17-03-2014 05:38 AM | China

China reveals new urbanisation plans

After a long-awaited anticipation, China reveals their new urbanization plans poised to help bring Chinese farmers into neighboring big cities with greater ease. It was announced by China’s cabinet in Beijing, that the urbanization efforts should boost the consumption and economic growth of both Chinese cities and provinces.

China is aiming to have nearly 60 percent of their population living in cities by 2020, up from 52.6% in 2013 estimated in its thorough report covered by the central government website last Sunday. In order to reach its goal, the Chinese government will have to loosen restrictions on its household registrations, known as the Hokuo system. The system currently acts to restrict movement between rural and urban China. The reports have conveyed that easing the restriction will apply mostly to smaller cities but will also encompass some of the larger ones. Reportedly, Chinese officials have not publicly named the cities they are specifically targeting.
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