07-05-2014 00:50 AM | China

US beef industry eager for China to resume imports

Indications that US beef exports to China may resume this year after a decade-long ban positions US farmers and ranchers for a big windfall, a US beef-industry economist said.

"China would add significantly to the portfolio of US beef export markets, and would help increase returns to American farmers and ranchers," Erin Borror, an economist with the US Meat Export Federation in Colorado, told China Daily on Monday.

The world's fastest-growing beef market last year and the fifth-largest buyer of imported beef by volume, China is striving to work out issues that would allow imports of US beef to resume for the first time since 2003 when a Washington State outbreak of "mad cow disease" prompted Beijing and other countries to restrict them, Nancy Degner, executive director of the Iowa Beef Industry Council, said.
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