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Lambs for sale- beautiful and bottlefed

10 Feb 2014
Address Llandrindod Wells,  Powys  
Telephone 07015 522224
10 beautiful baby lambs. Age between 1- 14 days old. Gorgeous, white or mixed colours. At the moment, most of our lambs are Suffolk crossed with Mules, so the lambs have dark faces and dark legs with white bodies. When the lambs are young, they have a bit of white fluff on their faces, which they tend to lose as they get older and end up with chocolate brown faces and legs- see photo. Soon we will be lambing Welsh ewes who will produce fluffy white lambs. Lleyn ewes due to lamb in March. All lambs that we sell are triplet lambs who are used to the bottle and very friendly and cudley.Will make great pets or companion for children or for pets such as a lonely pony or donkey...