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World News: United Kingdom
23 July 2012
Welsh sheep and cattle exports hits record high

Welsh sheep and cattle exports have hit a record high of almost a quarter of a billion pounds, it was revealed today at the Royal Welsh Show in Llanelwedd. Figures released by red meat promotion ag...

20 July 2012
Milk price cuts will see collapse of dairy farming in Britain

Andrew Hemming, the vice chairman for Farmers For Action, said that the collapse will see more than a billion litres of milk taken out of the market – ultimately leading to higher prices and more impo...

20 July 2012
Shooting badgers will cost farmers more

Rejection of the Badger Trust Judicial Review is a tragic result for badgers, cattle, farming and tourism. Thousands of healthy badgers will now be killed or maimed, and probably totally exterminat...

19 July 2012
Dairy farmers are being skimmed alive

Dairy farmers are not sentimental creatures. But when Rosalind Gott says goodbye to Snowy, a pure white cow born the first Christmas Day she spent with her husband on their farm, she admits she might ...

11 July 2012
UK farm land sees decade of annual growth

UK farmland values are on course for a tenth consecutive year of annual growth following a 3.9% increase for all land types during the first six months of 2012 according to Savills research. In the...

11 July 2012
Agriculture minister doesn't know the price of milk

The agriculture minister has admitted he does not know how much a pint of milk costs, telling the BBC his wife "buys most of it". Jim Paice's comments come as smaller milk producers plan a protest ...

8 July 2012
Rain making life increasingly difficult

I have measured over 110mm of rain at Poolham Hall Farm in June and at the time of writing, there is still a week until the end of the month. This excess of rain has done my crops no good whatsoeve...

8 July 2012
Time running out for badgers in England

The pluvial mist of English July wraps Warren Farm in the Mendip Hills, as James Small prepares for a morning testing his cattle for TB. His beef herd is under "restriction" after two cows showed sign...

5 July 2012
TB infected badgers face cull to tackle cow diseases

The Agriculture Minister has announced a plan to wipe out badgers that have bovine tuberculosis. Michelle O’Neill has announced tests will be conducted into how badgers infected with bovine TB, whi...

4 July 2012
It’s make or break time for Scottish cereal growers

For Scottish cereal growers, the next four weeks will be critical in determining the yield and quality of the crops they harvest and there is a desperate need for higher than average sunshine levels i...

2 July 2012
Badger cull 'could spread cattle tuberculosis'

A proposed badger cull could result in the further spread of tuberculosis in cattle. That is the claim of the Badger Trust, an organisation which is fighting a high court battle to try to halt the ...

2 July 2012
Young farmers call for action over rural road deaths

Nineteen-year-old Tamsin Cook is looking through some of her brother Tristan's things. Belts, photos, a hoodie - she says they help her remember him after he died in a car crash on a country road. ...

14 June 2012
EU biofuel aid 'inflates food cost'

European Union support for biofuel production could force the price of food crop staples up by as much as 36% by the end of the decade, a report has warned. Development charity ActionAid warned tha...

14 June 2012
New deterrent for cattle thefts in Greene County

Cattle thefts are on the rise in the Ozarks, and in Greene County, the sheriff's office and local businesses are joining forces to try and catch cattle rustlers in a modern way. There are many tool...

12 June 2012
Mines pollution fear investigated

Scientists are to investigate whether severe flooding near Aberystwyth has contaminated land with harmful metals from abandoned mines. River banks that have stored toxic metals such as lead, zinc a...

8 June 2012
Farmer dies in slurry tank fall

A father-of-two who died after he fell into a slurry tank while working on his farm has been described by those who knew him as “a decent, hardworking man”. It is understood the victim — named loca...

8 June 2012
Tesco cancels meat contract over cattle claims

The environmental charity claims to have tracked cattle from illegal farms in the Brazilian rainforest to slaughter houses and processing plants used by the exporter JBS. Volunteers in the UK then ...

8 June 2012
Santos report may benefit Scots farmers

Members of the European Parliament agriculture committee are continuing to express their unhappiness with the commissions’ proposals on reforming the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), writes Andrew Ar...

6 June 2012
Burden of TB red tape landed on farmers

The Devon County Show was a great success, with high visitor numbers, very impressive livestock areas and an exciting line-up of entertainment and attractions, topped by the magnificent displays given...

6 June 2012
Tesco sold beef farmed in Amazon

Tesco has been accused of fuelling the destruction of the Amazon rainforest by selling beef from cattle reared on land stolen from the jungle. During a two-year investigation, Greenpeace found that...

31 May 2012
Apple harvest at risk from April's chill

County Armagh’s famous apple harvest could be under threat because of the recent unseasonably cold weather.

30 May 2012
Sheep rustling warning

Farmers in the Scottish Borders have been urged to join together and form a watch scheme after 53 sheep and lambs went missing from a farm.

28 May 2012
MPs want to curb religious slaughter

The government is facing renewed calls to curb the slaughtering of animals that have not first been rendered unconscious - a debate that pits religious sensitivities against the convictions of animal ...

24 May 2012
Producers with a beef about age rules

When is beef not beef? It may seem a daft question but European Union labelling legislation states that any meat from a beast slaughtered under 12 months old cannot be called just "beef".

22 May 2012
Redefine drought, Environment Agency urges

Policy makers should drop "drought" as a blanket term and move to a sliding scale to describe dry conditions, the Environment Agency says. This would help distinguish small environmental ...

21 May 2012
Man arrested after GM trial break-in

Scientists at Rothamsted Research in Hertfordshire are trialling a strain of wheat which has been modified to release a chemical signal which scares away aphids. But opponents of GM technology clai...

21 May 2012
UK farmers enjoy boom despite economy

Britain’s farmers have said they are enjoying a boom in business in spite of the economic downturn. It comes as the National Farmers’ Union launches a campaign to highlight farming&rsqu...

20 May 2012
Farmers concerns after fruit crop delays

In the latest blow to farmers the cold and wet weather has left them worried crops may be poor and people won’t want to ’pick their own’ in the rain. The recent heavy downpours ha...

18 May 2012
UK in £50m pork deal with China

The UK has agreed a £50m trade deal to sell British pork to China, the world’s biggest market for pig meat. Much of the pork will be in the form of parts that are popular in China but not wit...

18 May 2012
Dairy co-cop pays out £34m to members

Higher prices helped Milk Link, Britain’s biggest dairy co-operative, this year to pay its 1,600 members £33.7 million, a 15.4 per cent rise on the previous 12 months.