09-05-2014 02:13 AM | India

Why farmers in Punjab are upset despite bumper crop

A bumper wheat crop should have brought smiles on the faces of Punjab's hard-working farmers but a variety of adverse circumstances, including the weather, has left them dispirited.

They have been forced to deal with the recent unseasonal rainfall and thunderstorms. In the state's grain markets, while there is a virtual glut of wheat arriving, the earlier stocks are not getting lifted due to mismanagement like inadequate gunny bags. With the harvested crop lying open in the grain markets and agricultural fields getting wet, the moisture content of the grains is making the farmers worry.

Punjab had procured over 10 million tonnes of wheat. Though the procurement process started on 1st April, bulk of the wheat started arriving only after 25th April. Punjab is expecting a bumper crop of nearly 17 million tonnes. With an extended winter this year, the crop yield has increased.
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