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Fertiliser Market Report - 8th June 2012

Calum Findlay, Gleadell’s fertiliser manager, comments on fertiliser markets.
Globally, the market is quiet for urea. Suppliers are offering granular urea forward based on prices for second half 2012 delivery. This is competitive with AN prices in Europe however, buyers in Germany and Benelux markets do not yet have CAN prices with which to make comparisons.
In the UK, Granular urea is offered below replacement cost as the market remains stable for the short term.
Although prices are being offered to farm below replacement there is limited demand, mainly due to macroeconomic pressures and volatility within the market. Global urea prices have fallen this week, but the strengthening US$ has kept prices stable in the UK and a rebound could take place and this may present a good buying opportunity.
The global phosphates market is looking relatively firm moving into June. Sentiment has been boosted by contract agreements in Morocco and India for 2013.
In the UK, phosphate demand remains good. TSP and DAP prices are firming further with the demand from the grassland sector being particularly strong.
The sulphur market remains firm in the UK and stocks remain low.
The potash market is showing signs of thawing, with prices in Brazil particularly starting to firm up. While prices being asked are not likely to be achieved until July, price ideas have increased by nearly $10/t. With DAP contracts beginning to finalise in India, this has led to optimism that Indian potash contracts will also be settled soon.
In Europe, most producers have finalised June volumes and will discuss prices on an individual shipment.


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