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First McCormick customer for Read s new venture

3 August 2012 13:00:29|Dairy,Machinery and Equipment,News

First McCormick customer for Read's new venture

Brian Yeates (right) and Richard Read of Read Agriservices present first McCormick customer Nick Hutton with the keys to the new McCormick X60 tractor he and his brother Ben have put to work on their 280-cow dairy enterprise.

Dairy farmer Nick Hutton and his brother Ben have become the first McCormick customer since Read Agriservices started their new venture by taking the keys of a 110hp X60.40 to work on their 600-acre farming enterprise at Witham Priory and its 280-cow dairy herd.
“We looked at similar tractors but preferred the McCormick,” he says. “It’s simple and functional, has a roomy cab with great visibility and the telescopic drawbar, which is standard, is great for hitching a trailer.”
The new McCormick is destined for a busy life on loader work, powering the feed wagon and tackling summer field jobs such as grass tedding and raking.

The McCormick X60.40 and loader will perform handling duties around buildings and some field work.

“The adjustable clutch response is a really good feature for the shuttle, I use it all the time,” says Nick Hutton. “You can have a sharp response for quick reactions or a slower, smoother action when you’re baling or rolling in the silage pit.
“It’s a stable little tractor for loader work, even without any ballast,” he adds. “And it’s also surprisingly smooth on the road.”
With only the non-cancelling indicator stalk and it’s horn button, which tends to get beeped whenever he climbs aboard, to criticise, Nick Hutton says he would as soon drive the new X60 as either of the other tractors in the yard.
“To be honest, I thought we were buying a lesser tractor for use around the buildings but that’s not the case,” he comments. “The X60 is nice to drive and it’s got good equipment; I’m really pleased with it.”


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