23-04-2013 09:58 AM | Canada

Organic farmers, opposition ask feds to stall genetically-modified alfalfa sales

Organic farmers are calling on the federal government to put the brakes on the commercial sale of genetically-modified alfalfa seed in Canada, but both the Canadian Seed Trade Association and the company applying to register herbicide resistant strains of the crop deny there’s any risk of the product eventually overtaking organically grown crops.

The debate over genetically modified (GM) agriculture has re-emerged in Canada now that U.S.-based company Forage Genetics International is in the final stages of its application to market alfalfa carrying Monsanto’s Roundup-resistant gene technology.

Organic farmers throughout Canada fear that GM alfalfa will overtake organically-grown crops through pollination. Groups opposed to the product point to the case of canola crops in Canada as an example. GM canola was introduced to Canadian farms in 1995. In 2012, 97.5 per cent of all canola grown in Canada was GM —8.4-million hectares.
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