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30-10-2014 00:39 AM
Badger cull is legal as Trust loses appeal
30-10-2014 11:36 AM | Posted by Clued-Up
I'm sad the Badger Trust's legal appeal has failed ... but not that surprised. They appealed on a very narrow legal point.

The badger cull project illustrates the fundamental weakness of our democratic system when we're faced with an arrogant, irresponsible government, ill-informed MPs and a rich lobbying group with out of date privileges.

It should have been impossible for the NFU leadershipto plan and mount with their cronies in government an attack on a legally protected animal much loved by most voters. When all the leading independent scientists told government, the NFU and the public at large that killing badgers wouldn't reduce cattle bTB, that expert advice should have been enough to stop the killing before it started. When the Welsh halved their cattle bTB in 5 years that progress should have halted the English badger culls.

I hope we'll soon see the badger cull risks / benefits assessment DEFRA's been trying so hard to hide from us. DEFRA were expected to lose their last legal battle on the disclosure issue some time this month ... presumably there's been a delay.
27-10-2014 01:51 AM
Wetland is more valuable than arable, new study shows
27-10-2014 17:48 PM | Posted by Geoffrey Woollard
My reaction to this report is that any idiot can produce 'research' that is based on 'estimates.' This 'research' is all 'estimates' and no real 'evidence.'

For example, the 'estimated' loss of arable crop production is put at £1,324 per hectare per year whereas I know for a fact - and I have checked the figures with a real expert - that a good average crop of Maris Piper potatoes on good fen farmland is producing right now about 50 tonnes per hectare and that those 50 tonnes are worth on average £130 per tonne.

My calculator tells me that this works out at £6,500 worth of actual production per hectare. People who know anything about potatoes know that Maris Piper is a popular and productive variety. And it's no wonder that Maris Piper potatoes are valued so highly, much more highly than is the proliferation of hemlock, ragwort, thistles and stinging nettles running riot on the former fen farmland that the National Trust now controls.

No 'research' based on 'estimates' and few facts will ever convince me and other critics of the wasteful so-called 'Wicken Vision' that it is other than lunacy. Our country has an ever-increasing population and this population can't eat lunacy or weeds: it needs food in abundance.
29-10-2014 14:16 PM | Posted by Scampi
Read it first, then comment - the agriculture data were from the Farm business survey - that expert enough for you?
27-10-2014 01:03 AM
NFU concerned over future rural cuts in letter to Chancellor
27-10-2014 10:55 AM | Posted by Clued-Up
The NFU is indelibly associated in the public mind and in Whitehall's with the thoroughly unpopular, repeatedly failing and hugely expensive badger culls. It's become clear the NFU doesn't represent UK farmers as a whole - only a rich cartel, many of whom make much of their money from non-farming interests.

It's illuminating that most of the NFU proposals are irrelevant to most farmers.

The vast majority of UK farmers can't afford to "invest" in expensive capital equipment (they borrow or hire it) so they're perfectly happy with the current £25,000 limit.

Why on earth should ministers, civil servants and the public pay any special attention to WHAT the NFU says? It would be more sensible for DEFRA to treat the NFU as just one more unrepresentative lobby group and email Britain's farmers directly to investigate their concerns, needs and views. Most farmers will have very different priorities to those of the NFU leaders.
24-10-2014 02:47 AM
Move to ban pesticides 'a threat to UK food security'
25-10-2014 14:45 PM | Posted by Brandie Nadiger-Harrop
A 9% drop in pesticides BUT a 527 million pound increase in just as deadly and and environmentally devastating herbicides AND and massive increase in the use of neonics which is being deemed as worse of an environmental disaster than DDT.
21-10-2014 02:35 AM
Badger cull poll: Nine out of ten want culling to end
21-10-2014 15:24 PM | Posted by Michele Vaughan
We can kill every badger in the country but until the government introduces an efficient test for TB in cattle such as the new blood test, the disease will continue unabated. The blood test is quick and accurate, the result is known within the hour as to whether or not the cow actually has the disease. I feel the government is letting farmers down by not introducing the blood test and continuing with the 50-year-old skin-test.
21-10-2014 23:29 PM | Posted by Clued-Up
The NFU leadership's support for the badger cull and project has been a master class in sustained, pig-headed managerial stupidity. Leaving to one side considerations of ethics for the moment, WHY didn't the NFU leadership realise this project was a non-starter?

If the NFU leadership had done their homework beforehand, they'd have realised the impossibility of getting public opinion on their side. Surveys over many years show the public to be massively pro-badger. The public's feelings about farmers are far less enthusiastic. In these circumstances, it's not in farmers' interests to force the public choose which side to support.

A sensible leadership would have pulled back from the project as soon as all the independent scientists started telling them - and the public - that killing badgers wouldn't stop cattle bTB. The public are much more likely to believe the credentials of the scientists than of the farmers, on matters such as disease control.
22-10-2014 17:32 PM | Posted by reg pollard
what a lying toe - rag, Andrew Guest is,trying to blame good honest responsible and respectable people for his own incompetence, his so called marksmen,trying to say they have been intimidated,what a load of rubbish, this man is making a killing out of these farmers,no wonder he is desperate to get the cull rolled out,the money he stands to rake in is spurring him on to keep the badger cull going at any cost, this man should be sacked as NFU chairman for Gloucestershire farmers,He is taking advantage of all you Farmers,he & his greedy company have failed farmers once again,he rounds up all the local riff-raff,that can hold a gun and of they go into the night, they are so highly trained they have to use shotguns,Can't be that well trained,a chimpanzee could shoot a shotgun,was going to say not even an idiot would believe his lies,but there again, Deathra,& Tories, will take everything he says as gospel.
21-10-2014 02:34 AM
New badger culls are a 'miserable failure' as target missed
21-10-2014 12:21 PM | Posted by reg pollard
NFU & Deathra,will not listen to what Science or any others expert advice on BTB, surely all these experts can't be wrong,& Deathra, scientists and vet, right all the time,these people come out with statements that are already prepared for them,they know as well as everyone else that they are not being truthful,it is about time this Government put NFU in its place,& work with the Animal Charities and Badger trust and badger groups,in vaccination instead of culling badgers,&Farmers should clean up their own act, & NFU & Deathra, put a stop to illegal cattle movement.
21-10-2014 12:41 PM | Posted by Clued-Up
The NFU leadership will eventually have to admit they've lost in every possible way over the badger cull. The longer they refuse to face reality the worse it will be for farmers (and for the organisation they lead).

The public have listened to the NFU's claims about cattle bTB, the alleged necessity for a badger cull and how the slaughter programme has gone. The latest national opinion survey shows 74% public are aware of the badger culls (probably a higher percentage of people than know about any other government authorised programme!).

What's DISASTROUS for the NFU leadership is that 89% public want the badger cull stopped IMMEDIATELY, in favour of adopting the Welsh (cattle-based) approach to stopping cattle bTB. So the public condemn the policy favoured by the NFU and want it replaced by a policy the NFU leaders fought as hard as they could.

A huge percentage of the public think the badger cull cruel. Remembering the badger is Britain's second favourite wild animal, it damages British farming and the NFU to be associated with mass cruelty and an unforgivable attack on what's a legally protected animal.

23-10-2014 12:57 PM | Posted by Mark Peters
What a load of unfettered bullshit from these antis. In what way can the culls possibly be considered a failure if they have achieved their primary objectives in every way?

Number one, Btb is coming down markedly in both cull areas and this over all else proves culling works.

2. No one was shot or injured proving free shooting is safe.

3. In two years and over 2,000 dead Badgers the hundreds of so called 'wounded Badger' patrols failed to find a single wounded Badger.

It's high time the Badger cullers were given credit for undertaking an exceedingly difficult job in the face of extreme harassment and intimidation by so called animal lovers who were hell bent on disrupting and undermining a perfectly legal and well run cull which has proved to work and will ultimately save hundreds of Badgers and cattle from a cruel and untimely death from a hideous grade 3 Zoonotic disease.

23-10-2014 13:03 PM | Posted by reg pollard
so Andrew Guest,& his greedy company Glosson,praising themselves yet again,what a bunch of Toss-potts,everyone else in the world,never mind Uk,knows that for a 2nd year the cull has been a total disaster,the targets they were given were ridiculously lowered in order that Glosson couldn't fail,but failure is their trade -mark,&fail they did big- time.Enough Said.
23-10-2014 17:08 PM | Posted by Sherie haines
I'm shocked at the ignorance of our government .. The facts are the facts. !!! This is just another case of the greedy hoy Paloy wanting every penny .. Clean Up Your Act !!! So many people are becoming vegetarian because of the in-humane acts towards cattle !!! If you don't clean up you will lose out anyway in the long run !!!!
24-10-2014 18:53 PM | Posted by John banks
do you farmers live on the same planet as the rest of us good law-abiding people, do you really think by rolling out the cull there won't be enough sabs' to cover all areas, wherever you cull we will be there in numbers,typical thinking from a half -wit farmer. put your brains in gear before you make these idiotic comments.
24-10-2014 20:44 PM | Posted by Clued-up
For interest, is "Mark Peters" a third pen-name for "Minjam" and "mmjames" please?

The claims made by "Mark Peters" are completely destroyed by the Welsh success in reducing cattle bTB (50% down in 5 years without killing a single badger). The alleged reason for killing badgers was to reduce cattle bTB; the Welsh have shown the English that successfully reducing cattle bTB requires a different approach (ie better cattle controls and better on-farm biosecurity). What's more, the Welsh have achieved around 3 times as much progress as the English in reducing cattle bTB.

There've been 2 years of the badger cull in small areas of Gloucestershire and Somerset. I haven't myself checked the differences between the badger cull counties' reductions in cattle bTB and those of other English counties - but others have. They claim the cull counties' figures are worse than the non-cull counties'; not what you'd expect if killing badgers (even in small areas) reduced cattle bTB.

To summarise the only "success" of the badger culls over 2 years has been that the shooters didn't actually shoot anyone. Some success!!!

What the Gloucestershire and Somerset badger culls have "achieved" is only a smallish pile of expensively-killed badgers (c£5,000 for each badger corpse); a huge drain of money from DEFRA's and the NFU's coffers (so much less cash available to fund projects of far more importance to farmers); and huge, long-lasting damage to the reputations of English farming and the NFU.

24-10-2014 21:44 PM | Posted by colin Powell
well said Sherie, myself and families run a tour company,running coaches all around the country, for the last 2years we have put a boycott on tours to Gloucestershire &Somerset,we will continue to do so until this senseless slaughter of badgers it stopped,also run 3b&b's which we have turned into vegetarian food only,we highlight the reasons behind our actions informing people how farm animals are being treated & how badgers are being made scapegoats by,Farmers,NFU,& this Government,the response from the public is absolutely amazing,so we now don't buy any Dairy products,nor do we buy any meat,people are amazed that vegetarian food tastes so good,unbelievable is their response,so i would urge more people to try this out and boycott dairy products,& touring in these badger culling areas.
25-10-2014 12:11 PM | Posted by reg pollard
like the comments about" saving hundreds of badgers lives) you people are all heart ( not) ,you people couldn't care less about any wildlife,to you lot,wildlife is there for you lot to kill & torture,you can't even look after your own livestock,so don't try to insult intelligent activists with comments regarding your concerns for badgers, Grow-up.
29-10-2014 14:18 PM | Posted by reg pollard
so 3 Decrepit old posh rich silly men,dressed up as judges agree with,NFU,Farmers, Natural England,& Deathra,hope people aren't surprised by these 3 wise men's decision, chance's are the judges probably farmers & rich landowners.
20-10-2014 09:32 AM
Government to cut subsidies to solar farms
23-10-2014 13:44 PM | Posted by Mrs Buckley
Shame the goverment don't implement measures to halt housing developments on green belt at least solar farms can be put back into farm land easily .
15-10-2014 11:56 AM
British farming 'must be more ambitious', says Oxford Farming Chairman
16-10-2014 16:25 PM | Posted by reg pollard
NFU,always been renowned for turning farmers against one another,with some of their stupid ideas,like this barbaric badger cull,to hear NFU talk all farmers are in favor of culling badgers,rubbish,in fact there are many more farmers against culling than in favor,it is NFU , who are behind,& desperate for culling badgers to continue,&constantly bullying farmers into doing so,& scaremongering talk about badgers being responsible for everything that happens in the country side,time people woke up to Nfu & their dirty tricks,they are taking their members for a ride.
17-10-2014 17:52 PM | Posted by Clued-Up
The NFU appears to have donated its members' funds to the culling companies and participating landowners when the costs of the badger cull rose far higher than they'd thought it would.

It seems entirely wrong to me that the membership's funds should be raided because the culling company Directors got their sums wrong. I think the NFU didn't even ask its members whether they wanted their funds to be used to bale out these individuals.

Everyone knew the badger cull would meet with mass opposition - opinion survey after opinion survey year after year shows the British public is against killing badgers. It was foolish of the NFU leadership to launch the badger cull scheme in the first place.
20-10-2014 13:09 PM | Posted by reg pollard
NFU,hailing this years badger slaughter a success,yet Glosscon, ( company that supplies the shooters) have stated that they have failed to meet their target in Somerset because of activists,& required extension, or is this just a ploy for them to get more money out of the farmers?.would also like to know what the hell these judges playing at in making this decision on court appeal.
20-10-2014 20:48 PM | Posted by Clued-Up
The "Guardian" reports GlosCon failed massively to reach its target of 615 dead badgers - 253 badgers died.

Congratulations to all the badger protectors for saving so many of what's a legally protected, much loved wild animal in spite of the worst Cameron's cronies could do.

The NFU should start to ponder the long term costs of their participation in this much loathed attack on the badgers.

Many of the public knew nothing before the badger cull about the NFU's unjustifiable privileges of access to ministers. They didn't know how unrepresentative a body the NFU is of British farming. Now they do know.

From now on, Parliament will face continuing pressure to abolish the NFU's special privileges.
15-10-2014 07:14 AM
Why is the price of milk falling?
15-10-2014 10:15 AM | Posted by Leslie
Yes farmers are one end of the supply chain, they are at the front.
13-10-2014 05:42 AM
Neonicotinoid toxicity 'takes your breath away'
14-10-2014 17:09 PM | Posted by william hill
The evolution of modern agriculture and the wealth it has created, is now set fair to destroy the ecosystems it has parasitised for centuries,all take and no give time to take stock farmers,, dont let it be too little too late,, :(
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