07-05-2014 00:48 AM | China

Guangzhou trials live poultry sales ban to end bird flu

China’s southern city of Guangzhou began a six-month trial campaign to end the sale of live poultry in some districts to reduce the spread of bird flu and improve food safety.

Retailers located in four areas were ordered to switch to the sale of chilled fresh poultry from approved slaughterhouses, according to a statement on the city’s website. Raising, storing, slaughtering and selling live birds is prohibited, effective yesterday, according the statement, which was dated April 26.

Trials are also under way in the nearby cities of Foshan and Shenzhen as Guangdong province seeks to phase out the live-poultry trade, blamed for fueling the spread of bird flu to humans, Nanfang Daily newspaper reported on April 29, citing Lin Yongsheng, deputy director of the food safety committee.
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