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Oxford Farming Conference 2016

Date: 5 January 2016 - 7 January 2016

Date: 5 January 2016

Date: 7 January 2016

Address: Oxford University Examination Halls, 81 High Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire


Oxford University Examination Halls, 81 High Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire

Tel: 0845 6520 945


Price: 1 day ticket: £265, 2 day ticket: £345

Oxford Farming Conference 2016

Both farmers and non-farmers alike, are invited to participate in our practical on-farm training days. The first, organised by the Pasture Fed Livestock Association, will cover topics ranging from low-input dairy, to profitable livestock production and alternative sources of protein. The second day, is organised in collaboration with the Soil Association, and investigates arable crop production, land-management, soil fertility, cover cropping, and best use of legumes.

At the conference itself, delegates can expect to participate in a range of talks and workshops, with partner organisations The Soil Association, Compassion in World Farming, Sustainable Food Trust and others. We are collaborating closely with the Land Workers Alliance again this year, to offer workshops that include: the impact of CAP on land-prices, investigating micro-dairies as a financially sustainable business model, and how to build a movement that wins.

Guest speakers will include; Dame Helen Ghosh, Director General of the National Trust, Patrick Holden, CEO of Sustainable Food Trust, Pete Ritchie of Nourish Scotland, and Founder of the Oxford Real Farming Conference, Colin Tudge.