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22 September 2016 Views 1813
Turning milk into artisan ice cream to battle UK's dairy crisis

With milk prices finally starting to recover, things should be looking up for the United Kingdom&rsq...

14 September 2016 Views 1488
Tom Wood's Brewery: All-British hops

A brewery is showing loyalty to British agriculture by using only British grown produce to create it...

12 September 2016 Views 1613
Farming industry raises concerns over poultry sector in post-Brexit talks

Farming leaders have raised concerns about the threat of low standard, cheap imports of egg products...

30 August 2016 Views 1981
'Making agriculture a priority in Brexit is cruicial', NFU Brexit meetup

Making agriculture a priority when it comes to the Brexit negotiations is crucial according to Dr An...

22 August 2016 Views 1842
'Very encouraging' pig prices, according to farmers

Current pig prices are ‘very encouraging’ according to pig farmer Richard Longthorp.


18 August 2016 Views 1750
Organic food enjoying resurgence

The organic food sector is enjoying a resurgence.

Organic meat, in particular, is proving increas...

15 August 2016 Views 1687
Priestner on Cage Free

The chairman of the NFU Poultry Board says the egg industry has been thrown into uncertainty by the ...

11 August 2016 Views 1904
First field test of robotic farm hand SwagBot

Meet SwagBot.

He has successfully demonstrated the ability to operate in the rugged cattle statio...

11 August 2016 Views 1715
Brexit affects growers labour needs

Access to the foreign labour market is critical, according the chief executive of the British Grower...

26 July 2016 Views 2136
Brexit already affecting free range egg producers

Brexit is already affecting free range egg producers, with the falling value of Sterling increasing ...

14 July 2016 Views 1949
Repercussions of Britain leaving EU: Future Farmers meeting at Great Yorkshire Show

The repercussions of Britain voting to leave the European Union was the main talking point during a ...

13 July 2016 Views 2193
New colony system called 'cage free'

This video shows a new colony system which has been called 'cage free'. A colony type system...

11 July 2016 Views 1879
Discussions take place on what post-Brexit Britain should look like for farmers

Two weeks on from the momentous decision by the British public to leave the European Union, discussi...

4 July 2016 Views 1767
Fracking company Third Energy responds farmer’s fears of water pollution

Fracking company Third Energy has responded to a farmer’s fears of water pollution after North...

20 June 2016 Views 2330
Multi-tier rearing units 'are better for the health and welfare of the birds'

Multi-tier rearing units are better for the health and welfare of the birds and produce more financi...

15 June 2016 Views 2519
Farmer speaks out against pollution after local authority gives go-ahead for fracking

A farmer has spoken of her fear of pollution after a local authority gave the go-ahead for fracking ...

8 June 2016 Views 2030
TFA chairman calls on Government to have 'Plan B' ready in event of Brexit

The Tenant Farmers Association (TFA) is calling on the Government to come up with a plan B for the f...

3 June 2016 Views 2111
Benefits of compost in agriculture

This video was produced to help farmers understand the benefits of using compost as a renewable fert...

31 May 2016 Views 2337
Raise your glass of milk to World Milk Day!

All around the world, health professionals recommend milk and dairy foods for a healthy balanced die...

26 May 2016 Views 2080
Driffield Showground Education Day

Over 800 children from all over the East Riding of Yorkshire descended on Driffield Showground to ta...

16 May 2016 Views 2618
Dairy produce at Nottinghamshire County Show

Milking, yogurt tasting and butter making were just a few of the activities on offer at this year&rs...

13 May 2016 Views 2093
Pig and Poultry EU referendum debate

The forthcoming referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union was the su...

12 May 2016 Views 2721
Poultry vaccine 'Salmovac 440' launch

The manufacturer of a new vaccine says it will offer longer and better protection against both salmo...

10 May 2016 Views 2885
Environment (Wales) Act 2016 - planning Welsh resources

The Environment (Wales) Act puts in place the legislation needed to plan and manage Wales’ nat...