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World News: United Kingdom
United Kingdom | 31 May 2012
Apple harvest at risk from April's chill

County Armagh’s famous apple harvest could be under threat because of the recent unseasonably cold weather.

United Kingdom | 30 May 2012
Sheep rustling warning

Farmers in the Scottish Borders have been urged to join together and form a watch scheme after 53 sheep and lambs went missing from a farm.

United Kingdom | 28 May 2012
MPs want to curb religious slaughter

The government is facing renewed calls to curb the slaughtering of animals that have not first been rendered unconscious - a debate that pits religious sensitivities against the convictions of animal ...

United Kingdom | 24 May 2012
Producers with a beef about age rules

When is beef not beef? It may seem a daft question but European Union labelling legislation states that any meat from a beast slaughtered under 12 months old cannot be called just "beef".

United Kingdom | 22 May 2012
Redefine drought, Environment Agency urges

Policy makers should drop "drought" as a blanket term and move to a sliding scale to describe dry conditions, the Environment Agency says. This would help distinguish small environmental ...

United Kingdom | 21 May 2012
Man arrested after GM trial break-in

Scientists at Rothamsted Research in Hertfordshire are trialling a strain of wheat which has been modified to release a chemical signal which scares away aphids. But opponents of GM technology clai...

United Kingdom | 21 May 2012
UK farmers enjoy boom despite economy

Britain’s farmers have said they are enjoying a boom in business in spite of the economic downturn. It comes as the National Farmers’ Union launches a campaign to highlight farming&rsqu...

United Kingdom | 20 May 2012
Farmers concerns after fruit crop delays

In the latest blow to farmers the cold and wet weather has left them worried crops may be poor and people won’t want to ’pick their own’ in the rain. The recent heavy downpours ha...

United Kingdom | 18 May 2012
UK in £50m pork deal with China

The UK has agreed a £50m trade deal to sell British pork to China, the world’s biggest market for pig meat. Much of the pork will be in the form of parts that are popular in China but not wit...

United Kingdom | 18 May 2012
Dairy co-cop pays out £34m to members

Higher prices helped Milk Link, Britain’s biggest dairy co-operative, this year to pay its 1,600 members £33.7 million, a 15.4 per cent rise on the previous 12 months.

United Kingdom | 18 May 2012
Bankers reap benefits of booming agriculture

Bankers in Northern Ireland have a new mantra: find farmers and ditch developers. The property crash has pushed construction-related business in Northern Ireland off a cliff, dragging down the bank...

United Kingdom | 18 May 2012
Farm thefts hit £3.8m as rustling soars

Livestock rustling has rocketed in Northern Ireland by 184% in a single year. That’s the shocking revelation by rural insurer NFU Mutual which is warning farmers at the Balmoral Show of the n...

United Kingdom | 18 May 2012
Call for Pack inquiry into CAP rejected

A call for Brian Pack to be brought back into harness and update his report on how the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy should progress to Scotland’s benefit gathered pace during the day...

United Kingdom | 17 May 2012
Signs of light at last in CAP reform saga

Significant progress was made yesterday on the environmental proposals for the next Common Agricultural Policy with concessions being made but for UK politicians and farming leaders any moves were but...

United Kingdom | 15 May 2012
Farm workers in line for pay rise

Farm workers are in line for a pay rise of between 1.8% and 2.8% from October this year. The proposed pay rates were agreed by the Scottish Agricultural Wages Board.

United Kingdom | 14 May 2012
The new Viking invasion

We knew the Scandinavians were dominating our television schedules with their dark detective dramas – but the news that they are buying up large swaths of real-life British countryside has come as an ...

United Kingdom | 14 May 2012
We need more trees to rely less on imports

Annual statistics produced by the Forestry Commission once again highlight Britain’s reliance on imported timber. In 2010 wood products imported into the UK were valued at ’6.8 billion ...

United Kingdom | 9 May 2012
Dog-owners warned as sheep attacked

Police are warning dog-owners that farmers have every right to shoot their pets if they are discovered attacking livestock. The stark warning follows a series of recent attacks on sheep in the Bodm...

United Kingdom | 9 May 2012
Food price rises starting to slow

There was some good(ish) news for hard-pressed consumers on Tuesday as figures pointed to a slowdown in the march of food prices. Higher food and fuel prices are making us all feel poorer, and the Bri...

United Kingdom | 9 May 2012
Buy British to help farmers - David Cameron

The Prime Minister emphasised the importance of agriculture and manufacturing to the economy, saying too much wealth was concentrated in London. "If we want a healthy farming industry, what we&rsqu...

United Kingdom | 8 May 2012
April's cold snap hits lambing

Although no numbers have been put on lamb deaths this spring, industry experts yesterday agreed that there had been "considerable" losses in the cold, wet April. The National Sheep Association&rsqu...

United Kingdom | 4 May 2012
Demand will drive lamb production - bank

Sheep farmers were urged yesterday to maintain production to meet the demand for Scotch lamb in both home and export markets. Although the price of hoggs has in recent weeks drifted down to levels ...

United Kingdom | 4 May 2012
Gov't in effort to get new blood in farming

Ways of helping more younger people take up farming are being examined. NFU Scotland and the Scottish governments want to look at the high cost of land, availability of tenancies and the time it ta...

United Kingdom | 3 May 2012
Welsh farmer leads anti-GM protest

A West Wales farmer is leading calls against "irresponsible" and "negligent" genetically-modified (GM) crop research which could one day reduce pesticide use on agricultural land. Scientists develo...

United Kingdom | 2 May 2012
Drought responses need to change

A Worcestershire farmer says the country needs to become more responsive and more sophisticated in dealing with changing weather conditions. Stephen Watkins farms about 1,000 acres of arable land a...

United Kingdom | 2 May 2012
Farmer leaves fortune to young woman

When Raymond Spry died aged 74 he deliberately disinherited his son, saying he was "not happy with his attitude towards him" during his lifetime. Instead Mr Spry, from Cornwall, left ever...

United Kingdom | 2 May 2012
Poisonous moths in Pangbourne

People are being warned not to touch an invasive species of moth caterpillar which can cause skin rashes and irritation to eyes and throats. Residents in Pangbourne in Berkshire have been advised not ...

United Kingdom | 2 May 2012
NI farm safety scheme launched

A partnership between government and industry has been established to tackle the issue of fatal farm accidents. Farm accidents account for more than half of all workplace fatalities in Northern Ire...

United Kingdom | 2 May 2012
Scientists in plea to GM protesters

Scientists at a leading agricultural research institute have sent an open letter to anti-GM protesters pleading with them not to destroy "years of work".

United Kingdom | 1 May 2012
Spelman calms Scottish fears over CAP

Last week, NFU Scotland had harsh words of criticism for the UK negotiators on their stance in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform talks, with the union saying it wanted support to continue to...