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24 April 2012 15:20:57|News

FUW members join Cowbridge closure protest

Farmers’ Union of Wales members have joined in the bid to save the Cowbridge cattle market.
Protestors are angry over the distance they will have to travel if the site is closed, where farmers have been selling their stock for over 200 years.
The site is owned by the Vale of Glamorgan council who said they will use it to build houses that will cater for the elderly.
A replacement cattle market may also be built in St. Mary Hill.
However, the protests are growing, "The market deals on average with over 1,000 lambs a week during the summer and autumn period, which makes it clear that the market is vital for local farmers. It is crucial the existing market is kept open as there are no proposed alternative sites," said FUW county executive officer Glyn Davies.
"The closure of Cowbridge mart would remove a vital lifeline from the town and also make it necessary for farmers to travel far greater distances to sell their stock," he added.
The protest was the biggest demonstration the town has seen in recent years as traders and residents combined in an attempt to save the cattle market.
Local farmers used tractors at the front and rear of the march.
The campaign also has the support of Cowbridge Chamber of Trade, Cowbridge Residents’ Group, Cowbridge with Llanblethian Town Council, the Vale Marketing Group, Cowbridge Charter Trust, Vale MP Alun Cairns, Vale AM Jane Hutt and regional AM Andrew R T Davies.


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