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World News: United Kingdom
United Kingdom | 24 December 2010
MEP calling for action on battery farming

AN MEP has called for tough action against countries still allowing battery farming.

United Kingdom | 23 December 2010
Fears new homes could put end to farming

Massive development in Littlehampton could spell the end for at least six generations of a family’s farming heritage.

United Kingdom | 22 December 2010
Food prices to skyrocket in new year

Food prices are set to spiral in the new year exacerbating the squeeze on household budgets that have already been hit by higher petrol and energy bills.

United Kingdom | 22 December 2010
£140m spent on irregular payments

The largest amount identified was £64m pounds incurred by the Department of Agriculture for incorrectly administering EU farm subsidies.

United Kingdom | 20 December 2010
Fears over sprouts eased

A sprout supplier has eased fears there could be a shortage of the popular Christmas vegetable in the town this year.

United Kingdom | 20 December 2010
Farmers take on superstore over milk

Farmers campaigning for better milk prices could be left facing massive bills for costs after becoming involved in a legal battle with supermarket giant Asda.

United Kingdom | 20 December 2010
Fireman to be sentenced over farmer death

A fireman is due to be sentenced after admitting causing the death of a farmer who was crushed by his herd of cows after they were startled by fire engine sirens in Somerset.

United Kingdom | 20 December 2010
Meat processing firm targets retail

A C0 Fermanagh meat processing firm has expanded into Belfast with the opening of a new outlet in the Kennedy Centre.

United Kingdom | 18 December 2010
Islanders say no to fish farm

n hard times, most communities would bite the hand off anyone promising jobs and investment.

United Kingdom | 17 December 2010
Farm crime operation launched in Norfolk

A high profile action day on the Norfolk/Cambridgeshire border yesterday marked the first phase of the new initiative.

United Kingdom | 17 December 2010
Dog owners warned after sheep attack

Wardens at a Lincolnshire nature reserve have warned dog owners to keep their pets under control after a number of sheep were killed.

United Kingdom | 17 December 2010
MSP tells of deer farmers’ ‘frustration’

Scottish deer farmers are "frustrated" that they are unable to take advantage of European support subsidies, MSPs were told yesterday.

United Kingdom | 16 December 2010
UK says it will ignore advice on pesticides

Campaigners have reacted with dismay to a Defra announcement that farmers and greenkeepers will not be required to notify residents when they are spraying pesticides.

United Kingdom | 16 December 2010
Farmers protest over milk prices

Last night’s picket of an ASDA food distribution store at Grangemouth by angry dairy farmers will be followed today by the "Great Christmas Milk Give-Away" to shoppers in Glasgow and E...

United Kingdom | 16 December 2010
Wild invaders cost Scotland £251m a year

Grey squirrels and other non-native species are costing the Scottish economy £251 million a year and £1.7 billion throughout the whole of Britain, according to a new report.

United Kingdom | 15 December 2010
Rabbits 'costliest invasive species'

They were introduced to Britain by the Romans, are hated as pests and celebrated in children’s books. Britain’s estimated 40m rabbits cost the economy more than £260m a year...

United Kingdom | 14 December 2010
Swine flu cases confirmed at school

Health officials are investigating a high number of cases of flu, including swine flu, at a school in Cardiff.

United Kingdom | 14 December 2010
Calves rescued in Dorset farm blaze

Two calves were pulled from a raging inferno by firefighters after arsonists set fire to a stable and storage unit.

United Kingdom | 14 December 2010
Ministers focus on the “big picture” in new Welsh food strategy

The Assembly Government is to flex its muscles in an attempt to secure a vibrant future for food and drink production in Wales.

United Kingdom | 14 December 2010
Boost for installers as 80% of farmers want solar by 2013

Renewable energy installers received a welcome boost recently as 80 per cent of farmers have said that they want to have solar panels on their roofs by 2013...

United Kingdom | 11 December 2010
Bird-friendly crops prove a lifeline to farmland birds during winter freeze

An RSPB-led project near Inverness to save the rare corn bunting is providing a lifeline to many other species too.

United Kingdom | 11 December 2010
Clydesdale chief hails success of UK farmers as bank increases lending

Many UK farming businesses have successfully taken a step forward this year, adding significantly to their core strength, according to James O’Mahony, head of agribusiness at Clydesdale and York...

United Kingdom | 10 December 2010
Scottish salmon firms in the pink

Scotland’s salmon industry has said it has created hundreds of new jobs in the past year and is worth about £500m to the economy.

United Kingdom | 10 December 2010
Salmon farming delivers massive boost to economy, study reveals

A report on the salmon industry has revealed the growing importance of salmon farming to the economy and high confidence within the sector.

United Kingdom | 10 December 2010
Wheat declines on subdued demand

Wheat yesterday traded with the negative node and settled -0.25% down at 1285.2 as traders stayed away from market despite of firm trend in spot market.

United Kingdom | 10 December 2010
Wild food crop relatives to be 'rescued'

Scientists have announced a plan to collect and store the wild plant relatives of essential food crops, including wheat, rice, and potatoes.

United Kingdom | 10 December 2010
Farming Bill proposed by county MP could block super-dairy plans

A county MP is proposing a bill that could outlaw projects like the ’super-dairy’ at Nocton.

United Kingdom | 9 December 2010
Corn prices could double by 2050

World grain prices could as much as double by 2050 as population growth and climate change put growing pressure on resources, according to a report published Monday.

United Kingdom | 9 December 2010
Farmers hope cull will get go-ahead

Cattle farmers across the West are hoping the weight of opinion in favour of killing sick badgers will convince the Government to allow a cull to prevent the spread of bovine TB.

United Kingdom | 12 September 2010
Ice-bound North Wales farms on ewe abortion alert

Farmers in Wales were yesterday cleared to give livestock extra rations amid fears the big freeze could devastate next spring’s lamb crop.