02-01-2014 15:02 PM | Rwanda

Experts Call for Mechanisation to Spur Agriculture Production

Rwanda should embrace agriculture mechanisation and other innovative technologies to ensure sustainable food production, agro-economists have advised.

They say encouraging farmers to adopt irrigation, use fertilisers and planting of disease and drought resistant crops will help enhance production. They also urge the government to link farmers to lenders and markets, Narcisse Ndagijimana, the Private Sector Federation's Chamber of Agriculture director general, said.

He added that the private sector is ready to play a big role to help turn around the sector if it gets the necessary support.

"If we intervene in a big way, it will help increase production, create employment opportunities and boost the export sector and grow the economy," he said.

Innocent Musabyimana, the deputy director in charge of agricultural extension at the Rwanda Agricultural Board, said the board is working with stakeholders, including local government and co-operatives at the grassroots, to ensure better output.
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