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Menus should identify meat - MLC

MENUS in hotels, restaurants, pubs and cafes should give their diners more information about the origins of the meat they serve.

The demand for more menu transparency on all meats served in catering establishments throughout Britain comes from the Meat and Livestock Commission (MLC) following Scottish moves to make the identification of beef a legal necessity.

The demand is in line with the wishes of consumers in Britain who, when asked: "how important is it to know the country of origin of the meat you are eating out of the home" reply 'important' at a rate of more than 60 per cent*.

Consumer Affairs Director for MLC, Richard Lowe, said: "Some caterers have persistently ignored warnings about menu transparency claiming it is too expensive or complicated to keep their customers informed.

"The case is clear and compelling: as consumers become more interested in food the demand for information grows. There are no legitimate excuses - this information should be given and regulations regarding the proper labelling of meat must be enforced."



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