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Iceland | 16 January 2019
Iceland’s sheep farmers to get 5.2bn ISK from government

Sheep farmers in Iceland can expect subsidies this year, which in total will amount to over five billion krónur, but not without conditions, RÚV reports. At stake is striking a balance between not ove...

Iceland | 30 November 2018
Iceland harnesses hot springs to power year-round farming

For half the year, the temperature on Pall Olafsson's remote farm in Iceland often dips below freezing and the sun barely makes an appearance. Yet the heat and light in his greenhouses allow Olafss...

Iceland | 28 August 2018
Tornado in south Iceland damages farm

Sæunn Káradóttir and Þormar Ellert Jóhansson are still assessing the damage following a tornado which raged through their South Iceland farm on Friday afternoon, RÚV reports. Though Iceland may be kno...

Iceland | 9 September 2016
Visiting Iceland's food and farming community

As a food lover and an agriculture geek, I frequently plan vacations around what there is to eat. This summer, I traveled to Iceland, ostensibly to admire its breathtaking scenery and ride its tou...

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