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World News: Poland
Poland | 18 February 2015
Farmers preparing for more protests

The announcement was made by Sławomir Izdebski, the head of the Farmers All-Poland Alliance of Trade Unions (OPZZ), Monday. Around 10,000 people are expected to take part in the protest, with Izde...

Poland | 12 February 2015
Hurt by Russian embargo, Polish farmers hit roads in protest

Hundreds of Polish farmers on Wednesday tried to block roads with their tractors to the capital Warsaw, demanding government compensation for losses due to a Russian embargo on EU agricultural product...

Poland | 4 August 2014
Russia's embargo threatens Polish producers with bankruptcy

The agriculture chamber of Greater Poland Voivodeship blames Polish politicians for recent Russia’s ban on imports of fruits and vegetables from Poland. “The political bias of Poland in the Ukraini...

Poland | 17 February 2014
Polish farmers 'grassroots rebellion'

Farmers in northern Poland are demanding the right to sell the food they produce in local shops, fighting oppressive sanitary regulations, picketing the Land Agency for access to prime farmland, and r...

Poland | 28 January 2013
Poland source of horsemeat beef burgers: Ireland

Ireland’s agriculture department says beef containing horse DNA, which was supplied to major food companies like Tesco, originated in Poland. The Department of Health was first alarmed about the is...

Poland | 8 January 2013
Poland bans cultivation of GM crops

Poland has become eighth EU member state to ban the cultivation of genetically modified (GM) crops approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) as safe. This would affect two crops, which are...

Poland | 13 August 2012
Polish farmers to pay income tax 'from 2014'

Poland's new agriculture minister Stanisław Kalemba has said that Polish farmers will be paying income tax from 2014. “Whether we want it or not, EU policy is going in this direction,” Kalemba, who...

Poland | 19 July 2012
Polish agriculture minister offers resignation

Poland's Minister of Agriculture has offered his resignation after allegations emerged concerning the mishandling of funds by institutions connected to the ministry. Marek Sawicki, a member of jun...

Poland | 21 May 2012
Minister says he won't ban ritual slaughter

Poland’s minister of agriculture said he will not bow to activists and ban ritual slaughter in the country.

Poland | 12 August 2011
Poland faces worst grain harvest in decade

Poland’s grain production and quality will decline this year because of heavy rain in the past weeks, Agriculture Minister Marek Sawicki said.