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21-10-2014 02:35 AM
Badger cull poll: Nine out of ten want culling to end
21-10-2014 15:24 PM | Posted by Michele Vaughan
We can kill every badger in the country but until the government introduces an efficient test for TB in cattle such as the new blood test, the disease will continue unabated. The blood test is quick and accurate, the result is known within the hour as to whether or not the cow actually has the disease. I feel the government is letting farmers down by not introducing the blood test and continuing with the 50-year-old skin-test.
21-10-2014 23:29 PM | Posted by Clued-Up
The NFU leadership's support for the badger cull and project has been a master class in sustained, pig-headed managerial stupidity. Leaving to one side considerations of ethics for the moment, WHY didn't the NFU leadership realise this project was a non-starter?

If the NFU leadership had done their homework beforehand, they'd have realised the impossibility of getting public opinion on their side. Surveys over many years show the public to be massively pro-badger. The public's feelings about farmers are far less enthusiastic. In these circumstances, it's not in farmers' interests to force the public choose which side to support.

A sensible leadership would have pulled back from the project as soon as all the independent scientists started telling them - and the public - that killing badgers wouldn't stop cattle bTB. The public are much more likely to believe the credentials of the scientists than of the farmers, on matters such as disease control.
22-10-2014 17:32 PM | Posted by reg pollard
what a lying toe - rag, Andrew Guest is,trying to blame good honest responsible and respectable people for his own incompetence, his so called marksmen,trying to say they have been intimidated,what a load of rubbish, this man is making a killing out of these farmers,no wonder he is desperate to get the cull rolled out,the money he stands to rake in is spurring him on to keep the badger cull going at any cost, this man should be sacked as NFU chairman for Gloucestershire farmers,He is taking advantage of all you Farmers,he & his greedy company have failed farmers once again,he rounds up all the local riff-raff,that can hold a gun and of they go into the night, they are so highly trained they have to use shotguns,Can't be that well trained,a chimpanzee could shoot a shotgun,was going to say not even an idiot would believe his lies,but there again, Deathra,& Tories, will take everything he says as gospel.
21-10-2014 02:34 AM
New badger culls are a 'miserable failure' as target missed
21-10-2014 12:21 PM | Posted by reg pollard
NFU & Deathra,will not listen to what Science or any others expert advice on BTB, surely all these experts can't be wrong,& Deathra, scientists and vet, right all the time,these people come out with statements that are already prepared for them,they know as well as everyone else that they are not being truthful,it is about time this Government put NFU in its place,& work with the Animal Charities and Badger trust and badger groups,in vaccination instead of culling badgers,&Farmers should clean up their own act, & NFU & Deathra, put a stop to illegal cattle movement.
21-10-2014 12:41 PM | Posted by Clued-Up
The NFU leadership will eventually have to admit they've lost in every possible way over the badger cull. The longer they refuse to face reality the worse it will be for farmers (and for the organisation they lead).

The public have listened to the NFU's claims about cattle bTB, the alleged necessity for a badger cull and how the slaughter programme has gone. The latest national opinion survey shows 74% public are aware of the badger culls (probably a higher percentage of people than know about any other government authorised programme!).

What's DISASTROUS for the NFU leadership is that 89% public want the badger cull stopped IMMEDIATELY, in favour of adopting the Welsh (cattle-based) approach to stopping cattle bTB. So the public condemn the policy favoured by the NFU and want it replaced by a policy the NFU leaders fought as hard as they could.

A huge percentage of the public think the badger cull cruel. Remembering the badger is Britain's second favourite wild animal, it damages British farming and the NFU to be associated with mass cruelty and an unforgivable attack on what's a legally protected animal.

15-10-2014 11:56 AM
British farming 'must be more ambitious', says Oxford Farming Chairman
16-10-2014 16:25 PM | Posted by reg pollard
NFU,always been renowned for turning farmers against one another,with some of their stupid ideas,like this barbaric badger cull,to hear NFU talk all farmers are in favor of culling badgers,rubbish,in fact there are many more farmers against culling than in favor,it is NFU , who are behind,& desperate for culling badgers to continue,&constantly bullying farmers into doing so,& scaremongering talk about badgers being responsible for everything that happens in the country side,time people woke up to Nfu & their dirty tricks,they are taking their members for a ride.
17-10-2014 17:52 PM | Posted by Clued-Up
The NFU appears to have donated its members' funds to the culling companies and participating landowners when the costs of the badger cull rose far higher than they'd thought it would.

It seems entirely wrong to me that the membership's funds should be raided because the culling company Directors got their sums wrong. I think the NFU didn't even ask its members whether they wanted their funds to be used to bale out these individuals.

Everyone knew the badger cull would meet with mass opposition - opinion survey after opinion survey year after year shows the British public is against killing badgers. It was foolish of the NFU leadership to launch the badger cull scheme in the first place.
20-10-2014 13:09 PM | Posted by reg pollard
NFU,hailing this years badger slaughter a success,yet Glosscon, ( company that supplies the shooters) have stated that they have failed to meet their target in Somerset because of activists,& required extension, or is this just a ploy for them to get more money out of the farmers?.would also like to know what the hell these judges playing at in making this decision on court appeal.
20-10-2014 20:48 PM | Posted by Clued-Up
The "Guardian" reports GlosCon failed massively to reach its target of 615 dead badgers - 253 badgers died.

Congratulations to all the badger protectors for saving so many of what's a legally protected, much loved wild animal in spite of the worst Cameron's cronies could do.

The NFU should start to ponder the long term costs of their participation in this much loathed attack on the badgers.

Many of the public knew nothing before the badger cull about the NFU's unjustifiable privileges of access to ministers. They didn't know how unrepresentative a body the NFU is of British farming. Now they do know.

From now on, Parliament will face continuing pressure to abolish the NFU's special privileges.
15-10-2014 07:14 AM
Why is the price of milk falling?
15-10-2014 10:15 AM | Posted by Leslie
Yes farmers are one end of the supply chain, they are at the front.
13-10-2014 05:42 AM
Neonicotinoid toxicity 'takes your breath away'
14-10-2014 17:09 PM | Posted by william hill
The evolution of modern agriculture and the wealth it has created, is now set fair to destroy the ecosystems it has parasitised for centuries,all take and no give time to take stock farmers,, dont let it be too little too late,, :(
09-10-2014 10:27 AM
Badger Trust to challenge legality of new culls
09-10-2014 14:31 PM | Posted by Clued-Up
If I were an English cattle farmer I'd be blazingly furious with DEFRA and the NFU for putting my livelihood and cows at risk by their obsession with killing badgers.

The scientists have said unequivocally that killing badgers does not reduce cattle bTB by any meaningful amount - rigorous cattle controls properly enforced will halt cattle bTB. Wales is showing England that the scientists are right and DEFRA and the NFU wrong - the Welsh have cut their cattle bTB by 50% in 5 years through cattle controls.

DEFRA "couldn't afford" to start the bTB cattle vaccination trials in England this year because the government's wasted so much taxpayers' money killing healthy badgers. The Welsh will be starting their own cattle bTB cattle vaccination trials in the next 12 months; they've every reason to believe bTB cattle vaccination will secure further significant drops in Welsh bTB rates.
09-10-2014 14:35 PM | Posted by reg pollard
hope these 3 appeal judges can see that this cull is inhumane and illegal,& won't be swayed by members of Royal family,& other forces like Government and Nfu, in making their own decision.
09-10-2014 19:02 PM | Posted by reg pollard
so NFU,furious at posters being distributed around London,highlighting this callous killing of badgers,obviously NFU,don't want the public to know the truth about this cull, why can't Farmers work with these charities,&badger groups,badger trust,etc,? because NFU only interested in killing badgers, wish Charlie boy and his sister would keep their opinions to themselves and go and do something useful for once.
10-10-2014 02:20 AM | Posted by Melody Lee-Gattenbym
Scientifically proven to have NO significant reduction in Cattle Btb - So why is the culling of a protected species taking place?
I seriously hope that the legal system overrules the Government on this. If it does not then there must be a grave concern by both farmers and the general public that there is an agenda which is not transparent and an investigation MUST ensue
13-10-2014 11:28 AM | Posted by Clued-Up
Re : "there must be a grave concern by both farmers and the general public that there is an agenda which is not transparent and an investigation MUST ensue" ...

DEFRA has done everything the department can to stop the public finding our about the badger cull risks / costs assessment (done with NFU participation). If DEFRA fails this month in the department's last ditch effort to keep secret this information (as is expected), then the public may well find out more about DEFRA and the NFU leaders' real agenda in driving through the badger cull. Who did DEFRA and the NFU expect to benefit from the badger cull? Was it the commercial shooting estates?
17-10-2014 20:12 PM | Posted by Barry Goldwater
nice to hear that the 2nd episode of culling badgers has yet again been branded a big failure,even though the super trained marksmen,were ordered to kill between 1-1000,badgers,but because they had no independent panel to count for them they were stuck,but what did NFU,natural England,& deathra expect when you have a bunch of brain dead,moronic shooters,still won't bother this government,they will do what they do best,lie there way through it,like always,well done to all you protesters,proud to be part of the mighty Badger Army,hold your heads high,honest,genuine people,nothing like the government puppets.
18-10-2014 08:30 AM | Posted by reg pollard
now that this years badger slaughter is about to end,we must look ahead to May,2015,& get this murderous government out of office,This is the only way we can stop this ridiculous slaughter of our badgers,this government& NFU,struggle to understand common sense,& only science they are interested in is their own.
19-10-2014 13:10 PM | Posted by reg pollard
so NFU claims this years badger slaughter,been a successful operation,yeah right,it was never going to be anything but successful without any Independent panel,to assess it,so suppose we are expected to believe what NFU,natural England,& deathra,tell us,wouldn't believe anything they say,lies,lies,lies.would be interesting to know what percentage of badgers slaughtered,actually had Btb,obviously NFU,Natural England,& Deathra, would rather not know them figures,easy to just sweep it under the carpet,but NFU just lying to its members once again.Muppets all you farmers who are being taken for a ride..
09-10-2014 01:52 AM
Government 'not recognising landowner concerns' over fracking developments
10-10-2014 00:54 AM | Posted by B Hanson
Surely this is just a money grab? Otherwise why not go after all the other companies that can access the subsurface.

Surely the CLA does not believe that activity 3km beneath the surface directly affects the surface? If they do then they should read the reports by the British Geological Survey or other geologists. It is not a case of probability. With 126,000 shale gas wells fracked in the US there are zero incidences of fracking fluid being measured in near surface aquifers. There are suspected incidences of methane, but methane can be found in shallow aquifers anyway and it has been shown that it has nothing to do with the process of hydraulic fracturing and everything to do with well construction, which means that the risk is to the landowners near the well head. Not every single person with fractured rock miles beneath their feet.

The CLA is in a muddle over this. It just feels like the don't really understand it very well and that this is more of a play for a source of income, which is fair enough, but then they should at least be honest about it. It isn't about future liability - where would it come from with reservoirs that are depleted and non producing and where 98% of fracking fluid returned to surface in the first few weeks decades ago, plus where the well is cemented up and abandoned.

If they want a new wider source of income then say so. The reason INEOS's suggestion is problematic is, (again the CLA is confused over this) this isn't about fracking, but about the well bore. Make it about fracking and everyone miles above a single sub millimeter fracture is supposed to get a payout. Since fracking has been happening in the UK for 30 years that would be odd, and under a town impossible. Payouts would be individually small, say £100 per house per year. In the US some people get them and their neighbours don't. It sets up false divides in communities where portions of communities vote against shale gas simple because they are the 'have nots'. That is why it is better going to the whole community and not individual land owners based on the surface property rights applied down to a depth of 2-3 miles.

Lastly, I am pleased to see an article that doesn't mistake the 300m figure for people drilling or fracking 300m beneath peoples properties. The Oil and Gas industry would have been happy with 1km. 300m is there for 'green' geothermal wells. Fracking will take place in the UK at around 2-3km. If you see an article stating that the new law will allow wells to be drilled and fracked at 300m you know the journalist hasn't bother reading about it. All an oil and gas well does at 300m is keep going down to 400m, then 600m, then 800m. At around that depth it might start steering towards its target, but it will not need to be at 45degrees or heading towards 90degrees (or whatever) until it is much closer to its target depth.

The 300m figure really has nothing to do with Oil and Gas exploration and development.
08-10-2014 16:31 PM
EU warns UK on egg cascading
09-10-2014 14:35 PM | Posted by Steven Ricler
I have a policy of not buying organic as I feel the animals suffer as a result of a policy which is almost similar to treating your animals according to the Johovahs Witness manual. Therefore I am shocked that I could be getting organic eggs even though I buy caged or free range. That surely is a trade description matter!
09-10-2014 19:02 PM | Posted by Rosemary Marshall
Don't be shocked Steven - organic eggs have high welfare status - it's the wretched caged birds you should worry about.
05-10-2014 15:04 PM
Are the lights going out on colony egg?
05-10-2014 19:06 PM | Posted by Randy Janssen
when eggs are $20.00 doz., this insanity will pass.
06-10-2014 11:03 AM | Posted by good egg
You will find that free range in the uk is being produced and sold at between £1 - £1.20 a dozen from the farmgate. At a 63% production share it shows that they can be produced cost effectively. Even more so in the us were the is a lot of sub prime land.
06-10-2014 23:25 PM | Posted by Environmental Education
Excellent news. Would be great to see the New Zealand government moving out of the dark ages and following suit. Pity New Zealand consumers do not care so much about animal welfare.
07-10-2014 19:11 PM | Posted by pete ritchie
But didn't the research suggest that hens in colony cages had higher welfare than those in barn systems?
07-10-2014 21:45 PM | Posted by Gordon Read
How are they going to produce free range egs in the winter in the UK?
02-10-2014 05:51 AM
Testing for TB in the cattle herd
16-10-2014 22:48 PM | Posted by Mawlood ,A. Al-Graibawi
What about the efficacy of Tuberculosis ELIZA test in detection of the infection.
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