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19-08-2014 04:49 AM
Innovative feeder proven as badger deterrent
19-08-2014 14:56 PM | Posted by l clare
So you wont' need to kill anymore badgers will you? Then again, the farmers will probably moan about the cost of these feeders, and demand yet another subsidy from govt.
19-08-2014 21:55 PM | Posted by june krengel
Great - the more biosecurity measures taken and adhered to the better. Shame farmers weren't forced to do better in the past. Too little too late - but biosecurity on farms must become law to have any effect - Shame the good farmers have to suffer because of idiot farmers that don't give a dam and only interested in £ssss
18-08-2014 03:19 AM
More farmers need to offer apprenticeships, industry leaders urge
19-08-2014 08:57 AM | Posted by Margaret Ginman
The Bee Farmers Association has ten places for three year apprenticeships. Perhaps, some of your youngsters would be interested.
18-08-2014 03:01 AM
EU dairy industry to focus on handling Russian ban
19-08-2014 13:45 PM | Posted by Grasstec
As long as this does not end up as a price war withing Europe for the diary industry, the UK's farming sector should not be affected too badly.
08-08-2014 11:19 AM
Support an end to non-stun slaughter, vets urge party leaders
09-08-2014 10:32 AM | Posted by mike
Non-stun slaughter (NSS) causes unnecessary suffering. Cattle cut without stunning have been observed to take upto six and a half minutes to become unconscious and insensitive to pain. BUT a ban on the practice in the UK will lead to increased numbers of sheep and cattle being sent live to France and Eire for slaughter there. Most of the meat will be re-imported here:we will have lost the work and value will have been added abroad. Extra transport costs will be reflected in lower livestock prices, particularly for sheep, here.

A unilateral ban on NSS will lead to poorer welfare for many animals. Even if it was banned throughout the EC we could see sheep being sent by the boatload to Turkey or North Africa. If NSS is to be carried on anywhere it is best done here in the UK where we have best levels of welfare and control of the process.
08-08-2014 05:41 AM
Vaccination of badgers: Review of risks
09-08-2014 22:08 PM | Posted by Ueli
BCG will never deliver; ihn fact its I questionable if it should be called a vaccine at all. It does not simulate the production of antibodies ( like the majority of vaccines do ) but has some effect by stiumulating the so called humoral defence ONLY, which is rather unspecific. This I was taught in 1973 by the most experienced Professor for Bacteriology in the world ( University of Zurich ).
16-08-2014 14:18 PM | Posted by Clued-Up
Vaccinating cattle against bTB has been identified by the Warwick model as one of the key control measures that'll stop the disease.

What the Warwick model also says is that it's only by using a COMBINATION of cattle measures that England can get rid of cattle bTB. Wales is already implementing many of the cattle measures the Warwick model said would work; as a result Wales is now on track to gain official bTB free status within the foreseeable future.

The Warwick model confirms yet again what other research studies say - BADGERS DON'T PLAY ANY SIGNIFICANT ROLE IN SPREADING CATTLE bTB, IT'S A CATTLE DISEASE THAT CAN ONLY BE STOPPED BY CATTLE MEASURES. A lot of good cows have died needlessly because of DEFRA and the NFU leadership's unwillingness to introduce tighter cattle measures (including cattle vaccination) and their obsession with killing badgers.
04-08-2014 13:57 PM
Research suggests stocking density of enriched cages makes no difference to bird welfare
04-08-2014 14:16 PM | Posted by Elena N
I think that the title is misleading, in that the conclusion clearly states "The research team said that further research should be conducted and this should focus on finding the density between 651 square centimetres and 748 square centimetres at which improvements to feathering occurs." Therefore, density DOES affect at least some aspects of animal welfare which the scientists consider important and worthy of further research. In addition, 748 cm2 is very close to the minimum EU standard of 750 cm2!
31-07-2014 08:56 AM
Free range egg association produces comprehensive egg nutrition leaflet
12-08-2014 12:28 PM | Posted by Annie
Free range can mean lives in a barn and either way the male chicks are still killed by the hatchery. #govegan
30-07-2014 09:48 AM
North Yorkshire farm hosts sheep lameness trial
30-07-2014 10:56 AM | Posted by karen mc bride
You must try Pat Colbys Minerals. I have used
It for 15 years with Outstanding Results.
30-07-2014 02:50 AM
Volatile market and low investment fears for future of UK sheep market
30-07-2014 05:53 AM | Posted by Frank Egan
G'day, its interesting to look at the 20 year timeframe and to find out who benefited from this decline.Was it in fact the beef and poultry producers(not necessarily british)that supply the fast food industry and supermarkets?
The price may have doubled in the supermarkets but is this reflected at the saleyard?What also must be borne in mind is that the cost of production has more than doubled and as you rightly say if it was not for all of the "cash" subsidies that your farmers receive it most likely be a marginal profit proposition.
29-07-2014 08:22 AM
Veterinary association to support second year of badger culls
29-07-2014 12:05 PM | Posted by Clued-Up
Email sent to BVA last week, no reply yet received.

“I was pleased to see the BVA has achieved some important changes in principle as regards the 2nd year of the badger cull (eg no use of shotguns). I’m concerned about two matters in particular, however, and would appreciate receiving answers on both from BVA.

The first issue is that the Warwick model provides strong proof that a combination of cattle measures alone will defeat bTB in cattle (and that nothing else will).

The researchers have worked with what badger information is available (lumped under the general heading of environmental challenge) and they conclude – even more strongly than previous researchers – that killing badgers doesn’t reduce cattle bTB.

How can BVA support the local destruction of populations of legally protected, much valued wild animals knowing their slaughter won’t achieve its alleged aims?

Has BVA talked to the researchers producing the Warwick model please? If the quality of the data linking badgers to cattle bTB is as poor as they say it is, then that data has not been good enough to support any of the badger killing done over the last 20 years, let alone to justify the 2nd year of the cull.

The BVA should have enough skilled scientists amongst their membership to talk productively with the researchers who analysed the many years of data used to create the Warwick model. I’d suggest the right way forward is for the BVA’s management board to ask for a report back from those veterinary scientists concerning whether recent research entirely removes any justification for killing badgers as a cattle bTB control measure.

In Tudor times, it was a legal requirement to beat cattle unmercifully on their way to market in order to tenderise the meat; the quality of thinking supporting the badger cull seems to be similarly irrational and unethical.

The second issue relates to independent oversight of the badger cull. It’s only thanks to the IEP Report we found out that the shooters and culling companies flouted many of the licencing conditions they had agreed to, also that Natural England completely failed to uphold the licencing conditions they’d set. As the shooters and culling companies paid so little heed to their obligations when they knew they’d be subject to IEP oversight, exactly what independent oversight arrangements is BVA insisting on to ensure the 2nd cull is more humane, effective and safe?

I struggle to think of any organisation except last year’s IEP that would have any public credibility as a provider of oversight for the badger cull.

The government suggests Natural England could perform this oversight role, however the IEP report showed the culling companies and shooters ignored the commitments they’d given to Natural England and Natural England took no action against them.

I look forward to hearing BVA’s responses to the issues I’ve raised.”

Apart from Natural England - which proved its incompetence as a monitoring body during the fist year of the badger cull - DEFRA's other proposed monitor will be the AVHLA. The AVHLA is a veterinary body, not an organisation capable of enforcing the culling companies and shooters' compliance with the licencing conditions set for them.

Altogether, I feel BVA's besmirched its own reputation by this decision. Providing BVA support for the second year of the badger cull is ethically and professionally suspect, believing DEFRA's promised any meaningful, deliverable improvements is naïve in the extreme.
06-08-2014 17:22 PM | Posted by reg pollard
only scientific evidence Deathra are interested in is their own so called experts, don't listen to any other experts or Scientific evidence, as for Natural England they are nothing more than puppets on a string, totally inept & ineffective towards common sense, as long as Badgers are killed,no matter how,where, or when,Badgers must be killed to keep certain people happy regardless of the Btb outcome,the whole affair is riddled with corruption nothing to do with Btb, just politicians playing God yet again.
06-08-2014 18:26 PM | Posted by reg pollard
just read a ridiculous statement from a guy called Gwynn Jones,called the truth about the badger population, the biggest load of rubbish i have ever read,how farmers love their cattle,how badgers are to blame for the demise of,game birds,bees, hedgehog's the list is endless, the only thing that he hasn't blamed the badgers for is the bubonic plague, what an idiotic man.
08-08-2014 18:27 PM | Posted by Gwyn Jones
We owe a debt of gratitude to Mr Pollard for demonstrating so clearly why a sensible, never mind balanced discussion on badger overpopulation and their effect on other mammals, ground nesting birds, and bees cannot take place.
09-08-2014 08:36 AM | Posted by reg pollard
thank you Mr Jones for your view on my comments,which you are entitled to,but before you start blaming badgers for any & every countryside problem, you should have done some research into why hedgehogs,bee's & game- birds are perishing, the biggest hedgehog killer is traffic the biggest bee and bird killer is pesticides.not badgers.
09-08-2014 10:48 AM | Posted by mike
When the whole population is appointed to the House of Lords, works for the Government, the NHS, the police, the armed forces, the BBC, has a special performing talent (musical or corporeal display)or is on benefits, then it will become clear that there is nobody left shovelling into the trough which sustains them.

Badgers produce nothing and spread TB in cattle, which produce quite a lot and employ people who fill the trough.

The gross product of the badger lobby wouldn't fill a transit van: hot air compresses well.
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