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26 November 2015 14:22:31 | Animal Health,News,NFU,Poultry,Veterinary News

26 November 2015 14:22:31 | Animal Health,News,NFU,Poultry,Veterinary News
Government says 'No' to beak trimming ban

Farming minister George Eustice has said that a ban on beak trimming will not be introduced in the UK from January 2016.N...

26 November 2015 14:08:01 | News,Property News
TFA accuses Herefordshire Council Cabinet for lacking sound judgement over farm estate

The Tenant Farmers Association has accused Herefordshire Council’s Cabinet of riding roughshod over the Council’s own governa...

26 November 2015 12:07:10 | Cattle,News,Veterinary News
China to open cloning factory to produce more cattle

China is planning to open a 'cloning factory' which will aim to produce one million calves and other animals a year, includin...

26 November 2015 11:08:58 | Agri Safety,News
Criticism after deaths highlight dangers of keeping farm gates wide open

Government plans to introduce open access to the countryside has been criticised after caution is urged. The Plaid Cymru call...

26 November 2015 10:57:29 | News,Renewables
5th carbon budget advice urges action to decarbonise farming and waste treatment

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has today heaped pressure on the government increase the pace of carbon abatement, part...

26 November 2015 10:07:27 | Animal Health,News,Poultry
Bird flu detected in France

France, the European Union's biggest agricultural producer, reported its first outbreak of the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus in ...

26 November 2015 09:47:40 | News,Renewables,Shows and Events
Agri renewable energy awards reward innovation and best practice

The first ever renewable energy industry awards for the agricultural and rural sectors are being pioneered at the Energy Now ...

26 November 2015 09:40:28 | Dairy,Finance,News
First Milk agrees sale of Glenfield Dairy to Graham’s

Following the completion of a full strategy review, First Milk is announcing that it has agreed to sell its Glenfield Dairy b...

26 November 2015 09:39:28 | Cattle,News
Cattle theft reaches 'shocking' levels in Northern Ireland

New figures from the Northern Ireland Department of Agriculture and Rural Development reveal that in 2013, a total of 3861 ca...

26 November 2015 09:34:00 | Finance,News
'Innovation and modernisation must become cornerstone of rural development'

"Rural and intermediate regions, which constitute 91% of the EU's territory, are home to 61% of the EU's population, produce ...

26 November 2015 09:24:22 | Finance,Forestry,News
Record year for UK forestry says latest industry report

Tilhill Forestry has joined forces with John Clegg & Co to launch this year’s UK Forest Market Report (FMR) which gives both ...

26 November 2015 09:20:43 | Arable,Cereal,Crops,News
Scottish government seeks to cut red tape

Thousands of Scottish farmers now have fewer forms to fill in as a result of efforts to reduce agricultural red tape.Unde...

26 November 2015 09:14:23 | Finance,News,Renewables
'Rapid adoption of fifth carbon budget essential for business'

Further to the publication today of the Committee on Climate Change’s advice to government on the fifth carbon budget, the Al...

25 November 2015 15:28:56 | Finance,News
'Defra facing 15% cut to budget' - industry wide reaction to the Spending Review

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne used his Autumn Statement and Spending Review to detail £20bn in budget cuts, incl...

France | 26 November 2015
Deadly strain of bird flu detected in France

The French authorities have detected a case of severe avian flu on a poultry farm in the Dordogne region of the country.T...

Philippines | 26 November 2015
Money grows on trees for modern farmers

More and more youths believe that farming as a livelihood is only for the poor and Manila is the place to be.But money co...

Ireland | 26 November 2015
IFA hopes governance review ‘rebuilds trust’ of farmers

The Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) is to carry out a review of its corporate governance structures in the wake of recent co...

Russian Federation | 26 November 2015
Russia bans Turkish poultry just one day after fighter jet is shot down

Russia has banned poultry from Turkey just one day after one of its fighter jets was shot down.Moscow today announced it ...

China | 26 November 2015
China has a new organic farming army

We'd been driving for an hour and a half since leaving central Beijing when the car suddenly slowed to a halt. "This isn't ex...

Japan | 26 November 2015
Japan struggles to save shrinking, aging agriculture industry

It doesn’t look like much: a few mismatched plots of farmland wedged between busy highways and commercial developments on the...

USA | 26 November 2015
US farmers turn to storage as grain prices sag

Big white grain bags sold by Big John Mfg company of Nebraska are flying out the door.“In the last two years we’ve done m...

Publish date: 20 November 2015
Farm Trader

Ideally experience of working in an arable farm sales environment. We are looking for a Farm Trader to promote, manage and de...

Publish date: 24 November 2015
Night Lamber for job with an indoor flock in Buckinghamshire.

Night lamber required for 550 ewe flock. Lambing indoors with excellent facilities. Wanted from the 18th of February to the 7...

Publish date: 20 November 2015
Senior Business Consultant

Candidates will preferably have a Degree/HND in an Agricultural discipline and will have significant knowledge of cow nutriti...

Publish date: 24 November 2015
Experienced Lambing Assistant for 700 ewes & Experienced Beef & Sheep Worker Job >>>Nuneaton<<<

This job is for someone experienced in lambing as well as a beef and sheep work.  You need to be flexible and have a gen...

Publish date: 20 November 2015
Technical Project Manager

They provide farmers with practical, unbiased information and support based on trials and investigations undertaken on the So...

Publish date: 25 November 2015
Experienced Tractor Driver with PA1 and PA2>>> Sandford, Somerset

Due to business growth, and the expansion of our cider apple orchards, Thatcher’s Cider is looking for a Tractor Driver...

Publish date: 20 November 2015
Senior Business Consultant

This is an exciting opportunity for someone with an excellent knowledge of Dairy farming, along with some significant experie...

26 November 2015 | Poultry | Viewed 1597 times
Beak Trimming Action Group Review

Laying hens have a tendency to peck, which, if redirected to the plumage and skin of other birds, leads to injury. ‘Inj...

26 November 2015 | Forestry | Viewed 1083 times
The UK Forest Market Report

This is the definitive report on the UK Forestry Property Market. The data-set now includes 1,489 transactions recorded over ...

25 November 2015 | Cattle | Viewed 1313 times
Landscapes without Livestock

Visualisng the impacts of a reduction in beef and sheep farming on some of England's most cherished landscapes

20 November 2015 | Poultry | Viewed 235 times
SEPRA Market Report 20th November 2015

The market, a smidgen quieter this week, which is allowing everyone to catch up a bit.
Northern Ireland has put 2p on Large ...

20 November 2015 | Slurry and Irrigation | Viewed 880 times
Gleadell Market Report 20th November - Fertiliser

Globally, traders have covered the majority of shorts and recent trades have concluded at levels similar to previous weeks.

20 November 2015 | Crops | Viewed 785 times
Gleadell Market Report 20th November - Wheat Marke...

US markets have fallen on the strength of the US dollar and on the slow pace of US export sales.

13 November 2015 | Poultry | Viewed 328 times
SEPRA Market Report 13th November 2015

The market, prices are moving on with more next week, there is no surplus of Free Range and Colony is rapidly drying up only ...

30 November 2015
Royal Welsh Winter Fair 2015

Set in the heart of rural Wales and priding itself on being the best primestock event in the UK, the Royal Welsh Wi...

2 December 2015
Truro Primestock Show 2015

This is a popular occasion, bringing the countryside and farming into the heart of the City. You can see at close h...

3 December 2015
East of England Farming Conference 2015

A new conference will bring expert speakers from all areas of agriculture to the East of England Showground this wi...

10 December 2015
Royal Ulster Winter Fair 2015

Royal Ulster Winter Fair is an established and highly successful event in the Agricultural calender. Open for 1 day...

6 January 2016
Oxford Farming Conference 2016

Both farmers and non-farmers alike, are invited to participate in our practical on-farm training days. The first, o...

16 January 2016
British Carp and Angling Show 2016

The British Carp & Angling show will bring together top names, top stands and the best fishing demo’s the UK has to...

18 January 2016
British Cattle Conference 2016

The British Cattle Breeders Club prides itself on bringing together speakers who will challenge current thinking an...

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26 November 2015
Chicago Reports

25/11/15 -- Soycomplex: Beans closed higher, in line with their "normal" trend to fin...

25 November 2015
EU Reports

25/11/15 -- EU grains closed mostly higher with Jan 16 London wheat up GBP0.65/tonne at GBP114....

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LTP Min Max Chg %Chg

26 November 2015 | Not specified Price On Application


26 November 2015 | Not specified £6,950.00
SIMBA SOLO 300R, 3 metre, ProLift,

Machinery,Disc Harrows / Min Till,Simba

26 November 2015 | Not specified £6,950.00
SIMBA SOLO 300R, 3 metre, ProLift,

Machinery,Disc Harrows / Min Till,Simba

25 November 2015 | Not specified £9.00
Disrupta Delta Shin

Parts,Misc Machinery,

23 November 2015 | Not specified £4,895.00
APV PS500 airseeder, new,


23 November 2015 | Not specified £11,850.00

Machinery,Disc Harrows / Min Till,Quivogne

23 November 2015 | Not specified £3,850.00
APV PS300 airseeder, new,


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