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16-04-2014 05:41 AM
Changing cows' diet could help tackle heart disease
16-04-2014 08:17 AM | Posted by d4g6k11
I a few short years we will look back at articles like this that perpetuate the myth regarding 'harmful' saturated fat, and laugh bitterly.
16-04-2014 17:31 PM | Posted by Rosemary Marshall
Just changing one constituent in milk is hardly going to make the British the world's 'healthy nation'.
20-04-2014 10:50 AM | Posted by Chris
People that perpetuate the harmful saturated fat myth should be imprisoned for life. Not to mention the big pharma corps they work for.
14-04-2014 11:12 AM
Australian dairy 'offers best risk returns in global agriculture'
14-04-2014 21:17 PM | Posted by Fram Hand
"Could", "might", "should", achieve this, return that, etc, etc. When are these funds going to show their real investment performance?
11-04-2014 09:26 AM
Farmer trapped in potato harvester to feature on TV series
11-04-2014 16:05 PM | Posted by Marilyn Hayden
Darren is a fantastic guy and has such a positive attitude that im sure he will be back farming this year He has always worked hard to support his family x
11-04-2014 02:15 AM
£90m for centres of innovation: do pigs & poultry want their share?
12-04-2014 10:46 AM | Posted by Charles Bourns
We must not miss this opportunity, Centres are also being set up around Europe by the Commission we need one we have control over and not leave it to others where the NGO's will probably rule.
10-04-2014 02:23 AM
NFU President: TB destroying farm business and it must be stopped
12-04-2014 15:43 PM | Posted by Clued-Up
It doesn't help farmers to claim that badgers must be responsible for bTB infections in a closed herd because cattle aren't bought in. Closed herds are at lower risk of bTB than herds where cattle are bought in - but they are still at risk.

This article appears to be about the Gould farm, reported as having bTB outbreaks over the last 7 years. Obviously SOMETHING is badly wrong on this farm (and has been for some time). This and similar articles NEVER explain what the Goulds have already done to try to root out cattle bTB amongst their animals. Many farmers would like to know.

We know the current bTB test misdiagnoses 20% cattle every time it's used; also repeated applications of the test in the same herd (like once every 2 months) increases the potential risk of misdiagnosis. We haven't been told whether the Goulds have tried using the newish, more sensitive blood test to track down any unidentified infected cattle which are continuing to infect their herd-mates. If they have used this test to cross-check the flawed bTB that repeatedly condemns their cattle, what were the results? How did they inform the Goulds' fight back against the cattle bTB problem?

We haven't been told whether the Goulds have called in a vet consultant specialising in bTB disease control for a "second opinion". That's an obvious step to take. Paying for a vet consultant's expert advice on how to clear out bTB from the farm would be a lot cheaper than paying the costs of losing 36 cows in one outbreak alone.

We haven't been told whether the Goulds have brought in a bio-security specialists to assess the particular disease risks on their farm and oversee the removal of these risks. This should have been done after the second bTB outbreak at the latest - was it?

08-04-2014 11:21 AM
Farmer’s despair as nearly a quarter of dairy herd lost to TB
08-04-2014 12:38 PM | Posted by barbara
It is tragic to hear of cows being slaughtered because of this desease. I do not eat meat because i hate any animal being slaughteted. However, everyone must pull together and sort this out we need to stop just looking at killing badgers there are other reasons for this desease and there apppear to be ways of controlling it......if only certain groups of people would agree to do so. Please for the sake of cattle and wildlife which i adore both lets be grown up and get together to sort it.
Barb, Bedfordshire.
08-04-2014 13:03 PM | Posted by Barbara
This is tradgic and it really upsets me , i do not eat any meat because i hate the thpught of any animal being slaughteted. However, it appears that Badgers are not always the reasons for spreading TB....yes it has to be controlled better still stopped no one against the cull is disagreeing with that. Why do the NFU and experts against the cull not get together and sort this out. There is a way forward if only certain groups of people would agree to do so. Let them look at all the options to save any more innocent badgers or cattle being killed both are adoreable neither deserve to die when i understand there are optoons.. Barbara , Beds
08-04-2014 13:21 PM | Posted by Barbara
Why does this Dorset Dairy farmer not contact the Dorset Badger Vaccine group who i am sure would try to help. Not sure that is the correct name for the group but sure he could find it...if wanted to.
08-04-2014 15:40 PM | Posted by george
how does meurig raymond know the badgers are 'infected'? has he/she done some tests on the badgers on the farm? not a single badger butchered in the culls last year has been shown to have been carrying tb.
08-04-2014 16:22 PM | Posted by Roger Broad
Some 1800 Badgers were culled and 180 post mortem tested and yet no scientific evidence has been produced on infection levels. Perhaps that was deliberate? Wales has just produced its second year report on Badger vaccination of 1352 badgers at a cost of under one million pounds. over 90% of landowners in the designated area permitted access to their land and some 486 farms were included.Their reduction of BTB incidence is significantly above that recorded in England. The Cull in england was described as " inhumane and ineffective" I have read the IEP report and the inhumaneness was appalling.Science has been bypassed by Paterson and the NFU to the extent that priorities for funding for cattle Vaccination and Cattle testing have been squandered on the culling. For no discernible Benefit. The Politics needs to stop and be replaced by Humane Science. otherwise more time and money will be wasted.
09-04-2014 02:11 AM | Posted by Clued-Up
This Gould quote speaks volumes: "We have badger setts on the farm and as far as I’m concerned there’s only one source of infection that this could have come from".

There's no evidence ANY of the local badgers have TB, this farmer just "knows" badgers are the cause of his problems. Consequently, he's not going to investigate any further.

As a dairy farmer Gould should know the present bTB test misdiagnoses 20% cattle, leaving unidentified infected animals to continue infecting their herd mates. Has he used the newish and more sensitive blood test to check the bTB health of all his herd?

Has Gould had tested any farm non-bovines which could be spreading bTB (eg farmed deer, alpacas, sheep, goats and pigs)? Has he brought in expert advisors to check his on-farm biosecurity procedures?
08-04-2014 05:25 AM
Mis-stunning 'extremely rare' in British abbatoirs
08-04-2014 08:37 AM | Posted by Statman
These are reported figures. So basically it is up to the on-site vet to halt production, costing thousands in wasted time and tell his bosses and the government that he hasn't been doing his job properly. Yeah, I have no confidence in these figures AT ALL!
Philip Lymbery has a good chapter about this in his new book Farmageddon. Lymbery puts the true figure of missed stuns at between 5-10 percent in 'badly run' run UK abattoirs. Temple Grandin puts the figure for animals effectively stunned with one application of the stunner at more than 95 percent. But STILL, not 99 percent.
07-04-2014 08:30 AM
Cull must go on, says beef association
07-04-2014 10:07 AM | Posted by Clued-Up
The badger cull is very nearly dead - and about time too!

The cull appears to have been dreamed up by a few anti-badger ministers in DEFRA and their equivalents in the NFU Council. These individuals arrogantly and mistakenly thought they could safely ignore the determined opposition to the cull of the British public (80% against) and all the warnings from independent scientists and animal welfare / wildlife organisations.

MPs from all parties are now against the badger cull and are asking searching questions to which DEFRA has no good answers. There's a constant stream of reports in the media about the failings of the badger cull. Two of the DEFRA ministers concerned have now gone ... Paterson hasn't YET been forced out but he's a minister who's lost all personal credibility and almost all support within the Commons. It's rumoured DEFRA minister Eustice agrees with Clegg that the badger cull should be dropped.

The "nail in the coffin" for the pro-cullers is the tremendous success of Wales. The Welsh have cut their cattle bTB slaughter rate by 48% in 4 years (through much more rigorous cattle controls than in England and on-farm help in improving bio-security). The Welsh 48% reduction in bTB cattle slaughtered in 4 years has already achieved 3 TIMES the improvement the disgusting English badger cull was intended to achieve in 9 years.

It is time for the NFU, the NBA and DEFRA to halt their vendetta against badgers and copy the Welsh example in its entirety. English beef and dairy farmers would be better served if they did.
07-04-2014 11:08 AM | Posted by Roger Broad
This Cull exercise was I believe to eradicate BOVINE TB. That can only be achieved on an evidence and scientific based programme. It is regrettable that Politics of Paterson and the NFU has been allowed to get in the way of that science. So far of the 1800 badgers killed and the 180 post mortems undertaken. No evidence to support Badger infection levels has been produced.( clearly deliberate)
The two biggest problems of Bovine TB have yet to be afforded the priorities they need. Effective Cattle testing and Cattle Vaccination. it was not that long ago that the politics of Paterson was telling all that Cattle Vaccination was years away. and that the EU regulations did not permit it. All of a sudden it is ready for large scale field testing. An increasing number of Cattle are now being miss diagnosed by the ineffective testing. either remaining in the herd or arriving at the Abattoir and being then determined positive. Science and its experts was very clear about Badger culling being ineffective. Vaccination is available all round-- get on with science and stop wasting time and Money. You have no Public support for that. This cull so far has cost one billion pounds. ( Paterson Statement )
07-04-2014 16:30 PM | Posted by badger Reg
Well said Clued-up,i agree with everything you have said,just a pity that a certain minority of Badger haters can't bring themselves to admit they are wrong & take the vaccination route,as far as gassing badgers goes some farmers & land owners have been doing it,illegally for years,& getting away with it &will continue to so,while the authority 's turn a blind eye.
04-04-2014 14:41 PM
FUW warns farmers to ignore phone 'scammers'
05-04-2014 12:11 PM | Posted by lindsay
This resembles the complaints on fake solicitation calls posted on The scammers pose as a rep of a government agency or charitable institution and ask for donations. But the call is a bluff and anybody who gets them should hang up and report it to the proper authorities.
04-04-2014 08:47 AM
Farmers 'bitterly disappointed' over badger cull halt
04-04-2014 16:05 PM | Posted by reg pollard
So royal princess Anne believes gassing badgers more humane than shooting,royal family members should know,after all these people hunt & kill animals & anything or anyone else who get in their way,after all animals & us peasants' are only here for the rich scums' entertainment.notice all the wealth people again for the killing.
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