02-01-2014 14:51 PM | Mozambique

Mozambique's small farmers fear Brazilian-style agriculture

Rodolfo Razão, an elderly small farmer in Mozambique, obtained an official land usage certificate for his 10 hectares in 2010, but he has only been able to use seven. The rest was occupied by a South African company that grows soy, maize and beans on some 10,000 hectares in the north-east of the country.

He got nowhere filing a complaint with the authorities in the district of Monapo, where he lives, in the province of Nampula. And at the age of 78, he can't wait much longer.

Brígida Mohamad, a 50-year-old widow, is worried about one of her seven children, whose land was also invaded by a company. "My son has nowhere to grow his crops; our machambas [farms] aren't for sale," she complained when she met with IPS in Nacololo, the village in Monapo where she has lived her whole life.

These are two cases that help to explain the fear among small farmers regarding the Programme of Triangular Co-operation for Agricultural Development of the Tropical Savannahs of Mozambique (ProSavana), which is backed by the co-operation agencies of Brazil (ABC) and Japan (Jica).
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