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Spain | 7 December 2016
Saffron, rural Spain's crisis-beating spice

On the arid, wind-swept plateau of central Spain, saffron producers are reaping the benefits of a return to favour of the precious spice introduced by Arabs in the Middle Ages. After a lull in prod...

Spain | 26 July 2016
New CAP can make EU farming profitable, Spanish farmers say

Spanish farmers consider the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) as an opportunity to cut red tape and make environmental measures more efficient. But in order for EU farming to become more profi...

Spain | 7 July 2016
Spanish agriculture firms file arbitration claim against Venezuela

Spanish agriculture company Grupo Agroinsumos Ibero-americanos and associated firms have filed an arbitration case against Venezuela via a World Bank tribunal, seeking compensation for the 2010 nation...

Spain | 1 July 2016
Spanish government to invest €1.7m promoting dairy

The Spanish Ministry for Agriculture, Food and Environment and the Interprofesional Láctea (INLAC) have begun the second phase of their promotional campaign, "Lacteos de aquí cada día", (local dairy e...

Spain | 20 June 2016
Vaccine created to protect pigs from PCVD

CIRCOVAC, vaccine introduced by multinational animal health company, protects pigs from porcine circovirus associated disease (PCVD). PCVD is a disease that causes wasting in piglets and can lead t...

Spain | 6 April 2016
Madrid condemns French farmer attacks on Spanish trucks

Spain on Tuesday condemned attacks by French farmers against Spanish trucks carrying wine as part of a protest against falling food prices, saying the government had complained to Paris and the Europe...

Spain | 11 February 2016
50 greenhouses damaged by hail

The hailstorm that took place on Friday last week in some parts of the region of Axarquia has caused damage of varying degrees to fifty greenhouses, some early potato crops and fruits, such as loquat ...

Spain | 2 December 2015
Spanish farmer used EU agriculture subsidies to build motocross track

The European Court of Auditors has revealed some of the worst cases of fraud of EU subsidies including several cases from Spain. The European Court of Auditors (ECA) has revealed some of the most ...

Spain | 13 October 2015
Mad cow disease leads to hyper-aggressive wolves

Wolves have become far more aggressive because of measures instituted to prevent mad cow disease, researchers have said. Iberian wolves in north-west Spain used to live off the abandoned bodies of ...

Spain | 12 October 2015
Spanish mad cow disease measures 'have led to increased wolf aggression'

Spanish wolves have turned more aggressive since laws were imposed to prevent the spread of mad cow disease in Europe, research has shown. Before the rules brought in 15 years ago, Iberian wolves i...

Spain | 12 August 2015
Spanish beef exports reach all-time high as beef exports from the UK fall

Spanish beef exports for the first half of 2015 have reached an all-time high, according to the latest market report from Bord Bia’s Madrid office. Exports from January to June increased by almost 35%...

Spain | 22 August 2014
Russia food ban protest: Spanish farmers dump potatoes outside supermarket

Spanish farmers have dumped thousands of potatoes in front of Carrefour, a major supermarket chain, in response to a move to lower prices, further squeezing suppliers, in the wake of Russian sanctions...

Spain | 7 October 2013
Spanish shepherds guide 2,000 sheep through Madrid

Shepherds led a flock of 2,000 sheep through Madrid on Sunday in defense of ancient grazing, droving and migration rights increasingly threatened by urban sprawl and modern agricultural practices. ...

Spain | 8 July 2013
Jobless dig for work in Spain's neglected farmland

For years, Antonio Sanchez worked as a carpenter, sawing and planing wooden furniture for houses that sprang up along the Andalusian coast in Spain's construction boom. Now his tools are different:...

Spain | 25 June 2013
Rolling robot offers help to farmers

The trick used by hamsters to get an exercise ball rolling is helping to power a spherical robot. Spanish researchers have found a way to mimic the shifting movement of a hamster inside a ball to g...

Spain | 23 May 2013
Hong Kong bans poultry imports from Catalonia

Hong Kong has banned the import of poultry and poultry products, including eggs, from the province of Catalonia, Spain, in view of the World Organization for Animal Health's notification regarding an ...

Spain | 26 April 2013
European Union urged to embrace genetically engineered crops

The European Union will be unable to meet its agricultural policy goals unless it embraces genetically engineered crops, Spanish researchers said. Paul Christou of the University of Lleida-Agrotecn...

Spain | 22 April 2013
Cañete says there will be more EU money for farmers

The Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment Miguel Arias Cañete, has said that there will be more money for farmers in the next period of the Common Agricultural Policy (2014-2020), even if the ...

Spain | 8 February 2013
Spanish farmers protest for EU subsidies

Farmers demonstrated in Madrid on Thursday against an overhaul of the European Union's agricultural policy in which they fear losing hundreds of millions of euros in subsidies each year. Hundreds o...

Spain | 23 November 2012
EU farmers protest at feared cuts in subsidies

The EU budget negotiations are making farmers across the union nervous, amid speculation that reform of the Common Agricultural Policy will lead to substantial cuts in subsidies. In Spain thousands...

Spain | 23 November 2012
Spain's wheat imports fell 38% in September

Spain, Europe’s second-largest wheat buyer, cut imports of the grain by 38 percent in September from a year earlier, while increasing corn purchases. The country imported 695,429 metric tons of whe...

Spain | 29 October 2012
2,000 sheep led through streets of Spain's capital

Spanish shepherds have led a flock of more than 2,000 sheep through central Madrid in defence of ancient grazing, migration and droving rights threatened by urban sprawl and modern agricultural practi...

Spain | 17 October 2012
Rome, Paris, Madrid sign EU farm budget deal

France, Italy and Spain on Tuesday agreed to try and keep the European agriculture budget stable after 2013, echoing a similar pact between Germany and France last week, but Italy declined to support ...

Spain | 20 September 2012
Spanish farmers protest latest CAP proposals

Yesterday COAG, one of Spain's biggest farmer's unions, held a protest against CAP in Madrid. They surrounded themselves with produce from all over the country and lifted a huge banner which read "...

Spain | 13 September 2012
Spanish Agriculture minister at centre of political storm

Spanish Minister for Agriculture Miguel Arias Cañete is at the centre of controversy after the Opposition PSOE has demanded an explanation in the Cortes over claims that his family is linked to the Ro...

Spain | 19 June 2012
Cherry-picking takes on new meaning in weary Spain

SANT CLIMENT DE LLOBREGAT, Spain - Drop those cherries, you're under arrest. Crops and cops are converging along Spain's journey through economic crisis: People enduring hardship are stealing the eart...

Spain | 22 May 2012
Europe watches GM crops trials dwindle

The number of release experiments with GM plants in Europe is decreasing all the time. The only exception is Spain, where major companies are carrying out a series of field trials. Only a few of t...

Spain | 20 March 2012
Moroccan competition worries Spain's olive farmers

Armed with pincers, a small tractor grabs the trunk of an olive tree in southern Spain and shakes loose its fruit, which will be pressed in a few hours.

Spain | 12 March 2012
Spanish farmers struggle with lack of rain

When Manuel Montesa takes sheep out to forage in mountains in northern Spain, he must bring water for them because streams near his town have run dry.

Spain | 15 December 2011
EU wheat sheds gains on euro

Benchmark European wheat prices reversed early gains in late dealing...