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New egg packaging helps to reduce food waste

25 March 2014 02:39:47|News,Poultry

New egg packaging helps to reduce food waste

Over the last eight weeks we have been trialling a new type of plastic egg packaging in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The packaging will help to reduce waste as any seepage resulting from broken eggs is contained within a single pack and does not damage those beneath it.

The packgaging is recyclable and is made from old plastic bottles.

Emma Marsh, Head of the Love Food Hate Waste campaign, said: “We’re always very pleased to see packaging innovations that save perfectly good food from going to waste. Eggs are such a versatile ingredient and can bring together so many ingredients to make a tasty dish so it’s great to see that more will be reaching the homes of shoppers who can make the most them.

"The results of the trial have been very positive and we hope to be able to roll out the packaging nationwide by the end of the year."



25-03-2014 13:32 PM | Posted by: Jim KItchen
I had noticed the new packaging with a slight irritation in that I used to put the cardboard packaging in my compost bin. Now that I know that the new egg-boxes are made from recycled plastics, that reassures me. Could that information be more prominently displayed on-pack, perhaps?

27-03-2014 15:28 PM | Posted by: Heath Brooks
To update Jim normal egg boxes are not cardboard but pulp made from old newspapers and many councils will not recycle this type of plastic. A marketing gimic methinks

29-03-2014 23:06 PM | Posted by: RainbowEggCompany
We have been using the recyclable plastic packaging for the past couple of years now for our coloured eggs. Interestingly, there is a lot of customer confusion as to whether they can be recycled or not as it isn't immediately obvious (tiny symbol on underside). It's brilliant that more will be rolled out, but this may have a detrimental impact to landfill if customers aren't aware they can be recycled - we had to add the recycle symbol to our labelling to try encourage customers to recycle them in the end. If this improves then brilliant!

07-04-2014 13:21 PM | Posted by: Ronnie Dee
Someone needs to tell the councils (and their contractors) that these can be recycled. Have been putting them in the recycle box for Stirling Council to take for weeks now, but they always give them back.

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