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Case launch new orchard and vineyard tractors

Case IH has launched two new specialist models, the Quantum F for use in orchards, together with the ultra-narrow Quantum V for use in vineyards and soft fruit applications.

The three Quantum F models from 88hp to 106hp are designed for use on fruit farms and in other situations which will benefit from their compact dimensions, narrow width, tight turning radius and high power output. Applications range from horticultural work such as spraying, fertiliser application and mulching, to mowing grass in orchards, sports fields or solar parks.

While the 88hp Quantum 85F is powered by four-cylinder, 3.2-litre turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine, the 97hp Quantum 95F and 106hp Quantum 105F models are fitted with four-cylinder, 4.5-litre power units. Producing maximum torque outputs of 352Nm, 398Nm and 425Nm respectively, the engines are able to operate on regular or bio-diesel. The large 90-litre tank, which can be filled without opening the hood, enables these compact, yet powerful tractors to work all day without refuelling, while the horizontal exhaust enables them to operate safely in poly tunnels and under overhanging branches.

Characterised by their ease of operation, Quantum F models incorporate a 16F/16R transmission as standard, with the option of a 32F/16R with Powershuttle, 2-speed Powershift and Powerclutch. All transmissions can be specified with 12 creep gears, providing up to 44 forward and 16 reverse ratios, enabling these models to operate at speeds from 40kph down to just 300 metres per hour at rated engine speed. The Powerclutch allows the operator to change ratios at the touch of a button without using the clutch, even on slopes and with heavy loads.

Four-wheel-drive models are equipped with electro-hydraulic engagement of drive to the front axle, a limited slip differential lock and dynamic front fenders that allow full coverage without restricting the steering angle. Fully automatic operation of the four-wheel-drive system, linked to the steering angle, is standard. Four-wheel-drive engages automatically when both brakes are applied to deliver ultimate stopping power when transporting heavy loads at speed. The traction control system switches back to two-wheel-drive at speeds above 15kph and when the steering angle is greater than 30°.

Measuring just 1463mm wide on standard 280/70 R20 front and 380/85 R28 rear tyres, giving a maximum turning radius of 3440mm for four-wheel-drive versions, Quantum F models offer a 540/540E electro-hydraulically engaged PTO as standard, with the option of a 1000rpm PTO with Proportional Ground Speed facility for even greater versatility, together with 420/85 R28 tyres.

Quantum F tractors also offer a large range of hydraulic options, with up to three double-acting rear remote valves, three optional mid-mounted couplings to power front- or mid-mounted implements, and flow rates of up to 64l/min to handle even the most complex implements. Providing a 2600kg lift capacity, they incorporate Mechanical Hitch Control (MHC) and offer the option of Electronic Hitch Control (EHC), with fender-mounted controls for safe, easy attachment of implements.

With a maximum height of just 2273mm, the standard air-conditioned cab offers a high specification and provides an excellent working environment, with easy access, ergonomic seating, good all-round visibility, carefully-positioned controls and plenty of space for day-long comfort and convenience. Carbon air filtration is optional.

The four Quantum V vineyard tractors, the 78hp Quantum 75V, 88hp Quantum 85V, 97hp Quantum 95V and 106hp Quantum 105V, share a similar mechanical configuration to Quantum F models, but are even more compact, with a maximum cab height of 2190mm and a minimum width of just 1190mm.

A key feature of these models is their comprehensive, high-capacity hydraulic system, which enables hydraulically-powered implements to be adjusted electronically and positioned accurately to avoid causing damage to valuable crops. A vertical exhaust can be specified to direct fumes away from the fruit.

Alun Scott, Case IH Product Specialist, states: “Defra data shows that in 2012 the total value of UK fruit and vegetable production amounted to almost £1.2 billion with domestic production accounting for 10% of total fruit supplies. Since 2009, production of outdoor fruit has increased, the area under glass has gone up by more than 10% and production of cider apples has risen from 4000ha in 1985 to 7000+ha in 2012, while the number of high-profile vineyards continues to increase.

“The new Quantum models have been introduced to meet growing demand from soft fruit and vineyard enterprises for modern, efficient, highly-productive tractors. Businesses in these sectors are increasingly using higher planting densities and planting closer to field boundaries to maximise utilisation of their land asset, so they require tractors with greater manoeuvrability. They are also moving towards regular replacement cycles for key machinery and we believe that there is great potential for the new Case IH Quantum tractors in traditional fruit producing and vineyard regions and beyond.”


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