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19-09-2014 11:39 AM
FUW Caernarfon meets new meat plant manager
20-09-2014 10:29 AM | Posted by Uncle Dewi
Good luck to all involved but I'm going to stick with the live markets.
17-09-2014 05:31 AM
Russian ban won't derail bullish poultry market, report says
17-09-2014 09:45 AM | Posted by Levente
Please upload the Rabobank Poultry Quartrely Q3 2014 in pdf form.
16-09-2014 10:15 AM
Scottish farmer fears for his egg business on independence
17-09-2014 09:44 AM | Posted by Ritchie
Is this not the same person who stood as Conservative Candidate in the 1999 Scottish Parliament Election? Not that he is now disbarred from having a view, but hardly a surprise. It's a bit like having a news item saying David Cameron backs the Union!
17-09-2014 09:50 AM | Posted by James
I don't think it at all the same. The Lion mark is a British mark. Scotland will have to negotiate using that mark. English egg packers will not want to share the mark or the market to what will become foreign competition.
10-09-2014 10:58 AM
New Westminster dairy group formed
10-09-2014 11:48 AM | Posted by mike
What's the point? A profitable and sustainable dairy industry? Our fellow members of the EC all have more sustainable agricultural industries (dairy, pigs and poultry) because they have have lower costs of production. Their Governments understand the importance of not imposing excessive taxes too soon in the chain of production. Our Posh Boys in Westminster are seriously incompetent - a bunch of parasitic neversweats devoid of business acumen.Who will rid us of these turbulent sloths?
04-09-2014 08:30 AM
German supermarkets demand return to GMO-free poultry
05-09-2014 11:18 AM | Posted by Brian John
Good for the German supermarkets in responding to the wishes of the public and addressing concerns about the toxic effects of GMO feed on livestock. That is now well documented -- so this is an animal welfare issue. Also, the Germans are clearly very scared of the "security of supply" issue -- and the "perfect storm" risk that arises from almost complete dependence upon a single product (GM soy) from a single market (Brazil / Argentina) which might suddenly have to be abandoned when the world wakes up to the fact that the collateral damage to health and the environment is simply unacceptable. We have been trying to make this point to the UK supermarkets for some time, but they are too stupid to understand what we are talking about. Or rather, they don't see, because they don't look.
04-09-2014 04:45 AM
Beef Association gives 'guarded' welcome to vaccination scheme
04-09-2014 21:55 PM | Posted by Clued-Up
Bill Harper is either frighteningly ill-informed or telling porkies.

All well-conducted cattle and badger research on bTB transmission shows the disease is spread almost entirely from one cow to another (most of it through bovine coughs and sneezes). No scientist - apart from those on DEFRA's payroll - believes badgers have ANY significant role to play in the spread of cattle bTB. That's why all the independent scientists say cattle controls alone will stop cattle bTB (and nothing else will). There're good arguments for believing the UK's badgers are a whole lot healthier than many English cattle.

CATTLE vaccination against bTB WOULD reduce cattle bTB (as would annual cattle bTB tests and targeting the bTB "super-spreader" farms).

The Welsh have already succeeded in halving their cattle bTB in 4 years by cattle measures, without killing a single badger. Welsh progress towards official bTB free status seems to be going well; they're planning to introduce cattle bTB vaccination trials ASAP.

Over in England, a pile of dead badgers is supposed to persuade English cattle farmers that DEFRA really are taking bTB control seriously. Very many farmers aren't convinced.
04-09-2014 21:55 PM | Posted by Roger Broad
This DEFRA Badger Vaccination scheme is part of A PR exercise by Government. They are in fact Vaccinating nothing. Farmers and Wildlife Trusts need to sign up , and Pay up . If Government was serious about a demonstrated need to vaccinate in Fringe areas as a frontline against any Spread of Bovine Tb. Indeed if they were serious about the use of Badger Vaccination as any part of a Science Based programme. Then not only would they be proposing that scheme, but also paying for it. In the Natural England Cull areas they are already laying out the traps -- to shoot badgers in. It is not those supporting badger vaccination, that need to show more understanding. It is those that have chosen to play politics and bypass science . That need some understanding of what they have achieved so Far.No Wildlife trusts are going to walk into this scheme , when as NBA says they need more understanding , even to persuade farmers to give Land access. And at the end of this next killing exercise DEFRA/ NFU will claim success,( No Independent monitoring) "success* lets do that again next year and everywhere. Science is available, and it is backed by Evidence. Wales as start followed by Northern Ireland .
06-09-2014 20:28 PM | Posted by reg pollard
wish these farmers would wake up to what is really going on, you are all been used in a political game,by tory party, & NFU,this badger cull is nothing more than a smoke - screen,for tory votes,Cameron and his snake Pitt government couldn't give a toss wether farmers go bust ,badgers once again are the bait to get farmers votes, Wake up,you need people support not Cameron lies. do you & the 90% of England who are 100% against this cull a favor and drop the badger cull.
03-09-2014 02:42 AM
Culling badgers 'not the answer' as vaccination scheme launched
03-09-2014 06:51 AM | Posted by Roger Broad
Let us not be too enthusiastic about this Government Launched Vaccination Scheme. The timing of it and its headline grabbing style is specifically designed at this time prior to the Killing of Badgers Commencing. Yes we would all welcome a genuine launch of such a scheme , with an end to the killing of Wildlife. But if the Government was genuinely in the Vaccination Market and could accept the necessity for fringe areas to be fully supported. It would not at this time be only seeking others to take up a part payment offer.Wait until the Cull starts, the "Independent" monitoring arrives and the word " success " once again comes from DEFRA/NFU. before even considering applying. Nothing in this game of Politics has yet changed to justify any confidence in the present kill badgers scene. Wales and research provide the evidence that killing is not the way forward. DEFRA/NFU continue to Bypass that.
03-09-2014 08:44 AM | Posted by reg pollard
what a load of Tosh from Deathra & NFU,last thing on their agenda is vaccination,they are now thinking about what damage they have done to their General election campaign,why all of a sudden are these moronic people,after all this time wanting to vaccinate when they have always tried to brain wash the good people that vaccination doesn't work,then it is to expensive,& yeah like Roger Broad , so rightly says,natural England will read out their Deathra, prepared statement saying what a huge success this cull has been,can't wait for next year,will be even better,we can roll it out,badgers died instantly no badgers suffered,all our super skilled marksmen used 1 bullet per badger,no dogs were used,the lies just roll out of their stupid moronic mouths,lies lies and more lies,
03-09-2014 10:43 AM | Posted by Clued-Up
The claim killing badgers is a necessary part of reducing cattle bTB is apparently the only possible legal ploy DEFRA and the NFU can put forward. If they had said they want to kill this legally protected species because commercial shooting businesses find them inconvenient or arable farmers think they eat too much maize then wildlife law would tell them they can't.

DEFRA and the NFU's need to find legal ways to get round wildlife law explains to me what previously had been very puzzling.

Why, I wondered, have DEFRA and the NFU so resolutely ignored all past and recent evidence that cattle controls alone bring down cattle bTB much faster and more effectively than anything they can promise for the badger cull?

Why are DEFRA and the NFU so dismissive of the Welsh successes in halving their cattle bTB in 4 years through cattle measures and without killing a single badger?

I can now see how much damage the Welsh successes in reducing cattle bTB and the Warwick Model's guidance on how to get rid of more than 80% cattle bTB in 5 years actually does to DEFRA and the NFU's legal case for killing badgers. No wonder they ignore or rubbish both.

03-09-2014 20:59 PM | Posted by reg pollard
would like to know how many of these highly trained, expert marksmen,are claiming government benefits,suppose they will be exempt from declaring there blood money,as they are doing the Governments' dirty work,understand these expert marksmen have been to the Buffalo Bill school of straight shooting,apparently they all passed with flying colours,as they all managed to hit a barn door from 3 feet with a shotgun.
04-09-2014 09:39 AM | Posted by Clued-Up
There's a press release on the Facebook Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting pages saying Gloucestershire Police aren't going to protect public safety during the badger cull.

It seems hard to believe the police would (or can) refuse their responsibility for protecting public safety - most of us think that's the police's main role.

What's probably meant is that the cullers will now have to pay their own security guards to protect their property (eg the cage-traps and ensure people stick to the footpaths). That's fine ...

However, we need a strong police presence to stop criminal behaviour which threatens life and limb. The police are currently investigating claims shooters put residents' and protesters' lives at risk by shooting unsafely and shooting where they had no right to be, close to homes and areas where dogs had been walked less than an hour before. It's alleged a cull supporter drove into a disabled protester, knocking him over the vehicle's bonnet; 2 shooters assaulted a lone protester (whose formal complaint against the police response to that incident has been largely successful); and shooters deliberately shot near protesters to frighten them. Given the serious nature of these allegations, it's clear we need the police to be there, upholding the law and the "public peace".
04-09-2014 22:02 PM | Posted by reg pollard
i think most if not all these moronic shooters should be given some sort of breath test,as most of them seem to spend a lot of time in the local pub before they go on their rampage,as proved last year shooting anything &everything,then running to the police to tell tales. pussies.
05-09-2014 17:10 PM | Posted by Ernie
people don't be taken in with this talk from deafra, nfu,& natural England,regarding vaccination of badgers, its election talk,come next May,if ( god forbid) tories re- elected, they will drop the shooting policy and start gassing badgers,make no mistake about that,this government have no shame at all, when Liz truss said recently that badgers will not be gassed,she meant this year,they are developing a new gases for badger extermination as i write this,so people please don't let this evil regime kidd you.
06-09-2014 09:03 AM | Posted by gnostic ( know all )
Interesting article regarding gassing of badgers,leading scientists have once again confirmed gassing of badgers is not an option, as their findings are it is inhumane & will not work,can't see that stopping this government from going ahead,That is if they win next years election.they like all the scientists,conservation groups, also lot of Farmers,now want to be distanced from this cull but are being bullied by Nfu,Deafra, & other farmers, into backing the cull,90%, population of England are against killing badgers, hope this shows next May, in the meantime Cameron and his Government continue to slaughter badgers to keep the Nfu, sweet, to all friends of the Badger army keep up the fight for our Badgers.
08-09-2014 13:07 PM | Posted by reg pollard
bet farmers and rest of lowlife scumbag badger killers are buzzing for cull to start,liar George useless Eustace, says shooters better prepared this year, so they should be, NFU & Deathra, scum have made sure there are no rules for shooting scum to follow,doesn't matter how they kill badgers as long as they kill them, lets hope shooters shoot each other, hope that cow Liz truss,& slime - ball Cameron,are proud of themselves,scumbags everyone of them.
02-09-2014 15:49 PM
Scientist issue egg shelf life warning
02-09-2014 20:52 PM | Posted by Heath Brooks
We must always remember who funds the BEIC and acknowledge the fact that they do not represent all the egg producers in the UK. Their aim is always to promote lion eggs.
All producers have contributed to the extremely low salmonella incidence.
Also, remember that any scandals surrounding producers or packers more frequently involve those producing or packing for the lion code
02-09-2014 06:28 AM
Court rules against anti-fracking protestors
02-09-2014 08:26 AM | Posted by concerned
Wow a real time worry over dog poo! That is the least of the worries of this farming community once drilling for gas gets underway. The radioactive materials used will . . Well you know it isn't good righ? Good luick to the farmers trying get one last year out of their investment. Land and home prices will plummet and animals will die all for a: not listening and b gas and its wealthy profit!
02-09-2014 10:37 AM | Posted by YellowBelly
NFU well we all know their stance on Hydraulic Fracking. All people organisations will be held accountable for Harm or loss and crimes against Humanity. There is no social licence for this industry. We will continue our fight against these companies whatever barriers are used to obstruct us.
02-09-2014 10:37 AM | Posted by ragamala
Unfortunately Cuadrilla's press release has spawned a host of inaccurate articles including this one. There is no blanket ban on and around Cuadrilla's proposed fracking sites, only a temporary injunction on the particular land that was for a while occupied by anti-fracking protestors.

The possession order for that field was a hollw victory. The claim came after the planned camp had disappeared, and the defence offered no objection.

I sympathise fully with farmers who have land trespassed upon, and respect their right of possession. But I also believe that farmers will if the government gets its way face trespass below their land which will leave a hazardous legacy for the future. If farmers get no financial benefit - or even have fracking carried out against their will, yet run risks of their water or land becoming polluted, whether now or in the future, this should be a very worrying development. Above all the protestors want to protect the land and air and the ability of our farmland to provide good healthy food.
02-09-2014 10:38 AM | Posted by Peter
These people are not protesters but protectors. Fracking is banned due to its proven damage to the local area in many countries, and where it has taken place farmers are fighting against it.
03-09-2014 08:45 AM | Posted by JoePublic
Be careful about interpreting the ruling - get it wrong as one of the comments on here has and it could be contempt of court. If you think a company would be daft enough to lie about a public verdict then its just showing how desperate the anti-fracking movement is becoming. The issue of excrement is a serious one and can kill cattle. You can't trample everyone else's rights and disregard the consequences of your actions because you think you are justified. If fracking was as dangerous as the anti-frackers state, then it simply wouldn't be allowed in this country. Other countries have banned it because it suits their policies and geopolitic strategies. Don't be so naive as to think the French banned it on environmental grounds. Protest by all means, its a democratic right for all of us, but don't think you will have social license as you put it to trample over everyone else's rights. Its extremism and its wrong and your movement is going way off point as peoples ego and greed for funding to fund their own lifestyles is leading you down a rabbit hole. Stop dismissing everything that doesn't agree with your current point of view and use it instead to ensure you remain properly informed and act within the boundaries of the law.
06-09-2014 09:19 AM | Posted by Richard
Well. if a bunch of people invaded my land then squatted on it, let dogs defecate, then I would be a little pissed off. Albeit I am an anti-fracker. One must ask the question, how much will it cost to reinstate land back to pasture. How many months will said field be out of action. Certain ammount of arrogance displayed by protesters and No Dash for Gas. Sorry...
06-09-2014 10:40 AM | Posted by Ray Walton
Some of that is not quite true either Joe. Fracking is dangerous and the government etc will allow it to continue until there is a catastrophic disaster in the UK, either by Pollution of rivers and lakes, Earthquakes, Sinkholes, Contamination of Water supply, Explosions, wildlife and bird fatalities due to poisoning of toxins, exposure of contaminants to humans. UK Taxpayers will foot the bill and not the foreign companies.
29-08-2014 16:15 PM
Farmer takes a quack at duck eggs... from drakes?
29-08-2014 16:47 PM | Posted by Jayne
I thought Drakes looked different. How come it took so long for him to notice?
01-09-2014 09:58 AM | Posted by jimmy
Sounds like there is more to this story than meets the eye. It sounds to me that he s taken more on than he should and is looking for a way out
03-09-2014 14:32 PM | Posted by Mary Smail
If the Ducks in the photo above were part of the flock mentioned, then I am glad the venture has closed. No ducks should ever be kept in such dark,filthy conditions. Do consumers of what is a premium product want to know about this?
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