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Lamma Show 2013

Lamma Show 2013


Wednesday January 16th 2013 and Thursday January 17th 2013

Newark and Nottinghamshire Showground, Winthorpe
Newark. Nottinghamshire NG24 2NY

Exhibitors' Enquiries - 01754 890001

General Enquiries - 0845 331 6123

Fax - 0845 331 6124

Email - admin@lammashow.co.uk


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LAMMA Show 2013 continues to set growth records

The ever-increasing popularity of the LAMMA Show amongst the UK farming community and increasingly those from other parts of the world, has in the past few years led to a tremendous increase in both visitor and exhibitor numbers. For LAMMA 2013 over 800 exhibitors have booked stand space for the event which will take place on 16th & 17th January 2013, at the Newark Showground, on the Lincolnshire/Nottinghamshire border.

From the outset the primary aim of the LAMMA Show was to offer a low-cost shop window for small manufacturers to display their products. More than 30 years later, this is still the case and the success of this policy is evident from the large number of small companies, from all parts of the country, taking part. Combine this fact with the presence of all the major players in the farm machinery, equipment and services sectors, and it becomes evident why so many farming decision-makers, from all parts of the UK and from further afield, view the LAMMA Show as an important date for their diaries.

Its growing reputation and popularity has meant that, over recent years, the character of the Show has evolved from being predominantly focused on arable machinery, parts and workshop equipment,  to one which now includes a wide range of horticultural, amenity and livestock equipment, as well as ‘green energy’ products, seed suppliers, agro-chemical and farm management and financial advisory services.  In addition, a number of companies specialising in re-cycling and construction equipment will be an attraction to both re-cycling and construction professionals, as well as farmers seeking ideas for diversification projects. In addition, a large number of companies will be announcing new products at the Show.

As far as visitors are concerned, the growing diversity of exhibits has attracted visitors from all regions of the UK and a number of trade representatives from across Europe and as far afield as India, China and Australia are expected to visit the Show.

The ever increasing popularity of the LAMMA Show indicates that it is now placed high on the list of favourite exhibition events for professionals in the agricultural and associated industries. We look forward to welcoming our regular visitors and, of course, we extend an especially cordial invitation to those who have yet to enjoy the LAMMA experience. As an added incentive to ‘early-birds’ making for the Show, the car parks will open at 6.00am and visitors arriving between 6.30 and 8.00am will be able to enjoy a full English breakfast at a discounted price. Additionally, the Show will officially open at 7.30am on both days. As in previous years, both admission to the Show and car parking are free of charge.




Exhibitors: Click any name for contact details

ACP (Concrete) Ltd | Staffordshire

Agricultural Mortgage Corporation plc | Hampshire

AgriShop Ltd | Hertfordshire

ALO UK Ltd | Worcestershire

Anglia Farmers Ltd | Norfolk

Bema Sweepers | Nottinghamshire

Bentall Rowlands Storage Systems Ltd | Lincolnshire

Berthoud Sprayers Ltd | Norfolk

Big Bale Co. South Ltd | Hampshire

Bomford Turner Ltd | Worcestershire

Cemo Safe Storage Ltd | Gloucestershire

CLAAS UK Ltd | Suffolk

Combine World | Suffolk

Cotesi UK | West Yorkshire

Covertec Structures Ltd | Leicestershire

Cow Comfort AHS Ltd |

Dragon Heat | Lincolnshire

Ecosyl Products Ltd | North Yorkshire

EnviroSystems (UK) Ltd | Aberdeenshire

Fentons of Bourne Ltd | Lincolnshire

Fischbein | London

Griffith Elder & Company Ltd | Suffolk

GrowHow UK Ltd | Cheshire

Hugh Crane (Cleaning Equipment) Ltd | Norfolk

Hydrokit UK Ltd | Suffolk

ICE Renewables Ltd | North Yorkshire

Jacobsens - GFM | Angus

Richard Keenan & Co Ltd | Warwickshire

King Feeders UK | Cheshire

Knight Farm Machinery Ltd | Rutland

Michelin Tyre plc |

Micron Sprayers Ltd | Herefordshire

Omya UK Ltd | Derbyshire

Precision Decisions | North Yorkshire

Red Rhino Crushers Ltd |

Reekie Potato Equipment Ltd | Lincolnshire

Richard Larrington Ltd | Lincolnshire

Soilessentials Ltd | Angus

Spaldings Ltd | Lincolnshire

Premium Crops | Essex

Tillso Ltd | Cambridgeshire

Tong Peal Engineering | Lincolnshire

Trelleborg Wheel Systems UK Ltd |

Tuffa UK Ltd | Staffordshire

Wedge Group Galvanizing Ltd | West Midlands

Whites Concrete | West Yorkshire

Windcrop Ltd | Norfolk

Wroot Water Ltd | South Yorkshire

Zetor UK Ltd | Worcestershire

Auto Trader Farm | Berkshire

Firestone (Bridgestone UK) | Warwickshire

Freight Action International | Suffolk

George Moate Ltd | Norfolk

Hampton Steel Ltd | Northamptonshire

Tama-UAT Ltd | Hampshire

KW Alternative Feeds & ABN | Cambridgeshire

Harry West (Prees) Ltd | Shropshire

Houghton-Parkhouse Ltd | Cumbria

AgriArgo UK Ltd | South Yorkshire

AB Components Ltd |

4xtrahands Ltd | Suffolk

Accurate Laser Concrete | Cheshire

Acorn Industrial Services Ltd | South Yorkshire

AFT Trenchers Ltd | Suffolk

Agco Ltd | Warwickshire

Agricultural Central Trading Ltd | Buckinghamshire

Agricultural Lime Association | London

Agricultural Plant Hire Ltd | Cambridgeshire

Agricultural Supply Services | Gloucestershire

Agri.Cycle Ltd | Lincolnshire

Agrifac UK Ltd |

Agriweld Ltd | East Yorkshire

Agrovista UK Ltd | Nottinghamshire

Air-Seal Products Ltd | Somerset

Albutt Ltd | Gloucestershire

Allube Ltd |

Alpha Power Cleaners | Leicestershire

Altek International Ltd | Lincolnshire

Alvan Blanch Development Company Ltd | Wiltshire

Amazone Ltd |

American Squeeze Crush Systems Ltd | North Yorkshire

AMS Bobcat | South Yorkshire

Andersons | Leicestershire

Anglia Grain Services Ltd | Suffolk

Aqua Response Ltd | Lincolnshire

Ibbetts Ltd | Cambridgeshire

Astwell Augers Ltd |

AtlasFram Group | Suffolk

Avant Tecno (UK) Ltd |

Bailey Trailers Ltd | Lincolnshire

Bargam Sprayers | Berkshire

Barrettine Group | Gloucestershire

BASF Plc | Lancashire

Bateman Engineering Ltd | Devon

Bayer CropScience Ltd |

BDC Systems Ltd | Hampshire

Billericay Farm Services |

Biotal Ltd | Cardiff

Brackenburys of Suffolk Ltd | Suffolk

Briggs Irrigation | Northamptonshire

Wessex International | Hampshire

Browns of Wem Ltd | Shropshire

Burdens Ltd | Warwickshire

C&C Hydraulics Ltd | West Yorkshire

C & J Supplies Ltd | Lincolnshire

Calcifert | Avon

Calor | Warwickshire

Can-Am BRP Agricultural Products UK Ltd |

Capital Seating & Vision | Leicestershire

CE Projects Ltd | Shropshire

Chafer Machinery Ltd | Lincolnshire

Challenger Agri (UK) Ltd | North Humberside

Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd | Lincolnshire

Chandlers Oil & Gas Ltd |

Chantry-Damman UK Ltd |

Charles J. Marshall (Aberdeen) Ltd | Aberdeenshire

Chattertons Solicitors |

Cheffins | Cambridgeshire

Cherry Products Ltd | Oxfordshire

Chief Industries UK Ltd | Essex

Chillton Agriculture Eqipment Ltd | Staffordshire

Chipboost | North Yorkshire

Claddex | Warwickshire

Cladding Supplies Ltd | Lincolnshire

Cleveland Models | Cambridgeshire

Clifton Rubber Co. Ltd | Cornwall

Cola Training Services Ltd | Lincolnshire

Colchester Fuel Injection Ltd |

Collinson Plc |

Concept Grain Systems | Northamptonshire

Conor Engineering Ltd | All regions

Cordex UK Ltd | Kent

Country Land Business Association | London

Cousins of Emneth Ltd | Cambridgeshire

Crop Solutions Ltd | Perth and Kinross

CTM Root Crop Systems | Norfolk

D & S Factors Ltd |

D. W. Tomlin | Lincolnshire

Dale Drills | Lincolnshire

Dales Agri Sales Agency |

Danagri-3S |

Datatag ID Ltd | Surrey

Datum Roadsweepers Ltd | County Durham

David Harrison Handling Solutions Ltd |

David King Electronics Ltd | Warwickshire

David Ritchie (Implements) Ltd | Angus

DDM Agriculture Ltd |

DGPS 4 U Ltd | Aberdeenshire

Dieci ltd | Down

Dowdeswell Engineering Co. Ltd | Warwickshire

Drax Power Ltd | North Yorkshire

Drayton Welding & Tool Connections Ltd | Lincolnshire

DSV United Kingdom | Norfolk

Duckworth Land Rover | Lincolnshire

Duncan & Toplis | Lincolnshire

Shelton SDS LLP (E Skinns Ltd) | Lincolnshire

Earthmill |

Easterby Trailers Ltd | North Humberside

Easton & Otley College | Norfolk

Econergy Europe Ltd | Cambridgeshire

Edwards Farm Machinery Ltd | Worcestershire

Ehrle UK Ltd | West Yorkshire

Elsoms Seeds Ltd | Lincolnshire

Emmerson Doors Ltd |

LPG Direct | Nottinghamshire

Energy Now | Worcestershire

Engineering & Welding Supplies Ltd | Nottinghamshire

Erentek Ltd | Lincolnshire

Estate Machinery Ltd | Derbyshire

Everett Brothers Engineering Ltd | Norfolk

Express Industrial & Welding Supplies Ltd |

Farm Electronics Ltd |

Farm Image Ltd | Kent

Farm Works Ltd |

Farmade Management Systems Ltd |

Farmdata Ltd | Aberdeenshire

FarmGEM | Nottinghamshire

Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group |

Farmplan |

Farmstar Ltd | Nottinghamshire

Farm-Tec Ltd |

Fearing International (Stock Aids) Ltd |

Fengrain Ltd | Cambridgeshire

Caterpillar Finning UK | West Midlands

Fisher German | Leicestershire

Foster Industrial | Leicestershire

Frontier Agriculture Ltd | Suffolk

G & J Peck Ltd | Cambridgeshire

G.T Bunning & Sons Ltd | Norfolk

Garford Farm Machinery | Cambridgeshire

Gleadell Agriculture Ltd | Lincolnshire

The Glenside Group Ltd | West Lothian

Goodyear UK & Ireland | West Midlands

Graham Edwards Trailers |

Graham Heath Construction | Staffordshire

Gurney Reeve Ltd | Norfolk

Hall Engineering (2008) Ltd | Staffordshire

Happy Irrigator | Cambridgeshire

Harby Agriculture Ltd | Leicestershire

Hardcastle Ventacrop | East Yorkshire

Hardi Ltd | Leicestershire

Harper Adams University College | Shropshire

Harvest Installations |

Health & Safety Executive |

Herbert Engineering Ltd | Cambridgeshire

HG Tanks |

Hi-Spec Engineering Ltd | All regions

HK Timbers Ltd |

HM Trailers | Essex

Hollin Applications Ltd | County Durham

Hopespare Ltd | Hertfordshire

Horsch | Lincolnshire

Househam Sprayers Ltd |

Howcroft Industrial Supplies Ltd | South Yorkshire

Huntsmoor Park Farm | Buckinghamshire

Hutchinson Group | Cambridgeshire

Hypro EU Ltd | Cambridgeshire

Ian Baumber Tarpaulins | Lincolnshire

Interlube Systems Ltd | Devon

International Energy Crops | Shropshire

ITW Crop Packaging Systems Ltd | Cambridgeshire

J B Edlington & Co. Ltd | Lincolnshire

J H Walter | Lincolnshire

J J Metcalfe & Son |

J. Wareing & Son | Lancashire

Javelin Irrigation Systems Ltd | Lincolnshire

Jay Pee Workwear |

JC Machinery | Cheshire

John Deere Ltd | Nottinghamshire

John H Rundle Ltd | Lincolnshire

John Manners Ltd | Northumberland

Jones Engineering | South Yorkshire

Joskin S.A. | All regions

JPM Trailers Ltd | Tyrone

JSE-Systems Ltd |

JT Universal Ltd | North Yorkshire

K & J Engineering Contracts Ltd | Essex

K. W. Timmins & Sons Ltd | Lincolnshire

Kellands Agricultural Ltd | Gloucestershire

Kelvin Cave Ltd | Somerset

Kilworth Machinery Ltd | Leicestershire

Kings Road Tyres |

Kongskilde U.K. Ltd | Norfolk

KRM Ltd | North Yorkshire

Krone UK | West Yorkshire

K-Two Sales | Buckinghamshire

Kuhn | Shropshire

KWR Plant Hire |

L.M. Bateman & Co. Ltd | Staffordshire

Lambert & Dyson Ltd | North Yorkshire

Landmark Systems Ltd |

Landquip Ltd | Suffolk

Langleys | Lincolnshire

Largo Plant Services Ltd | Norfolk

Laurence Gould Partnership Ltd | Cambridgeshire

Leica Geosystems |

Lemken UK Ltd | Norfolk

LH Agro UK Ltd | Cambridgeshire

Lincolnshire Drainage Company Ltd | Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire Machinery Ring Ltd | Lincolnshire

Lindum Waste Recovery | Lincolnshire

Lingward | Lincolnshire

Lite-Trac | Cambridgeshire

Lloyds TSB Agriculture | Lincolnshire

Lodi UK Ltd |

LRS (Lincs.) Ltd | Lincolnshire

Lucas G | All regions

Lynx Engineering |

M.J.P. Supplies | Lincolnshire

Machinery Developments | Somerset

Major Equipment Ltd | Lancashire

Manco Energy Ltd | East Yorkshire

Manitou UK Ltd |

Marley Eternit Ltd |

Marsh Industries Ltd |

Marshall Agricultural Engineering | East Sussex

Marston Agricultural Services Ltd | Lincolnshire

Martin Lishman Ltd | Lincolnshire

Mastenbroek Ltd | Lincolnshire

Master Farm Services GB Ltd | Suffolk

McArthur Group Ltd |

Mecmar Driers 2000 Ltd | South Yorkshire

Merlo | Hampshire

MF Hydraulics Ltd | Oxfordshire

MGB Tool Supplies | Lincolnshire

Big Brute | Cambridgeshire

Miedema Mercer Machinery | Herefordshire

Miles Drainage Ltd | Suffolk

Mitchell Rowlands/GM-R Sprayers | Suffolk

Moncaster Wire Products | Lincolnshire

Moore Uni-Drill Ltd | Antrim

Moplant Ltd |

Mzuri Ltd | Worcestershire

National Association of Agricultural Contractors |

National Sprayer Testing Scheme | Cambridgeshire

Nationwide Concrete Flooring Ltd |

NatWest Bank | Leicestershire

New Holland | Essex

Newsholme Engineering Ltd | West Yorkshire

Niagri Engineering Ltd |

Nordic Tyres (UK) Ltd |

Nylacast Ltd | Leicestershire

NRH Engineering Ltd | North Yorkshire

Octagon Products Ltd | Northamptonshire

Oil Tank Supplies Ltd | Gloucestershire

Old Pond Publishing Ltd | Suffolk

Omex Agriculture Ltd |

Openfield |

Osmonds Int Ltd | Shropshire

Oxdale Products Ltd | Derbyshire

P & R Hydraulics Ltd |

Pace Mechanical Handling Ltd | Lincolnshire

Pan Agriculture Ltd | Cornwall

Pan Anglia C M Ltd | Suffolk

Par Communications Ltd | Nottinghamshire

Leafield Environmental | Wiltshire

Peacock & Binnington Ltd | Lincolnshire

Pearson Hydraulics Ltd | Lincolnshire

Pellcroft Engineering Ltd | Lincolnshire

Perry of Oakley Ltd |

Phillard Pump Co | Lincolnshire

Polaris Britain Ltd | Warwickshire

Portek Ltd | Cumbria

Power Torque Engineering Ltd | West Midlands

Precise Solutions GPS Ltd | Cumbria

Primetime Video | Lincolnshire

Profi Tractors and Farm Machinery | Kent

Profitable Farming Company Ltd | Devon

Protech Machinery Ltd | Gloucestershire

Quickfencer Ltd | Lancashire

Quivogne UK Ltd |

R H Claydon Ltd | Suffolk

R S Hall Engineering Ltd | North Yorkshire

Ramfast Industrial Fastenings Ltd | Cambridgeshire

Ranch Trucks and Trailers Ltd | Nottinghamshire

Ray Larrington Hydraulics Ltd | Lincolnshire

RE Buildings Ltd | Lancashire

RECO | Cambridgeshire

Reelcare Ltd | Northamptonshire

RGS Forfar Ltd | Angus

Richard Western Ltd | Suffolk

Riko UK Ltd | Hampshire

Riseholme College | Lincolnshire

Ritchey | North Yorkshire

Rix Petroleum Ltd |

Rob Wilkinson Agriculture | Nottinghamshire

Robert H Crawford & Son | Lincolnshire

Robinson Agriculture | Derbyshire

Robinsons Scotland Ltd | Dumfries & Galloway

Robydome Electronics Ltd |

Roundhouse Building Solutions Ltd | County Durham

Roythornes Solicitors LLP | Lincolnshire

RST Irrigation Ltd | Suffolk

Rural Knowledge and Enterprise Centre | Nottinghamshire

Rustler Traps | Lincolnshire

SAMCO | Cambridgeshire

Same Deutz-Fahr UK Ltd | Warwickshire

Sands Agricultural Machinery Ltd |

Savills | Lincolnshire

Scarem | Antrim

SCS Spreader & Sprayer Testing Ltd |

Senova Ltd | Cambridgeshire

Severn Trent Water |

Shelbourne Reynolds Engineering Ltd | Suffolk

Shorts Agricultural |

Shufflebottom Ltd | Carmarthenshire

Simba International Ltd | Lincolnshire

Singleton Agriculture | Lincolnshire

Sipcam UK Ltd | Hertfordshire

FlexiSolar Ltd | Cambridgeshire

SlurryKat Engineering Ltd | Armagh

SN Machinery Ltd | Norfolk

Soil Fertility Services Ltd | Norfolk

Solway Recycling Ltd | Dumfries & Galloway

Soyl | Berkshire

Spearhead Machinery Ltd | Worcestershire

Specialist Instruments Ltd | Wiltshire

Spraysure Ltd |

Spreadwise Ltd | Cheshire

Springmasters Ltd | Worcestershire

St James Place Wealth Management | Nottinghamshire

Starco GB Ltd | Staffordshire

Stewart Agricultural Ltd | Aberdeenshire

Stocks AG Ltd | Cambridgeshire

Streets Chartered Accountants | Lincolnshire

Stripe Agriculture Ltd | Lincolnshire

Sum-It Computer Systems Ltd | Oxfordshire

Sumo UK Ltd | North Yorkshire

Supercraft Structures Ltd | Herefordshire

Systematic Print Management Ltd |

Tanks R Us | Lincolnshire

Tanlake Farm & Machinery Ltd | Devon

Teagle Machinery Ltd | Cornwall

Team Sprayers Ltd | Cambridgeshire

Techneat Engineering Ltd | Cambridgeshire

Tecnoma |

Tenant Farmers Association | Berkshire

Terratech Ltd | East Yorkshire

Terrington Machinery Importers Ltd | Norfolk

Terry Johnson Ltd | Lincolnshire

Tey Farm Systems Ltd |

The Farmers Club | London

The Ratchetshop | Suffolk

The Wheelcarter | Cambridgeshire

Thermobile UK Ltd | Warwickshire

Thomas Bell & Sons Ltd |

Tony Binns Livestock Equipment | North Yorkshire

Top Tags |

Tornado Wire Ltd |

Totrax Ltd |

Toucan Farm Machinery Ltd | Norfolk

Tractair Ltd | East Yorkshire

Trailer Vision |

Tramspread | Suffolk

Triffitt Trailers | North Yorkshire

Tripp Batt & Co. Ltd | Suffolk

Tryac | Lincolnshire

Twose of Tiverton Ltd | Devon

UCS Insulation Ltd | East Yorkshire

United Box | Angus

UPU Industries |

Vaderstad Ltd | Lincolnshire

Vegcraft Harvesting Systems | Angus

VHS | Lincolnshire

V-Mac Silos | Cambridgeshire

Volac International Ltd | Hertfordshire

Votex Hereford Ltd | Herefordshire

Vredestein UK Ltd |

Walter Watson | Down

Warwick Bros (Alr) Ltd | Hampshire

Watson Fuels |

Weaving Machinery |

Websters Insulation Ltd | South Yorkshire

Webtec Products Ltd | Cambridgeshire

Welmac UK Ltd |

Welvent Ltd | Lincolnshire

Westcon Equipment (UK) Ltd | Dorset

WhotZHot Ltd | Dorset

William Hackett Chains Ltd |

Witham Oil & Paint Ltd |

Woldmarsh Producers Ltd | Lincolnshire

Woodfield | Cambridgeshire

Wox Agri Services Ltd |


Wright Vigar Ltd | Lincolnshire

Wurth UK Ltd | Kent

Zurn UK | Buckinghamshire

AJE Systems UK Ltd | Lincolnshire

3JC Ltd | Shropshire

ACT Publishing | Kent

ADR UK Tyremart Ltd | Nottinghamshire

AGI Mobile Communications | Cambridgeshire

Agri Accessories | Dumfries & Galloway

Agriaffaires | All regions

Agricast | Lincolnshire

Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board | Warwickshire

Agrimech Services | Cambridgeshire

Agrimek ATV Solutions | Swansea

Agritrac | Somerset

Agro Hanse Trading UK | Essex

Anglian Water-Bio Solids | Buckinghamshire

Anker Machinery Co. Ltd | Hampshire

Morris Site Machinery | West Midlands

Arctic Cat UK Ltd | Essex

Armstrong & Holmes Ltd | Lincolnshire

AW Engineering (Hereford) Ltd | Herefordshire

B A Bush & Son Ltd | Lincolnshire

B H Leake & Sons Ltd | West Midlands

B. A. Caulkett Ltd | Suffolk

B. O. M. Agriquipment | North Yorkshire

BAGMA – British Agricultural and Garden Machinery | Oxfordshire

Baughans Barrel Screens | Northamptonshire

Beckside Buildings & Installations | Lincolnshire

Bedec Products | Essex

Beltec (Market Rasen) Ltd | Lincolnshire

Blec Global Ltd | Cambridgeshire

Blue Group | Bristol

Boothmans Agriculture Ltd | Lincolnshire

Border Hydraulics & Pneumatics Ltd | Cumbria

Bradley Refrigeration Ltd | South Yorkshire

Brendon Powerwashers | Somerset

Bright Seeds | Wiltshire

Bristows | Lincolnshire

Britax PMG Ltd | East Yorkshire

LimeX | Cambridgeshire

Broadwater Machinery Ltd | Suffolk

Brobot Fuels | Leicestershire

Broughan Engineering Ltd | Dumfries & Galloway

4R Products | West Yorkshire

C.F. Parkinson Ltd & Parkinson Harness Technology | Nottinghamshire

C.G.C.S. (Midlands) Ltd | Lincolnshire

Calder's & Grandidge | Lincolnshire

Carbon Legacy | Nottinghamshire

Carrotech Ltd | Norfolk

Cautrac | Essex

Chlorpyrifos: Say NO to DRIFT | Nottinghamshire

Command Pest Control | Suffolk

Controlo Cargo Services Ltd | Worcestershire

Cook fabrications Ltd | Kent

Coup'ECO | All regions

Cranfield and Crouch Ltd | Warwickshire

CRD Devices Ltd | County Durham

Crofter Machinery | Nottinghamshire

Crop Systems Ltd | Norfolk

Cultivating Solutions | East Yorkshire

Diamond Driver Training | Derbyshire

Ecopower Group Ltd | Cumbria

Electrostatic Spraying Systems | North Yorkshire

Environment Agency | South Yorkshire

Farmers Resale & Auction | London

Farmers Tyre Ltd (Sam Moreton & Sons) | Warwickshire

Farm-Well – LM Van Gaalen Ltd | Gloucestershire

Filtration Ltd | Somerset

Flails Direct (Engineering & Hire Ltd) | Lincolnshire

Fleming Agri Products Ltd | Londonderry

Fliegl | All regions

Fowler & Gilbert Ltd | Cheshire

FPE Ltd (Hydraulic Seal Specialists) | County Durham

Freewatt Ltd | Lincolnshire

Game Engineering Ltd | Lincolnshire

Gatecare | Northamptonshire

GEA Farm Technologies Ltd | Warwickshire

Glen Farrow UK Ltd | Lincolnshire

Glendale Engineering (Milfield) Ltd | Northumberland

Global Hydraulic Services Ltd | Lincolnshire

GPM Trailers | North Yorkshire

Grainsafe | Leicestershire

Graintek UK Ltd | Aberdeenshire

Granite Workwear Ltd | Nottinghamshire

GreenMech Ltd | Warwickshire

Gregoire Besson UK Ltd | Lincolnshire

Griff Chains Ltd | West Midlands

Growing Opportunities Ltd | Lincolnshire

Herbst Machinery Ltd | Tyrone

Hestia | West Midlands

HL Plastics Ltd | Derbyshire

Hooton UK Ltd | Lincolnshire

Horstine | Lincolnshire

Hydrastore Ltd | South Yorkshire

IAE | Staffordshire

IEP Ltd | Nottinghamshire

Jacobsen | Suffolk

JHM Butt & Company Ltd | South Yorkshire

Joe Turner (Equipment) Ltd | Warwickshire

Kanesbrook Developments Ltd | Londonderry

Kirkby Tyres | Merseyside

Linak UK Ltd | West Midlands

Lincoln Driver Training | Lincolnshire

Logic MH Ltd | Gloucestershire

M&D Drilling Co Ltd | South Yorkshire

Makita (UK) Ltd | Buckinghamshire

Marrison Agriculture Ltd | Norfolk

Martyns Farm Models | Suffolk

Mato Industries Ltd | Lancashire

MDT | Suffolk

Mid UK Recycling Ltd | Lincolnshire

Millennium Fire Protection | Nottinghamshire

Monitor and Manage Ltd | Nottinghamshire

Mundell Engineering Ltd | Cambridgeshire

Murray Machinery Ltd | Aberdeenshire

Newtec Odense UK Ltd | Lincolnshire

Nicholson Machinery Ltd | Norfolk

Nick Young Tractor Parts Ltd | Lincolnshire

Nidera UK Ltd | Suffolk

OBE Waste & Agri Engineering Ltd | Down

Off-Grid Energy | Warwickshire

O'Reilly Concrete | All regions

Parmiter | South Yorkshire

Partic Motor Spares | Lincolnshire

Permaseal UK Ltd | Lincolnshire

Phaseolus | Cambridgeshire

Phillip Rees Welding Ltd (M4 Trailers) | Carmarthenshire

Phoenix Agricultural | Suffolk

Pottinger UK | Devon

Profencer Ltd | South Yorkshire

Rase Steels | Lincolnshire

Redfox Executive Selection Ltd | Suffolk

Redrock Machinery | Armagh

Rickett Agricultural | Nottinghamshire

Rima UK Ltd | Norfolk

Sanderson Environmental | Suffolk

Sandicliffe Motor Group | Leicestershire

Sauven Marking | Surrey

Scenergy | Lincolnshire

Schaffer Loaders | Antrim

Schenck Process UK Ltd T/A Redler | Gloucestershire

DCH Farm Sales | Dumfries & Galloway

Simtech Aitchison | Suffolk

Site Investigation Services | Lincolnshire

Smyth Trailers Ireland Ltd | All regions

Solus Renewable Energy | Leicestershire

Spread-a-Bale | Cheshire

Stanhay Webb - UK Main Distribution | Fife

Stanley Bostitch | Northamptonshire

Supreme Pumps & Motors | West Yorkshire

Suzuki GB Plc | Buckinghamshire

Tailor Made Metal Fabrications Ltd | Cambridgeshire

Tiger Crushers | Buckinghamshire

Toyota Material Handling UK | West Yorkshire

Tractor Guard Ltd | West Midlands

Trade Price Farm | Cambridgeshire

Turner Process Equipment Ltd | Essex

UAB Stronga | Hertfordshire

Unbrako Concrete | Derbyshire

Unitruck Ltd | Lancashire

Vitifruit Equipment | Kent

Wecan UK | Devon

Weeding Technologies Ltd | London

WeidemannWacker Neuson Ltd | Hertfordshire

Wilkin Chapman LLP | Lincolnshire

Wrights Farming Register | Lincolnshire

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