21-11-2013 05:47 AM | India

75% farmers default on paying power bills

As many as 75% of the farmers in Nashik zone have defaulted in payment of power bills, and the total outstanding amount is Rs 542.5 crore from 4.78 lakh farmers, the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd (MSEDCL) said here on Wednesday. The company has decided to take action against the defaulters.

The Nashik zone comprises of Nashik rural, Nashik urban and Ahmednagar circles.

"For the 6.39 lakh agricultural customers in the zone, total current bills generated was Rs 658 crore. However, only 1.61 lakh customers have cleared the bills of Rs 116 core. We have decided to act against all those who have not cleared their dues. We are not touching the issue of the past outstanding in the zone, which is 1,212 core," said K V Ajnalkar, chief engineer, Nashik zone.
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