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British Cattle Conference

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British Cattle Conference

Date: 19 January 2015 - 21 January 2015

Location: Telford Golf and Spa Hotel, Great Hay Drive, Sutton Heights, Telford, Shropshire

Tel: 01409 241579

Email: lesley.lewin@cattlebreeders.org.uk

The British Cattle Breeders Club prides itself on bringing together speakers who will challenge current thinking and practices and encourage the delegates to question whether there is a better way to breed cattle in the future. This is only achieved when we join together science, technology and practical examples of how farmers can improve performance at farm level. Innovation in any industry is essential to maintain competitive advantage and harness better working practices leading to the improvement of overall outcomes for the whole industry. I make no excuses for profitability being central to our conference theme for 2013. Many within our industry forget that without profitable farmers and a thriving cattle breeding industry in the UK the rest of the supply chain would become unsustainable and the valuable research and innovation would be exported to other, more competitive, countries.

A synergy and cohesion throughout the supply chain is essential if we are to future proof UK Cattle Breeding and help maintain profitability for each of the supply chain ‘partners’. All this must be achieved amidst a recessionary back drop and consumers who are seeing double digit food price inflation, something most of us haven’t known for more than two decades. Following the worst summer for more than 100 years farmers are facing the perfect storm of increased winter feed costs and lower milk and beef prices. These worst case scenarios often lead to ‘new’ thinking, an openness to look at different ways to farm and a willingness to embrace new technologies and science.

Passion and positivity are essential in any successful business and none more so than agriculture and cattle breeding. The actions we take and the new science adopted today will often take several years to bear fruit in the cattle breeding world and Dave Warrington (NWF) and Alan Wilkinson (HSBC) are two speakers who will show the importance of passion, positivity and attention to detail to secure a future in UK Agriculture.

Price: Whole conference: £320, Single day: £135

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