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World News: United Kingdom
17 April 2012
Check hedges for nests before cutting

Gardeners are being urged to check hedges before cutting them to avoid disturbing bird nests and breaking the law.

16 April 2012
Price of farmland up 300pc in decade

The price of top quality farmland has risen by 300 per cent over the past 10 years, new figures revealed today.

16 April 2012
Farming disaster warning as drought spreads

Most of England is now in drought and the dry spell could last beyond Christmas, the Environment Agency will announce on Monday, as government officials started planning for a long-term water shortage...

15 April 2012
Farmer's quest to find spitfires in Burma

The extraordinary plans to dig up the lost squadron were revealed this weekend as David Cameron visits the country.

13 April 2012
One in five chickens 'contaminated'

One in five supermarket chickens is contaminated with the food poisoning bacteria campylobacter, an investigation has found.

13 April 2012
Profits plummet at Stonegate

Egg producer Stonegate Holdings, a company connected to the reported closure of an egg packing plant near Liskeard, has reported a fall in pre-tax profits of more than £4m in its latest accounts.

13 April 2012
'Drought' declaration disputed by water firm

The Westcountry is to be declared a drought zone – despite the region’s water company insisting reservoirs are full enough to meet demand.

13 April 2012
Cowbridge protest at cattle market closure

A demonstration is being held to protest about the planned closure of a 200-year-old livestock market in the Vale of Glamorgan.

13 April 2012
Guernsey farmer faces Schmallenberg dilemma

A Guernsey sheep farmer says he may have to delay lambing as a precaution against the Schmallenberg virus.

13 April 2012
MEP voices fears for industry’s bloodline

ONLY one in 40 farmers in the United Kingdom is under the age of 35 and that low percentage of young people in farming has to change in the future if the industry...

12 April 2012
Red tape keeps Scottish rent rises to 15%

A survey of farm rental increases last year throughout England, Scotland and Wales has shown an average rise of 25 per cent, but when only those in Scotland are considered...

11 April 2012
Tree technique to protect crops

Farmers in Sleaford are being advised to plant trees to reduce the risk of crops being affected by drought conditions.

10 April 2012
Fertiliser ban ‘over-bureaucratic’

Senior Scottish Tory MSP Alex Fergusson has criticised proposals to restrict the use of fertiliser by farmers as "over-bureaucratic" and "unwanted".

8 April 2012
Pig farmers face £28m bill from Brussels

British farmers could be forced to spend about £28 million revamping their pig sheds – because a new ruling from Brussels says gaps in the floors are a millimetre too wide.

6 April 2012
Salmon farming growth forecast

The Scottish salmon farming industry says it is on track to increase production by 50 per cent to 210,000 tonnes by 2020, in its latest annual research report published...

6 April 2012
Poultry company fined after man loses arm

A Godney firm has had to pay £15,000 after a worker lost his arm when it became trapped in machinery without a proper guard.

6 April 2012
Cattle grid that will leave taxpayers rattled

A council is facing a bill running into thousands of pounds after fighting a battle over a cattle grid at three different courts.

6 April 2012
Locals oppose Ballynure bypass

Questions have been raised over the route of the proposed new A8 Larne to Belfast road.

6 April 2012
Sheep to get retina scans to fight rustlers

Some of the most valuable sheep in Fermanagh are to undergo retina scanning in a bid to protect them from rustlers.

5 April 2012
Winter haunts farmers as lambs die in snow

Arctic conditions which brought heavy snowfall and gale-force winds sweeping across Yorkshire left tens of thousands of homes without power and wreaked havoc on farms in the region.

4 April 2012
Plant trees to protect crops from drought

Calls for farmers to plant trees to reduce the risk of crops being affected by drought conditions have been made.

3 April 2012
Schmallenberg cases in Devon and Cornwall

Eleven farms in Devon and Cornwall have now recorded cases of the Schmallenberg virus - the disease which causes birth defects and miscarriages in livestock.

3 April 2012
Bird flu outbreak 'not H5N1 strain'

An outbreak of bird flu in west Cork is not the deadly strain that threatens human health, final tests...

30 March 2012
Farmers' income is dwarfed by govt salaries

Six executives employed by the Government department charged with reviving the flagging farming industry are paid more than the Prime Minister.

29 March 2012
Son loses appeal over 'promised' farm

A farmer’s son who was "promised" ownership of the family’s ’1.2m farm in Derbyshire has lost his appeal over being left out of his father’s will.

29 March 2012
Bird flu: two mutant strains

One Monday morning in September last year, Ron Fouchier, a virologist at the Erasmus medical centre in Rotterdam, stood at the Intercontinental...

29 March 2012
Grains futures mostly fall

Grains futures mostly fell Wednesday on the Chicago Board of Trade.

29 March 2012
RSPCA inspects welfare of exports

Animal welfare inspectors have carried out checks on livestock being exported from the Port of Ramsgate in Kent.

28 March 2012
Rustlers steal dozens of sheep

Dozens of sheep belonging to the same farmer have been stolen in two separate thefts in East Lothian.

28 March 2012
Kent tops Britain's killer sheep virus toll

Kent now has more cases of a killer virus wiping out sheep and cattle than anywhere else in Britain.