Authority rules? Or perhaps the only man-made earthquake in British history? Yet, you say, anti-frackers are objecting to this for their ego. That may be, but at least they are not selling their own countryside and the future of thier children for money.
30-09-2014 13:35 PM | Posted by Tom White
.. The wells still provide a conduit up the outside (look up methane,channelling) these problems are well known to the oil and gas industry.
... you talk about modern wells etc.. but the leakage rate is still about the same. In fact on deviated (horizontal) wells leakage rates are higher
... Multi-laterals may reduce the number of wells in the vertical plane, but with added risks. The amount of well pads is dependent on length of laterals. currently longest horizontal fractured for shale gas is 3k, and these are at a significantly shallower depth than Bowland in benign geology.
.. The Geology is UK may not support either multi-lateral or long horizontal techniques.
... So tax payer to pick up the polluter's tab ? or farmer ?

There's also an interesting point. We've just seen the first case of Govt disregarding public, where public have said 'NO' in relation to removing legislation. My understanding is that there is also compulsory purchase legislation in place at the production stage. Essentially the landowner cannot say NO. This industry affects a basic right the landowner currently takes for granted - the right to say NO. In this case under the minerals and petroleum legislation, the landowner is forfeiting the right to say NO to an industry that will permanently affect his/her property and does have human and animal health considerations.

Finally, we have a Government that has said No legislation should get in the way of Shale Gas. There is also this notion of 'green tape' and getting rid of the 'green stuff' prevalent. All very dangerous in my opinion. What the Government is actually saying in my view is that in order to make this Shale Gas profitable, we will ensure there is no environmental legislation that will hinder that. That is the true standard of regulation the Government means when it talks about regulation - nothing to do with best practices, and everything to do with ensuring this industry has a free hand.
26-09-2014 07:06 AM
Plans to scrap badger cull a 'populist move', says Hargreaves
26-09-2014 08:31 AM | Posted by Diane Bartlett
BVA have failed wildlife, failed Science and failed themselves. badgers are the victims in this diseae bTB, farmers have been swopping ear tags before the vets second visit inorder to be able to move diseased cattle on, slurry from diseased cattle spread all of field even though the disease can live in soil for 2 years.
Cattle are worth more to vets than Badgers,mbadgers don't bring in the money, I'm disgusted in our profession and will never trust BVA again.......shameful!
26-09-2014 12:23 PM | Posted by Tom Brady
this Hargreaves man should be struck off Vet register,he is a total disgrace,obviously with a dislike of badgers,how come everything he has to say about badgers being killed is taken as gospel,yet when other professional people,i.e,scientists,vets,conservationists,etc. give their expert opinion and advice the powers that be,i.e,NFU,Deafra,Natural England,& farmers,reject & rubbish their views,this Barbaric slaughter of badgers is so corrupt from the start,nothing to do with Btb,all money controlled, shambolic shameful people,disgraceful.
26-09-2014 15:04 PM | Posted by reg pollard
so scummy shooters been hampered by activists,what did they expect,blaming activists for their own incompetence,& shoddy workmanship,is typical of these so highly trained marksmen,lol ( marksmen my arse ) they are nothing more than local badger baiting yobs allowed to run around the countryside shooting anything & everything,& suppose its okay when this scum are slashing,law abiding citizens car tyres',& get away with it because they are licensed by this Birdbrains of a government,who in turn have to answer to them other scumbags at NFU.
26-09-2014 21:57 PM | Posted by Clued-Up
"Words mean anything I want them to mean" said the Red Queen in "Alice in Wonderland" I believe. The outgoing BVA President clearly shares her views.

By supporting DEFRA and the NFU's badger cull against the unanimous advice of nationally and internationally eminent scientists with directly relevant specialised knowledge, Hargreaves chose to ignore the science and provide BVA backing for pointless slaughter and animal cruelty.

The RCBT trial, all the subsequent research and the Welsh successes in halving cattle bTB should ALL have persuaded Hargreaves not to support the 2013 badger cull; and not to continue supporting this butchery in 2014.
27-09-2014 09:49 AM | Posted by Julia Michell
Personally, I would never trust a vet when it came to the life of a non-profit making animal
27-09-2014 10:46 AM | Posted by reg pollard
so miraculously it has been claimed the badger cull is now showing signs that it is working in Gloucestershire, wonder if this fairytale has anything to do with the fact farmers are losing their interest and faith,as well as having their money taken from them by these shooting companies,truth is out there once again that the cull is not and will not work,easy money for shooting companies,it has been reported that some farmers have been reluctant to pay the shooters up front fees,also stated some shooters spending to much time in pub,before going on shooting sprees,shooting anything and everything,tearing down country lanes in their big 4x4s & land rovers, etc, in total darkness,without any lights on the vehicles,accident waiting to happen, just hope the 300,000,? people who signed the online petition against the cull remember all this cull, come judgment day,next May 2015 & get this killing machine of a government out of office,whilst we still have any badgers left.
30-09-2014 12:35 PM | Posted by reg pollard
yeah Julia,totally agree with what you say,i had 2 beautiful badger cubs last year,due to their parents been killed in snares,( low-life, gamekeepers,) both cubs very dehydrated,1cub covered in maggots,&very poorly indeed, took them to our local vets,who at first were reluctant to treat them,just wanted to put them to sleep,but because I insisted that they received treatment,they both made a full recovery,both cubs were btb tested and btb clear,when well enough both cubs were released to a secret location together, got a shock when received bill from vet, certainly not cheap,but worth every penny just knowing the badgers had been saved & released back in the wild, i would do it all over again,regardless of the vets bills.
25-09-2014 04:57 AM
Chinese award for pig welfare launched
27-09-2014 09:45 AM | Posted by Uncle Albert
Will CIWF be taking the Chinese delegation to Bishop Burton to see the farrowing system they commend which causes 28% losses from birth to weaning?
24-09-2014 02:38 AM
TB devastating farming families, say NFU as Labour pledges scrap
24-09-2014 08:37 AM | Posted by Tommy
Nfu ,deafra,natural England, & shooting company,all scumbags together,breaking every rule in the book,as long as they kill badgers,cruel callous lying bastards everyone of them,
24-09-2014 15:21 PM | Posted by reg pollard
like it Tom,couldn't have put it better myself,liked statement i read last week from Businessman,he called himself,runs company supplying scummy shooters to kill our badgers,he says he would like to see the cull areas rolled out,i bet he would,greedy coward thinking about how much more money he will be making,he says all his marksmen are nice people, ' yeah right ' will be just like him lowlifes,noticed this so called businessman didn't reveal his identity. NFU doing what they do best,lying again regarding poor badger shot in abdomen,nothing to do with them,wouldn't be,suppose it shot itself,all liars,everyone vote to get This Scummy Government out next may, otherwise we will have no badgers or wildlife left.
24-09-2014 22:27 PM | Posted by Clued-Up
Re "the National Farmers' Union said farmers are losing their livestock to the disease and action needed to be taken" ... surely the NFU press office realises how stupid this reply is; and how it damages whatever's left of the NFU's public standing?

This reply reminds us all that the NFU has bitterly fought every cattle control needed to reduce the level of cattle bTB. The Welsh Assembly had the wisdom and guts to ignore the NFU; the Welsh have now halved cattle bTB in 5 years. They'll run the first bTB cattle vaccination trials in the UK during 2015. The Warwick Model predicts that cattle vaccination, annual bTB testing throughout the country and targeted action on the 10% bTB "super spreader" farms will remove more than 80% cattle bTB in 5 years.

DEFRA sadly had to be prodded by the EU into following at least SOME of the cattle controls the NFU objected to; as a result, English cattle bTB is falling, though nowhere near as fast as in Wales.

By advocating the wrong bTB eradication policies the NFU appears to be directly responsible for the waste of hundreds - if not thousands - of good cattle and for many cattle farms going out of business.
24-09-2014 02:23 AM
FUW covers Wales coast path in aid of children’s hospices
29-09-2014 09:55 AM | Posted by Wales Coast Path
Just to say well done on your Wales Coast Path challenge, hope you enjoyed the amazing scenary that our country has to offer. Feel free to post up your photos on our Facebook page Wales Coast Path or on our Twitter acount @walescoastpath. We'd love to see some of your photos!


19-09-2014 11:39 AM
FUW Caernarfon meets new meat plant manager
20-09-2014 10:29 AM | Posted by Uncle Dewi
Good luck to all involved but I'm going to stick with the live markets.
17-09-2014 05:31 AM
Russian ban won't derail bullish poultry market, report says
17-09-2014 09:45 AM | Posted by Levente
Please upload the Rabobank Poultry Quartrely Q3 2014 in pdf form.
16-09-2014 10:15 AM
Scottish farmer fears for his egg business on independence
17-09-2014 09:44 AM | Posted by Ritchie
Is this not the same person who stood as Conservative Candidate in the 1999 Scottish Parliament Election? Not that he is now disbarred from having a view, but hardly a surprise. It's a bit like having a news item saying David Cameron backs the Union!
17-09-2014 09:50 AM | Posted by James
I don't think it at all the same. The Lion mark is a British mark. Scotland will have to negotiate using that mark. English egg packers will not want to share the mark or the market to what will become foreign competition.
10-09-2014 10:58 AM
New Westminster dairy group formed
10-09-2014 11:48 AM | Posted by mike
What's the point? A profitable and sustainable dairy industry? Our fellow members of the EC all have more sustainable agricultural industries (dairy, pigs and poultry) because they have have lower costs of production. Their Governments understand the importance of not imposing excessive taxes too soon in the chain of production. Our Posh Boys in Westminster are seriously incompetent - a bunch of parasitic neversweats devoid of business acumen.Who will rid us of these turbulent sloths?
04-09-2014 08:30 AM
German supermarkets demand return to GMO-free poultry
05-09-2014 11:18 AM | Posted by Brian John
Good for the German supermarkets in responding to the wishes of the public and addressing concerns about the toxic effects of GMO feed on livestock. That is now well documented -- so this is an animal welfare issue. Also, the Germans are clearly very scared of the "security of supply" issue -- and the "perfect storm" risk that arises from almost complete dependence upon a single product (GM soy) from a single market (Brazil / Argentina) which might suddenly have to be abandoned when the world wakes up to the fact that the collateral damage to health and the environment is simply unacceptable. We have been trying to make this point to the UK supermarkets for some time, but they are too stupid to understand what we are talking about. Or rather, they don't see, because they don't look.
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