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Uganda | 18 January 2017
Uganda reports H5 in wild birds, poultry as Europe logs more H5N8

Uganda became the latest country to report suspected H5N8 outbreaks, as countries in many parts of Europe already affected by the virus reported fresh detections in wild birds and poultry, according t...

Uganda | 29 July 2016
Will tax cuts on agriculture machinery spur sector?

To encourage more people to get into agribusiness, government in the financial year that started on July 1st decided to strike down 18% Value Added Tax (VAT) on the supply of machinery used for the pr...

Uganda | 28 June 2016
Investors flock Uganda’s Dairy farming industry

The Ugandan government has said that the livestock sector is attracting more investors especially in dairy processing which in turn is helping farmers earn more from the sector. President Museveni ...

Uganda | 8 June 2016
Inject more money in Uganda agriculture, experts say

Agricultural experts have poked holes in the government's strategy to use the sector to drive the country into a middle income status, saying it is far-fetched. As long as agriculture continue to b...

Uganda | 4 February 2016
Ugandan farmers use mobile apps to sell and buy produce

Makerere University students in Uganda have created a mobile application that provides smallholder farmers with real-time information on markets, the latest news on farming inputs and eliminates profi...

Uganda | 21 January 2016
AfDB approves U.S. $76.7-million for Uganda's agriculture programme

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved a US $76.7-million loan to finance phase two of the Uganda Farm Income Enhancement and Forestry Conservation Programme (FIEFOC-2). The programme, wh...

Uganda | 29 June 2015
Govt maintains ban on agriculture exports to EU

Government has maintained the ban on the exportation of agricultural produce to the European Union (EU) market following persistent complaints over their poor quality, state minister for Agriculture, ...

Uganda | 24 April 2015
Land breaks off, floats away with crops

When a chunk of about eight-acres of land broke off and floated away with garden crops for about six kilometres, residents of Bukasa landing site near Munyoyo did not sit back and watch their food dri...

Uganda | 23 February 2015
Time for youth to change their mindset toward agriculture

Land ownership in Uganda is a contentious issue. As such debate on whether youth should either access land or own land to be able to practice agriculture is fast becoming a national concern. My v...

Uganda | 11 November 2014
Increase funding in agriculture research, gov’t told

Government should take deliberate efforts to increase funding in agriculture research to increase food production in the country, civil society oraganisations have said. Their argument is that agr...

Uganda | 22 August 2014
Uganda in talks with China to boost agricultural productivity

The Ugandan government is in talks with China to boost agricultural production in the East African country, Uganda's minister of agriculture Tress Buchanayandi said Thursday. Buchanayandi said that...

Uganda | 24 July 2014
'More effort needed in agriculture to transform Uganda'

More investments need to be plunged into the agricultural value chain for Uganda to achieve sustainable economic growth and development, Dr. Kisamba-Mugerwa, the chairperson of the National Planning A...

Uganda | 17 July 2014
Fake seeds are keeping Uganda's farmers poor

In 2013, agriculture in Uganda contributed 23.9% of the total GDP and provided approximately 82% of the employment. As a result the sector has received significant donor support, with part of the prop...

Uganda | 6 May 2014
Uganda ready to revamp livestock sector

Uganda’s agriculture ministry is to recruit more livestock extension services providers in order to improve the health of the cattle across the country and advise farmers on modern livestock practices...

Uganda | 9 April 2014
Fake seeds force Ugandan farmers to resort to 'bronze age' agriculture

Of the many factors that keep small-scale Ugandan farmers poor, seed counterfeiting may be the least understood. Passing under the radar of the international development sector, a whole illegal indust...

Uganda | 21 November 2013
Farmers asked to embrace synthetic fertilizers

The ministry of agriculture animal industry and fisheries has warned small scale farmers against depending on organic fertilizers as the main source of nutrients for food crops. Addressing the 6th ...

Uganda | 14 August 2013
Farmers counting losses after long dry spell

By mid-January, Henry Kiwanuka had cleared his two acres of land to plant groundnuts ahead of the February planting season. But this was not to be. There was no rain until April. Kiwanuka had to wait....

Uganda | 20 May 2013
Let IMF help improve commercial agriculture

Meeting the International Monetary Fund delegation at State House Entebbe recently, President Museveni said a deliberate move is necessary to change the attitude of the people to adopt commercial agri...

Uganda | 17 May 2013
Govt Asks Investors to Focus On Agriculture

Government has asked investors to stop branding the agricultural sector as a risky area to invest if the country is to address the key destabilizing challenge of agricultural risks. The call was ma...

Uganda | 13 May 2013
Lanka Bilateral Talks: Focus on Agriculture, Energy & Trade

The Sri Lankan and Ugandan delegations led by President Mahinda Rajapaksa and President Yoweri Museveni held bilateral talks yesterday at the State House in the city of Entebbe, approximately 40kms so...

Uganda | 1 May 2013
Uganda: Mobile Auction for Agriculture

Richard Ssekibuule looks at the success of kudu, a mobile auction market that links farmers to traders, with pride. He had never imagined that something that started as his PhD research would hit the ...

Uganda | 17 April 2013
Govt urged to regulate cattle trading

Stakeholders in the dairy industry have petitioned the Government to intervene and regulate the crossborder cattle trading business. The stakeholders said unless the Government intervenes, farms in...

Uganda | 1 February 2013
Fish Farmers Decry Fake Fish Feeds on the Market

UGANDA - Fish dealers have called upon the Government to intervene in fish feeds production. The dealers complain that the feeds on the market are sub-standard and lead to stunted growth, affecting th...

Uganda | 9 November 2012
In Uganda's north, farmers see good times ahead

In Uganda's impoverished Acholi subregion, farmers enrolled in WFP's Purchase for Progress (P4P) programme are part of a dramatic turnaround. The economy and trade are picking up and residents here ar...

Uganda | 5 November 2012
Agriculture sector grows by 3%

Performance of the agriculture sector has improved from 0.9 percent in 2010/11 to 3 percent in 2011/12. The increase is attributed to the performance of all sub sectors. However, Minister Of Agric...

Uganda | 25 July 2012
Uganda gets $120m for five year agricultural plan

The International Development Association will loan Uganda $120 million to finance plans to increase agricultural production over the next five years, the Agriculture Ministry said. The loan will s...

Uganda | 25 June 2012
Ugandans fall for Korea agricultural models

Dressed in a striped blue shirt and grey slacks, James Ssebabi watches the crowd file into the conference room at the embassy of the Republic of Korea. A soft-spoken maize farmer from Mpigi distric...

Uganda | 24 April 2012
Drug-resistant diseases increase in animals

Inappropriate use of drugs to treat sick animals has led to an increase in cases of drug-resistant diseases, a senior agricultural officer has said.

Uganda | 20 December 2011
200 Naads goats die of viral disease

Orf, a contagious animal disease has broken out in Nwoya District killing at least 200 goats mainly in Purongo Sub-county.

Uganda | 16 August 2011
Banana growth up 2.7% in Uganda

Bananas locally known as matooke registered a 2.7% growth in the fiscal year 2010/2011. This remains the major food crop for Uganda followed by cassava and sweet potatoes.