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9 October 2015 10:01:37 | CLA,News

'Wildlife will pay the price for failure of Countryside Stewardship scheme'

9 October 2015 14:43:41 | News,Products
End of ‘Grandfather Rights’ for pesticide operators

Farmers at an NFU Cymru meeting in Newtown this week were reminded that anyone applying professional pesticides must hold a r...

9 October 2015 14:35:14 | Grassland,News,Organic,Produce,Products,Supermarkets
Ryegrass whisks up Waitrose egg boxes in UK first

The humble egg box is set to receive a green and pleasant makeover this week, with the launch of a revolutionary new packagin...

9 October 2015 14:06:04 | News,Produce,Shows and Events
Lords Committee inquiry on GM insects holds first evidence session

A new Lords inquiry into the possible uses of GM insect technologies will next week hold its first evidence session, hearing ...

Robotic weeding machines and cow stomach sensors for herds - is this the future?

Robotic weeding machines, which distinguish between images of weeds and crop rows, are helping modern farmers significantly r...

9 October 2015 10:03:33 | Finance,News,Property News
Farm-buyers 'cautious' as commodity prices fall

Farmland prices have eased back during the third quarter of 2015, with the pressure greatest on prime arable land.


9 October 2015 10:01:37 | CLA,News
'Wildlife will pay the price for failure of Countryside Stewardship scheme'

The CLA gave the warning today in response to reports that between 2000 to 3000 land managers have applied to start new agree...

9 October 2015 09:52:06 | News,Produce,Veterinary News
Insects as food and animal feed: what are the risks?

Interest is growing in the potential benefits of using insects in food and animal feed, but what would be the risks from prod...

9 October 2015 09:46:45 | Arable,Cereal,Crops,Feed and Forage,Finance,News
Living wage hit for Scottish fruit and veg sector

Scotland’s soft fruit and vegetable growers will be placed at a huge competitive disadvantage when the National Living Wage c...

9 October 2015 09:45:38 | Animal Health,News,Pigs,Veterinary News
Pig Association calls on celebrities to boycott man-made dwarfism in pigs

Britain’s National Pig Association has added its voice to the chorus of criticism of a Chinese firm’s plans to produce gene-e...

9 October 2015 09:42:29 | News,Produce,Products,Shows and Events
Catalyst for food and space sector partnerships

The UK’s space, food and agriculture industries met in London this week to assess how space technology can better support fut...

9 October 2015 09:36:18 | News,Renewables
RenewableUK comments on the announcement of grace periods for onshore wind cuts

RenewableUK is pleased that the Government is formally announcing the exact ‘grace periods’ open to onshore wind companies as...

9 October 2015 09:29:20 | Finance,News,Top Tips
'Manage family farms like football clubs to survive in tough world market'

Failure to manage succession is putting the future of British farms at risk, warns Professor Matt Lobley, Co-Director of the ...

8 October 2015 15:45:59 | Agri Safety,CLA,News
Praise as new theft sentencing guidelines are published

Theft is one of the most common offences that courts deal with – more than 91,000 offenders were sentenced last year. The gui...

8 October 2015 14:20:47 | Education,News,Shows and Events
2016 Nuffield Farming Scholars announced

The successful candidates have been announced for the 2016 Nuffield Farming Scholarships.

The 18 Scholars have been select...

New Zealand | 9 October 2015
Alliance Group to offer farmers loyalty payments

Alliance Group will offer loyalty payments this season to farmer shareholders in what some observers are saying are the first...

Ireland | 9 October 2015
Irish dairying through the eyes of a Chinese student

Shi Haitao was one of five Chinese students here in Ireland for the summer, working on dairy farms.

The students were all...

Thailand | 9 October 2015
Nasty ghosts exonerated in poultry deaths inquiry

Mass chicken deaths at villages in Nakhon Luang district were caused by dog bites, not frightful ghosts, phi krasue or phi po...

USA | 9 October 2015
Conditions sour for California’s dairy farmers

California dairy farmers are retrenching amid falling prices and drought in the largest milk-producing state, a shift that co...

New Zealand | 9 October 2015
New Zealand’s largest livestock processing co-op sells 50% to China

A multinational meat co-operative from New Zealand will sell off half of the business to a private company after trading in t...

Canada | 9 October 2015
Cattle rustlers steal only hind quarters from Okanagan ranch

Coldstream Ranch in the North Okanagan region of B.C. says someone is shooting cattle on their range land and cutting off the...

Greece | 9 October 2015
Agriculture exports could help solve Greek debt

In 2012 Michael Noonan said that Irish people knew little of Greece except for the feta cheese on supermarket shelves. Condes...

Start Date: 9 October 2015
Job for Tractor Driver & General Farm     >>> near Diss, Norfolk

Arable Farmer requires a  tractor driver for potatoes and wheat drilling.  You will help out with building work/welding and m...

Start Date: 9 October 2015
Herdsman Job on Dairy Farm near     >>>Marlborough, Wiltshire<<<

As part of our 400 cow, split block calving, forage based dairy unit we are looking for an enthusiastic person to join the te...

Start Date: 7 October 2015
C199: Experienced Data Analyst

De Lacy Executive has been engaged by Kingshay to recruit an Experienced Data Analyst. Kingshay specialises in providing inde...

Start Date: 7 October 2015
M514: Sales & Business Development Manager - Cambridgeshire

Exciting new career opportunity with a leading, well respected, science led UK business. Promoting the extensive research ser...

Start Date: 7 October 2015
G246: Calf Procurement - Assistant Manager

Blade Farming, part of the ABP Food Group is a unique integrated beef supply chain business dedicated to ABP UK. Blade Farmin...

Start Date: 7 October 2015
M516: Regional Technical Arable Agronomist - Southern Counties - home based

Fed up with constant sales targets - don't feel able to provide impartial technical agronomy advice to farmers - then please ...

Start Date: 7 October 2015
G245: Calf Rearing - North Region Manager

Blade Farming, part of the ABP Food Group is a unique integrated beef supply chain business dedicated to ABP UK. Blade Farmin...

9 October 2015 | Poultry | Viewed 47 times
SEPRA Market Report 9th October 2015

The market, demand quietish most people sitting on the fence as demand and prices will firm up after the next 2 weeks, the ex...

9 October 2015 | Forestry | Viewed 660 times
Total number of imported lumber to China falls

The total value of imported logs and lumber to China fell in August toits lowest level since 2010; the Nordic countries incre...

2 October 2015 | Poultry | Viewed 289 times
SEPRA Market Report 2nd October 2015

The market is steady but quiet, with most people sitting on the fence price wise , as demand will pick up, the differentials ...

25 September 2015 | Poultry | Viewed 400 times
SEPRA Market Report 25th September 2015

The market, fairly quiet but that is expected as we are now in the transition period from summer to winter eating habits, but...

18 September 2015 | Poultry | Viewed 531 times
SEPRA Market Report 18th September 2015

Apology we had a computer glitch a few months ago and somehow lost the email addresses of over 40 of our members, after recei...

16 September 2015 | Machinery and Equipment | Viewed times
Efficiency and effectiveness of firearms licensing...

The Countryside Alliance has responded to today’s report of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, saying th...

11 September 2015 | Poultry | Viewed 581 times
SEPRA Market Report 11th September 2015

The market is quitter but steady, it looks like readjusting and a bit of politics in the changes this week,  Central Egg...

10 October 2015
Robin Hood Game & Country Show - Ipswich 2015

There really is something for everyone, whether you are a serious game enthusiast that enjoys the thrill of the cou...

11 October 2015
Peterborough Arena Autumn Show 2015

Fun, fur and feathers! A fantastic family day out – the one-day Autumn Show is back with something for everyone.

17 October 2015
Countryside Live 2015

90% indoors - Countryside Live is going from strength to strength! Features now include Equine classes and Horseman...

17 October 2015
Robin Hood Game & Country Show - Newark 2015

There really is something for everyone, whether you are a serious game enthusiast that enjoys the thrill of the cou...

20 October 2015
Welsh Dairy Show 2015

A one-day show held annually on the 3rd Tuesday of October, preceded by a popular Calf and Young Handlers' competit...

21 October 2015
National Fruit Show 2015

Boasting the best of British produce and technology, the National Fruit Show is a key event for the industry – and ...

5 November 2015
Soil Symposium 2015

Business as usual not an option say soil experts

Over 200 delegates and speakers gathered for our 6th annual Soi...

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8 October 2015
Chicago Reports

08/10/15 -- Soycomplex: Beans trade around 4-5 cents lower approaching 13.00 BST, with meal dow...

8 October 2015
EU Reports

08/10/15 -- EU grains trade narrowly mixed ahead of tomorrow's all important USDA report. At ...

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8 October 2015 | Dorset £0.00
33 weaned calves

british friesian & holstein friesian bull calves.good square calves. 3 months old,had risp...

8 October 2015 | Devon £0.00
Big Strong Jersey Bull Calves

Jersey bull calves out of New Zealand Freisian X and Norwegian Red X Cows, born from mid S...

8 October 2015 | Somerset £0.00
Inlamb Llyen x ewes

12 Inlamb Llyen x ewes and one suffolk x mule running with a charollais ram from the 21st ...

8 October 2015 | Somerset £0.00
black leicester longwool inlamb ewes

pedigree registered Leicester longwool inlamb ewes
in lamb to a charollais ram from the 21...

8 October 2015 | Somerset £0.00
In lamb norfolk horn ewes

In lamb norfolk horn ewes pedigree and registered running with a charollais ram from the 2...

7 October 2015 | Lancashire £0.00
Pedigree Belted Galloway Heifers

Good pedigree Belted Galloway bulling heifers and young stock for sale Black and dun avail...

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