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Egypt | 5 September 2016
Egypt power struggle rattles wheat market

A power struggle in Egypt is upending global wheat markets as a dispute between government ministries resulted in the nation’s failure Wednesday to buy grain needed to subsidize bread. Egypt’s stat...

Egypt | 15 October 2015
More workers than jobs in Egyptian agriculture

The land available for work in places like Egypt, India and Southeast Asia "remains relatively scarce," a World Bank report on global youth unemployment said on Tuesday. Globally, "youth account...

Egypt | 14 August 2015
Egyptian experimental farm reveals possible market for 'sewage farming' agricultural products

Crops grown on the Egyptian desert using treated wastewater are safe for human consumption and their production is economically viable, concluded engineers working on an experimental farm in Gerga, in...

Egypt | 13 July 2015
Egypt’s urban expansion depletes Nile farmland

Lush green farms once stretched all around the Nile River, the fertile dark soil a vital source of life since the Pharaonic times, when ancient Egyptians developed some of the first sophisticated farm...

Egypt | 23 June 2014
Saudi dairy firm, PepsiCo to invest $345M in Egypt

Saudi Arabia's Almarai, the Gulf's biggest dairy company, and U.S. soft drinks giant PepsiCo will invest at least $345 million in Egypt over the next five years, the Saudi firm said on Sunday. The ...

Egypt | 9 April 2014
Egypt sticks to tough standards for wheat imports

Egypt is committed to keeping tough specifications on wheat imports, Supplies Minister Khaled Hanafi said on Tuesday, giving no sign the world's top wheat importer will bow to lobbying by French expor...

Egypt | 4 December 2013
Egypt poultry farmers receive government support

The Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation began issuing licenses to poultry farms last month in order to increase production and meet health requirements stipulated by the General Fede...

Egypt | 3 October 2013
Egypt aims for revolution in desert farming

The hazy desert that extends from the outskirts of Cairo has become the unlikely scene of another revolution that has the potential to transform Egypt - and it is green. Inhospitable, yellowed wast...

Egypt | 19 August 2013
Egyptian agri-business firm eyes poultry farming

An Egyptian agri-business firm, Wadi Group, has announced plans to invest in the poultry industry. The firm says its investment will solidify Kenya’s food security initiatives and create more emplo...

Egypt | 26 April 2013
Grain import jitters

With around nine to 10 million tonnes of foreign wheat purchased annually, Egypt is the largest wheat importer in the world with a bill of almost $3 billion a year. With most of the state imports goin...

Egypt | 16 April 2013
Farmers say Egypt's wheat crop hopes 'a dream'

Egypt’s government must be dreaming if it expects a bumper wheat harvest over the next six weeks that will save the country billions of dollars in imports, says farmer Farid Boshra Abdel Malek. “Ho...

Egypt | 15 April 2013
Farmers say Egypt's wheat crop hopes are 'a dream'

Egypt's Islamist-led government must be dreaming if it expects a bumper wheat harvest over the next six weeks that will save the country billions of dollars in imports, says farmer Farid Boshra Abdel ...

Egypt | 8 April 2013
Egypt to produce sunflower oil in Sudan, curb imports

Egypt aims to become self-sufficient in sunflower oil by using farmland provided by neighbouring Sudan as it moves to end large purchases on world markets, Supply Minister Bassem Ouda said on Sunday. ...

Egypt | 7 April 2013
Egypt, Sudan plan farming, livestock projects

Egypt and Sudan want to launch joint farming, livestock and biofuel projects to help double bilateral trade, Egypt's President Mohamed Mursi said during his first visit to Khartoum. Sudan imports ...

Egypt | 4 March 2013
Plague of locusts hits Egypt and devastates agriculture

A plague of locusts hit Egypt this weekend, causing some citizens to burn tires in an attempt to ward them off. The swarms of locusts were spotted in several districts of Cairo on Saturday as they ...

Egypt | 1 March 2013
Egypt reconsiders wheat tender system in funding crunch

Funding problems are forcing top world wheat buyer Egypt to consider abandoning its regular public tenders that have been a centrepiece of world grain trade for decades. Egypt’s state grains buyer ...

Egypt | 25 February 2013
Egypt insists food supply secure as wheat imports dive

Egypt's wheat imports are sharply down this year as it endures economic and political crisis, but state and private buyers insist they still have funds to keep the nation supplied with its staple brea...

Egypt | 21 February 2013
Currency crisis hits Egypt wheat

Egypt’s ouster of Nomani Nomani as buyer of more than 5 million metric tons of wheat a year on world markets put a spotlight on a role that brought stability to the task of feeding the nation’s 80 mil...

Egypt | 27 December 2012
Middle East cattle deal to provide €64m boost

The economy is set for a massive boost next year from the Middle East in a deal worth up to €64m. Egypt, Libya and Lebanon look likely to permit live cattle exports, giving a timely injection into ...

Egypt | 4 October 2012
Egypt wheat buyer moves markets as he ensures bread supply

Nomani Nasr Nomani is arguably the most powerful figure on the global wheat market; he is also the man who ensured Egypt's revolution for freedom didn't turn into "a revolution of hunger". A short ...

Egypt | 11 September 2012
UN warns of global food crisis, but is Egypt prepared?

As the United Nations issues warnings over soaring global food prices, Egypt may have more to worry about than most. A net food importer and the world's biggest consumer of foreign wheat, the Arab ...

Egypt | 7 September 2012
Egyptian to build Iowa fertilizer plant

Egypt's Orascom Construction Industries announced plans Wednesday to invest $1.4 billion in a fertilizer plant in Iowa, shunning overtures from neighboring Illinois because of the state's budget crisi...

Egypt | 19 July 2012
Protesters clash with ministry employees over land sale

Hundreds of Egyptian Nubians gathered outside the Ministry of Agriculture in Dokki Wednesday morning to protest against the sale of land which they claim is ancient Nubian property to private investor...

Egypt | 17 July 2012
Africa looks to empower women agriculture entrepreneurs

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), made up of 16 African countries, signed an agreement aiming to empower women agricultural entrepreneurs in West Africa with The New Partnership ...

Egypt | 5 July 2012
Foot-and-mouth disease stalks Egypt

A new strain of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in Egypt could aggravate discontent among the rural poor and prolong the country's political turmoil. As Egypt struggles to make vaccine, agriculture ex...

Egypt | 28 June 2012
Egyptian farmers make themselves heard

Even as the struggle for control of Egypt’s future has played out in Cairo between the military power brokers and the Muslim Brotherhood, a parallel struggle has been playing out in the farm belt betw...

Egypt | 22 June 2012
Reviving agricultural sector

Egypt’s farmers have been suffering from many problems for long years. The biggest problem is with fertilisers, followed by low crop yields, difficulty registering land and construction on agricultura...

Egypt | 22 May 2012
Egypt buys 1.1m tonnes of local wheat

Egypt has bought 1.1 million tonnes of local wheat so far in the 2011/2012 season despite diesel shortages that have hampered harvesting, an official at the Ministry of Supply and Domestic Trade said.

Egypt | 28 March 2012
100,000 Egypt cattle hit by foot-and-mouth

Nearly 100,000 head of cattle are believed to have been struck by foot-and-mouth disease in Egypt, where a major new outbreak is threatening the entire region, veterinary sources warned on Tuesday.

Egypt | 27 March 2012
Egyptian FMD threatens region's food security

Egyptian foot and mouth threatens region’s food security...