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18-07-2014 11:19 AM
Bovine TB rates fall to lowest in 10 years
18-07-2014 16:04 PM | Posted by reg pollard
here we go again,new environmental secretary same script,this government & NFU only listening to 1 scientist and he belongs to Deathra,so tells these morons what they want to hear,just hell bent on slaughtering badgers,regardless of overwhelming evidence against the cull.these people just don't listen to common sense.
18-07-2014 21:33 PM | Posted by reg pollard
some people are so stupid its unbelievable,just read an article from this Morón from Somerset who lives on edge of culling areas and has made a statement saying "hedgehog's have made a miraculous recovery & their numbers increased dramatically since last year cull of badgers,anyone with half a brain cell knows the reason hedgehog's are in decline is because of Man,farmers and land owners using pesticides, & number of hedgehogs killed on roads,so please don't try and insult intelligent people with such idiotic statement's.
18-07-2014 10:32 AM
Public urged to help support our bees’ needs
22-07-2014 09:02 AM | Posted by Cynth Spanner
I have been wondering how the farmers were feeling over this problem. The fact that the pesticides are responsible for so much damage according to mounting evidence. Huge loss of habitat too. Who checks the safety of the Pesticides?
I have great sympathy for the farmers & I am sure the public will help & how great it would be if we all worked together to secure the future for all of us.
We could come up with some good ideas, rather too much than not enough! We do need a strong plan that is robust, honest & independent.
15-07-2014 17:05 PM
Farmers hit out at Tesco over New Zealand lamb
16-07-2014 10:36 AM | Posted by RuGranger1
Well done waitrose,Putney branch. They stock West country and Welsh lamb on the counter and Welsh and British in the chiller. Today, no NZ Lamb!
16-07-2014 14:14 PM | Posted by debbie lewis
why cant we just have British, we are cruel enough to animals to fill our greedy belly's
16-07-2014 21:54 PM | Posted by James price
Just visited my local tesco and in the frozen section they have a frozen leg of lamb labeled. ' produced in the UK using lamb from Australia and New Zealand !!! How misleading!!!
17-07-2014 21:22 PM | Posted by Margaret light
Tesco have lost my custom completely I never buy supermarket meat but with horse meat and halal meat not being labelled they are disgusting. All they care about is profit and not the customer. Shame on you tesco fair trade for farmers. British farmers!!!
15-07-2014 14:44 PM
The importance of land supply - does the public understand the crisis?
15-07-2014 16:25 PM | Posted by Boyd
A scheme to provide energy free housing for elders in the towns and free up half price housing for the youngers.

Also saves land from being built on so we get to eat food.
15-07-2014 12:47 PM
Boris Johnson calls for landowner shale rights
15-07-2014 14:42 PM | Posted by annon
i'm against fracking and this is such a better idea than removing the right for homeowners to refuse companies from fracking under their homes
15-07-2014 14:45 PM | Posted by NO TO FRACKING
So far as adjoining landowners are concerned, under whose land gas or oil is to be extracted, it is arguable that the drilling process (but not the extraction) is a trespass. This gives adjoining landowners the possibility of frustrating the whole process. This may soon change if proposed Government legislation is enacted.
Whilst at present oil companies need to secure an access licence from the landowner, they are not obliged to pass on the income from fracking or pay a level of compensation which would make it commercially attractive to landowners.
15-07-2014 15:37 PM | Posted by Simon Turner
Boris's suggestion will pit neighbour against neighbour and, due to human greed make large scale fracking more likely.
15-07-2014 16:27 PM | Posted by Boyd
A scheme to provide energy free housing for elders in the towns and free up their homes to be renovated for half price housing for the youngers.

So less fracking gas needed.

Also saves land from being built on so we get to eat food.
15-07-2014 17:05 PM | Posted by iang
The UK needs the gas and the jobs. It does need to be done properly though.
15-07-2014 18:43 PM | Posted by Smokin Fish
Fracking Poisons the land and water table. Fills everywhere full of leaking methane that they admit they can't capture all of, and disturbs RADON. Not to mention the colossal waste of fresh water and nuclear waste. Millions of gallons. Your property will also become worthless, or at least worth less.
19-07-2014 12:03 PM | Posted by Maria
Forget fracking renewable is the way forward.
Too much risk of environmental damage and pollution with fracking just need to look at the problems all coming to light go America and Canada. Leaky wells after use. Too much water needed for the process when we already have drought issues and regular hosepipe bans. Carcinogenic risks to health. Earthquakes. Why on earth would you risk damaging your farmland and affecting its sale value?
19-07-2014 14:42 PM | Posted by Julia Taylor
UK farmers and land owners have only to look at what has happened in America to be able to make an informed decision, based on facts and real life experience rather than vacuous assurances and promises, as to whether or not they want:

1)this level of irreversible pollution of their water, air and soil
2)water shortages
3)industrialisation of their land
4)heavy vehicle traffic and resulting damage to roads
5)reduction in the value of their property
6)earth tremor damage
7)inability to get insurance cover for their property
8)very real risks of fires and explosions at various stages of the operation (well head and transporting liquid gas by road or train, etc)
9)huge liability as a taxpayer and as the landowner for trying to clear up the damage when the drilling companies are long gone (but the damage will, in fact, be irreparable)
10)living with radioactivity and methane leaks in their surroundings, plus other unknown toxic chemicals - as drilling companies maintain that they cannot reveal what chemicals they use because they are their industrial 'secret ingredients'.

At least, with Boris' plan landowners would be able to negotiate an astronomical compensation package from the drilling companies - which might bear some proper market relation to the scale of damage they will sustain to their land and its future use/loss of future income - and would be able to make their individual choice as to whether that is a price worth accepting and paying.

This is in marked contrast to the current proposals which would strip all property owners of any rights to any say in the matter or to any compensation for the destruction of their property and way of life.

Making energy companies pay the true cost of their activities in this way would, of course, reveal the truth that fracking is completely economically unviable. Even in America, where regulations and safeguards have been notoriously lax, these companies are getting into serious financial difficulties and debt.

All this is, of course, not to mention the climate damaging impact of the methane, which has far more impact even than CO2 emissions on climate change and the costs and problems that brings with it.
19-07-2014 16:21 PM | Posted by pauline
Fracking must NEVER happen in the UK - Germany and France have both banned it for very good reason. UK politicians and their wealthy friends in high places have very vested interests going on here that Cameron thought he could quietly and quickly sneak through while no one noticed - WRONG!! With climate change a very real threat to our planet any resources need to go into clean renewables - wind, wave and solar, not into more dirty fossil fuels. I strongly believe and hope that the UK public are not stupid enough to let this happen, but instead have learned from the huge problems now being seen all over the USA as a result of indiscriminate fracking. IT CAN NEVER BE UNDONE.
19-07-2014 18:56 PM | Posted by jo
greed is good eh? We've got to get these looters and climate change deniers out of power, or we are certainly doomed.

The future could be brighter with better leadership and a proper grasp of how to face up to climate change. A huge renewables industry could be kickstarted in this country -creating thousands of jobs, reducing our carbon and creating energy security.
Kick out the dinosaur tory looters for a brighter future, and vote green.
19-07-2014 19:46 PM | Posted by Lynne cooper
20-07-2014 10:50 AM | Posted by jobo
This is exactly what's happened in Queensland Australia isn't it? Huge areas of farmland destroyed because of greed and selling out to the unconventional gas company BG. Brian Monk stands against them, remaining practically alone and surrounded by gas fields with his land and water poisoned. Have a look at Brian's youtube videos here: and Brian's facebook page is public if you want to see what's going on there.
15-07-2014 10:19 AM
Paterson sacked as Defra Secretary in cabinet reshuffle
15-07-2014 15:28 PM | Posted by Clued-Up
Liz Truss has the intellectual background to understand what is evidence and evidence-based policy - and what is mere personal prejudice.

It's to be hoped that she'll apply her intelligence and kill off the badger cull at the very first opportunity.

The Warwick model is yet another piece of major research proving conclusively the way to stop cattle bTB is through cattle and farm management measures (eg targeting action on the 10% bTB "super spreader" farms, introducing cattle vaccination, moving to at least bTB annual skin tests nationally, etc). The Warwick model confirms yet again badgers are almost entirely irrelevant to the spread of cattle bTB.

The badger cull has been a waste of £10,000,000 (much of it the tax-payers' money).

As an Economist, Liz Truss understands how models like the Warwick model can point to the most effective ways of solving complex problems. Hopefully she'll be much more willing to listen to informed advice than Paterson ever was.
14-07-2014 11:03 AM
Hundreds of farms get green light for turbines
15-07-2014 14:25 PM | Posted by 4 Navitas
This is excellent news for the farms and the wider community. Wind energy is clean, green and sustainable and the only way for us to go if we are to hit our carbon reduction targets.
16-07-2014 07:17 AM | Posted by Rei Wind Developments Ltd
its great to see that the higher powers to be can now see that wind turbines can be such an asset to all communities in all areas pity to see that they are still asleep in Ireland We can supply and install fully reconditioned wind turbines from 50 kw to 2.5mg at seriously knocked down prices
09-07-2014 16:43 PM
Down on the farm – with a difference
09-07-2014 19:01 PM | Posted by jamieeason
I am a student at the Amelia Trust Farm's KS3 P.R.U
08-07-2014 11:40 AM
Farmer’s journey ‘to hell and back’ after first ever positive TB test
08-07-2014 13:37 PM | Posted by MJ

May 23rd 2014 ~ The farmer offered to pay the £200 difference to ensure his TB reactor cattle were slaughtered locally, but AHVLA officials refused.
10-07-2014 08:05 AM | Posted by Sandra Bryant
A very sad case, is the test itself efficient and reliable . What are the rules for the rest of the EU, and now farmers will face another challenge with the change in chemical sprays, yet again will this be enforced in the rest of Europe? Probably not.
26-06-2014 20:31 PM
Complete beak trim ban may not go ahead, says scientist
27-06-2014 16:38 PM | Posted by MarcyC
This is what happens when an "animal rights"-led group (which the R$PCA has become) that has no knowledge or interest in science tries to impose on animal enterprises. The preliminary studies are very telling--but who listens these days to *experienced animal welfare farmers*? There's no way the world's supply of eggs and chickens can be even close to maintained with all free range or close to it birds anyway. But then, since the ultimate goal is NO ANIMAL USE, anything these groups can do to destroy animal enterprises is acceptable to them (an Alinski principle is that the end justifies the means).
27-06-2014 21:35 PM | Posted by Charles
Itis good to see common sense beginning to prevail and reality of a ban is coming to the fore.
28-06-2014 16:29 PM | Posted by MCovault
This is what happens when an "animal rights"-led group (which the R$PCA has become) that has no knowledge or interest in science tries to impose its own nonscientific notions on animal enterprises. The preliminary studies showing 20% mortality in chickens that are not beak trimmed is not surprising for those who know chicken behavior. There's no way the world's supply of eggs and chickens can be even close to maintained with all free range (or close to it) birds anyway. But then, the ultimate goal is NO ANIMAL USE because of the AR belief that humans exploit and abuse animals just by virtue of using them (for food, clothing, entertainment, pets, etc.) and Alinski's principle of "the end justifies the means" applies. Therefore, any power over animal owners will be abused by the AR "true believers".
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