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28 April 2016 Views 1202
Pig industry set to improve

There maybe sunshine on the horizon for the pig industry after enduring a difficult year. According ...

27 April 2016 Views 1232
UK Dairy Day 2015 Video - Overview - Short Video

UK Dairy Day is an annual industry event held in Shropshire. The 2015 event on Wednesday 16th Septem...

21 April 2016 Views 1313
Tesco changes green beans to cut food waste

New partnership between Tesco and Kenyan produce growers will save 135 tonnes of edible fine bean cr...

19 April 2016 Views 1475
Syngenta presents Oil Seed Rape - Flea Beetle Problems

Farmers are seeing some of the worst oil seed rape crops they have ever seen this year.  Number...

15 April 2016 Views 1336
Difficult Year Joret

Lion Eggs chief Andrew Joret fears the next year could be a difficult one for egg producers, althoug...

13 April 2016 Views 1210
The Land for Our Food

The Land for our Food is a documentary movie produced by the Access to Land network and directed by ...

6 April 2016 Views 1236
Exporting British red meat to the world

This video outlines the economic role played by exports of beef, lamb and pig meat and how these ben...

6 April 2016 Views 1279
NFU Cymru’s National Assembly Elections Key Asks 2016

Read our full manifesto here: 

In putting toge...

4 April 2016 Views 1247
Basic Payments

Nearly one in five farmers have still not received their BPS payments for last year. With this year&...

23 March 2016 Views 1797
Beef market 'worse than it has been for years' says NBA national director

The beef market is ‘worse than it has been in years’ according to the National Beef Asso...

15 March 2016 Views 1375
Concern over Government plans to cut antibiotic use

The head of a body representing animal medicines manufacturers says that some recommendations in a G...

14 March 2016 Views 763
TMMF Bio Security vehicle wash down system

Tailor Made Metal Fabrications Limited are delighted to announce the addition of a bio security vehi...

8 March 2016 Views 1704
Don't fight over multi-tier

Tesco agricultural manager John Kirkpatrick has urged free range egg producers not to fight amongst ...

2 March 2016 Views 1610
Pig farmers appeal to retailers to help them survive

Pig farmers are appealing to retailers to help them survive their worst period of low prices for ove...

25 February 2016 Views 1282
Government discusses AI response tactics at NFU conference

Elizabeth Truss discusses the Government's response tactics at the NFU Conference in February 20...

24 February 2016 Views 1050
Farmers hear Brexit divisions at NFU Conference

Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss threw her weight behind the campaign to keep the UK in the Eur...

19 February 2016 Views 1529
The Crackin' Egg Company

Rob Shaw was unable to persuade the entrepreneurs on BBC’s Dragons’ Den to invest in his...

18 February 2016 Views 1134
Yorkshire farmers meet to debate Brexit effect on UK agriculture

Farming subsidies were the main subject of discussion when farmers met to debate the forthcoming ref...

11 February 2016 Views 1186
British flower growers struggle to compete with imports as Valentines day looms

British flower growers are urging romantics to celebrate Valentines Day by buying British blooms.

4 February 2016 Views 1283
Yorkshire Agricultural Machinery Show

Thousands flocked to the annual Yorkshire Agricultural Machinery Show to see the latest state-of-the...

1 February 2016 Views 653
Dutch Soya Feed

Some Dutch poultry farmers have been reducing the amount of soya in their chicken feed with the help...

28 January 2016 Views 451
Free Range Multi Tier

Some free range producers provide their hens with a multi-tier system. A multi-tier system allows bi...

25 January 2016 Views 1705
Dairy industry “unsustainable”

NFU Dairy Board member David Shaw has described the current state of the dairy industry as unsustain...

15 January 2016 Views 280
Poultry industry concerned at UK bird flu clean-up costs and procedures

An American vet has told British producers of a cheaper and quicker way to deal with secondary clean...