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MPs urge government not to disadvantage English farmers

MPs are urging the government not to disadvantage English farmers by new CAP rules.

The headline recommendation is that if Government is to transfer money from pillar 1 to pillar 2, a phased approach is appropriate. EFRA concludes that the transfer rate should be maintained at nine per cent and only moved to 15 per cent in 2017 if the Government can demonstrate that additional funds are required and there is clear benefit from the projects proposed.

The NFU said it was encouraged by the publication of a report by the House of Commons EFRA Select Committee on the implementation of the CAP.

NFU President Peter Kendall said: “The NFU agrees with many of the findings in the EFRA report. I’m pleased that MPs have listened to their rural constituents and taken on board their concerns. Up-and-down the country farmers are concerned with the complexity of the next CAP. A perfect storm of new rules, a new IT system and a dearth of detailed rules is brewing on the horizon. EFRA is correct to challenge the Government now, while policy details are still being worked out, to ensure that English farmers are not left disadvantaged.

“The headline recommendation that money transferred away from direct payments towards the rural development regulation be maintained at the current level - and only reviewed in 2017 depending on need and evidence of effectiveness - very much echoes the NFU position. I hope that Government takes heed of the EFRA position and considers the position of MPs ahead of Ministerial decisions later this month.”


04-12-2013 13:50 PM | Posted by Stephen Gash
Devolution is clearly now irreversible and Scotland might even separate from the UK.

Farmers in England should now demand an English parliament to focus on England's needs, to replace the UK parliament that persistently places England at the bottom.

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