Plumpton College Open Day

Plumpton College Open Day
Plumpton College Open Day
Plumpton College has an Open Day on Saturday 10th May 2014. There will be courses and careers advice, apprenticeships information, business trainin...
07-02-2014 01:01 AM | Education, News, Sheep, Shows and Events, Alpacas, Cattle, Dairy
Spring Lambing Day at Walford Campus
The Walford Campus has over 90 different species of animal ranging from a 275 strong dairy herd to Alpacas, Meerkats and Chinchillas. You will have an...
08-12-2012 17:56 PM | Alpacas, News
Expat life: Alpacas in Spain
I think when we first moved to Spain, in January 2008, we were full of optimism and hope for our new life, although that quickly evaporated within the...
08-10-2012 17:01 PM | Alpacas, News
Breeding alpacas in Andalucia
Before we arrived from England, a rumour circulated among the neighbours that we would be keeping giraffes. In fact we had decided to turn over a new ...
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