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Farms and Land for sale Kiplin, Near Richmond and Catterick

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Kiplin, Near Richmond and Catterick | Farming UK Farms and Land for Sale
North Yorkshire
17 March 2014

Property Address:
Kiplin, Near Richmond and Catterick
DL10 6AY
Tel:07970 116515


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Full Details
From the public highway a solid private track leads down to the entrance of East Thistley Wood. On entering the wood a slight rise gives way to a wide trackway - a large open area ideal for use as a base for the woodland. From here mature oak, sycamore, birch and beech tower over smaller shrubs and bushes including hazel, hawthorn and cherry. Futher south and beyond this region are found larch to one side and to the other Scots pine with Norway spruce - in total contrast to the deciduous species. There is plenty of ground to explore, get to know and be familiar with, and lots of scope for firewood collection, small scale forest management and nature observation

Access: Is off the quiet country lane along a solid track, where there is a full right of way (suitable for most cars) to the woodland entrance leading to the internal tracks, clearings and parking.

Sporting Rights: These are included and are not let.

Local history: Although it is outside the stone walls of Kiplin Park the woodland was undoubtedly part of the 4,000 acre estate but was sold off in the 1950s. Kiplin Hall is now held in trust and on display in the Hall there is some history - including papers relating to the formation of the state of Maryland in the US. In the wood there is evidence of its use during the last war when Kiplin Hall was used by the RAF as a maintenance unit, including the well-stoned hard tracks and the ‘bays’ used for concealed storage.

While viewing the woods it’s well-worth taking the time to visit the Hall, click here for info and opening times.

Viewing: The entrance track is shared with our two residential neighbours, please take a printout of the details with you when viewing.

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