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Bedell wins silverware at Bishops Castle cattle prize sale

Kimberley Dudley of Allflex presents the silver salver to Simon Bedell watched by judges Andrew Hough (left) and Bob Ford.

Auctioneers Halls reported a “very good trade” as 650 store cattle went under the hammer at a successful prize sale at Bishops Castle Auction on April 17.
With the very best cattle commanding a premium, the store trade continues to outperform the fat trade. The sale incorporated a prize class with new sponsor Allflex providing the silver salver for the champion pen of six or more steers or heifers.
Judges Bob Ford of Northwich and Andrew Hough, of Hough & Sons, Church Stretton Butchers, awarded the salver to Simon Bedell of F. T. Bedell and Son for six 450 kilo Limousin steers, which sold for £1,175 each. The salver was presented by Kimberley Dudley of Allflex.
Runner up in the steers was Brian Williams, Hill End who also took all three prizes in the heifers section. Third in the steers was with G. Jones and Son.
Overall, steers averaged 224p per kilo and £1,031 per head, with highs of £1,330 for a 700 kilo Limousin from G. Jones and Son, Kempton and 290p per kilo for five Limousin 365 kilo steers from Bowen and Bowen, Penthryn.
Heifers averaged 209p per kilo and £860 per head, with highs of £1,245 for a pair of 570 kilo British Blues from S. J. C. Morris & Sons, Whitcott and 254p per kilo for a pair of 335 kilo Limousin from Eric Gethin, Cwm Caebitra.
Alan Potter of Frodesley sold an excellent, well-bred Limousin bull at £2,450 together with a Charolais cross cow and Limousin cross bull, which sold for £1,400.
Around 20 feeding bulls were also entered to average 209p per kilo and highs of £1,150 for a 575 kilo bull from J. D. Evans, Lake Farm, £1,010 for a 420 kilo Limousin from P. Jones and Son, Dolgwenith, £570 and £940 for a further two Limousin from J. D. Evans and Son, £830 for a 420 kilo Limousin from A. E. Potter and £810 for a 370 kilo Limousin from D. O. Jones of Minton.
Leading prices were: Steers. Charolais: £1,200 per head for two 530 kilo steers from Messrs V. G. and M. Jones, Bryn yr Hesglwyn and 265p per kilo for eight 400 kilo steers from Messrs D. A. Jones and Co, Bronhaulwen. Limousin: £1,330 for a 700 kilo steer from Messrs G. Jones and Son, New House and 290p per kilo for five 365 kilo steers from Messrs Bowen & Bowen, Penthryn. Blonde D’Aquitaine: £1,115 for a 485 kilo steer from Mr J. M. Jones, Caebettin and 252p per kilo for three 425 kilo steers from V. G. and M. Jones, Bryn yr Hesglwyn. British Blue: £1,270 for a 625 kilo steer from Messrs L. S. Philpott and Son, Birch Tree Cottage and 257p per kilo for a 385 kilo steer from Mr B. Williams, Hill End Farm. Beef Shorthorn: 233p per kilo for two 290 kilo steers from Mr E. T. Gethin, Cwm Caebitra.
Heifers: Charolais: £1,200 per head for two 525 kilo heifers from Messrs D. A. Jones and Co, Bronhaulwen and 230p per kilo for a 450 kilo heifer from the same vendor. Limousin: £1,210 for a 565 kilo heifer from Messrs S. J. C. Morris and Sons, Whitcott Evan and 254p per kilo for two 335 kilo heifers from Mr E. T. Gethin, Cwm Caebitra. Blonde D’Aquitaine: £1,100 per head for two 530 kilo heifers from Mr B. E. Morris, Long Mountain Farm and 221p per kilo for two 400 kilo heifers from Messrs H. M. Powell and Son, White House. British Blue: £1,245 per head for two 570 heifers from Messrs S. J. C. Morris & Sons, Whitcott Evan and 234p per kilo for a 430 kilo heifer from Messrs I. E. & M. Gittins, Lower Ucheldre.


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