20-01-2014 00:30 AM | India

Crash in tomato prices comes as a shock to farmers

Farmers in Gubbi, Kunigal and Tumkur taluks decided to sow tomatoes in large tracts of land considering the skyrocketing vegetable prices. The three-and-a-half-month crop, they presumed, would mean good and quick returns.

The crash in the tomato prices — to less than Re. 1 a kg — has come as a shock to them now. They say that it neither helps the farmer nor the consumer. While farmers in the villages of Tumkur district are getting 60 paise to 80 paise per kg of tomato, consumers in the city are buying it for around Rs. 10 per kg.

Jayamma of Upparahalli told The Hindu: “I went to buy tomatoes after I came to know that tomatoes are sold at 80 paise per kg, but I had to buy at Rs. 10 per kg.”
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