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Young arable farmers to meet with Paterson

Young arable farmers to meet with Paterson
Secretary of State for Defra Owen Paterson will meet with young arable farmers next week as part of a scheme to support future industry leaders.

The NFU Cereals Development Programme, a joint initiative by the NFU and grain co-op Openfield, will conclude a five month programme of events with a visit to the Houses of Parliament, the NFU London office and dinner with Owen Paterson.

It brings to an end the 2012/13 programme which has provided participants with an overview of the wider cereals industry and how the NFU interacts with Government.

"The next generation of farmers will be responsible for shaping British farming to take advantage of the huge opportunities presented by an increasing global demand for Western food, protecting our environment, and growing the rural economy" said Paterson.

"I'm delighted to be meeting the farmers of the future and listening to their views and experiences. It's important that we encourage the right people into the industry and this goes hand-in-hand with the work we in Government are doing as part of the Future of Farming review."

Programme chairman Tom Reynolds said it was an honour to have the chance to meet with the Secretary of State and that he hoped the 14- strong group would demonstrate the importance of equipping the next generation of farmers with the necessary skills to shape their sector.

"This is an industry that we all care passionately about and it is fantastic that Mr Paterson has agreed to meet with us and show that he is willing to listen to our views and opinions" he said.


04-07-2013 19:45 PM | Posted by marcea colley
Mr Paterson will be pushing the GM agenda for sure- under the banner of 'sustainable/ economy/ resilience'
Dont be fooled GM harms the environment, animals, economy, health- it is pure BIG BUSINESS

Most consumers know once we start widespread GM there will be no conventional no organic farming in a few years due to contamination cross pollination - Once GM is in farmers will be locked into a cycle of having no choice but keep buying it- there is no going back - look at USA- riddled with problems and health issues ..Paterson even says theres no evidence GM is harmfull- thats because the bio tech giants do the research and silence any other voices of dissent- its not' safer than ordinary crops!' - Parliament has a GM free food policy in its canteens..

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