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McCormick to launch new X7 Pro Drive tractors at LAMMA

McCormick to launch new X7 Pro Drive tractors at LAMMA
A new range of McCormick tractors will be launched at the LAMMA show.

McCormick to launch new X7 Pro Drive tractors at LAMMA
The McCormick X7 Pro Drive series represents an important shift in design, specification and technology for the marque, which is particularly evident in the new Premiere cab where modern electronic controls will meet the expectations of drivers wanting fingertip operation of important functions.

McCormick to launch new X7 Pro Drive tractors at LAMMA
“The launch of the McCormick X7 Pro Drive is a major first step in the transformation of the McCormick product line,” says Ray Spinks, general manager and sales director at GB distributor AgriArgo UK. “Apart from the suspension axle, six-cylinder engine and cast chassis of the three biggest models, everything about this tractor is new and as modern as you can get.”

Two examples of the imaginative design and engineering that have gone into the new tractor are the MySwitch multi-function button and the fold-away passenger seat.

The MySwitch button on the seat-mounted console is used to perform one of four different functions – transmission declutch, four-wheel drive, diff locks and auto powershift. Together with a simple ‘adjust and set’ system for occasional adjustments using a dial and instrument panel display, MySwitch helps keep the number of individual control switches, buttons and dials to a minimum.

“Previous McCormick tractors have been praised by many operators for their simplicity and ease of control,” says Ray Spinks. “The X7 designers have achieved similar levels of simplicity while bringing modern control and many more functions into the cab.”

The ingenious passenger seat is unique in the way it folds away out of sight, leaving a clear, smooth entry and exit for the cabin. The Premiere cab itself is a new design; the four-pillar structure is 180mm wider between the front pillars and the doors shut with a gentle push thanks to high-spec latches and adjustable hinges.

A one-piece windscreen contributes to the first-class all-round visibility, while climate control air conditioning, extensive airflow ventilation and an audio system with MP3 and Bluetooth connectivity will help keep operators comfortable and content.

“The fit and finish, and the interior materials used are to automotive standards, with a seat-mounted console bringing all routinely used controls close to the driver,” points out Ray Spinks. “The designers really have pulled out all the stops to make this a comfortable and practical place to work.”

Three six-cylinder Pro Drive semi-powershift models will be first down the Argo Tractors assembly line – the McCormick X7.660 with 151hp at rated speed and maximum outputs of 165hp for draft work and 175hp with ‘boost’ activated for pto and transport operations. The X7.670 is rated at 166hp, with 175/188hp max outputs and the X7.680 with 175hp rated output rising to 188/212hp.

They will be followed by a trio of four-cylinder models – the 131hp rated X7.440 with 143hp max; the X7.450 with rated output of 150hp rising to 160hp; and the X7.460 with 160hp rated, 166hp max draft output and 175hp for pto/transport.

In the middle of the range, the X7.660 and X7.460 give farmers a choice of compact four-cylinder or heavier, longer wheelbase six-cylinder machines with the same power performance.

Auto-shifting through the four powershift steps for field and road use is provided by the Pro Drive transmission, together with 40kph at significantly reduced engine speed to help fuel economy. There are 24x24 speeds as standard, 40x40 when the optional creep version is installed.

Cab suspension and the popular McCormick independent front axle suspension are also available, together with 50kph and air trailer braking for safe and secure road transport.


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