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Iran | 12 March 2018
Iran agriculture weathers drought to keep humming

Iran’s agricultural exports in the nine months since March 2017 totaled more than $4.5 billion, the country’s agriculture ministry said on Saturday. Horticultural products such as fruits, vegetable...

Iran | 13 October 2017
FAO to help Iran to improve Agriculture Monitoring System

Iran’s agriculture ministry has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) for cooperation in agricultural monitoring. Under the M...

Iran | 8 September 2017
Iran, Syria discuss boosting cooperation in agriculture sector

Iranian and Syrian officials have conferred on enhancement of mutual cooperation in the agriculture sector, particularly in the fields of research and training. In a meeting in Tehran, senior agric...

Iran | 9 February 2016
Iran hopes for agricultural boom post-sanctions

Iran plans to turn itself into a major food exporter, hoping the lifting of sanctions will boost international trade and allow investment in the agricultural sector, an official in Iran's state grain ...

Iran | 26 October 2015
Iran to export wheat as domestic crop expands

Iran, the Middle East’s second-largest wheat user, will export 400,000 metric tons of the grain after domestic supplies expanded enough to meet local demand. Iran bought 8.08 million tons of wheat fro...

Iran | 10 August 2015
Iranian agriculture sector on progress track

Iran’s agriculture sector is moving forwards, according to Business Monitor. The government’ continued investment in infrastructures yields a positive prospect for the husbandry sector of Iranian econ...

Iran | 25 July 2014
Iran allocates $10 billion to agriculture sector

Iran allocated $10 billion to the development of agriculture sector. Deputy Agricultural Jihad Minister Abdolmehdi Bakhsahnde said that the mentioned amount will be paid out of the country's Nation...

Iran | 11 July 2013
Iran steps up major wheat spree, with 450,000-tonne buy

Iran’s major grain-buying campaign is continuing at a brisk pace, with traders reporting an almost half-a-million-tonne wheat purchase this week, partly financed by frozen oil revenues in Iran’s overs...

Iran | 5 July 2013
Agriculture's roots spread east to Iran

Agriculture originated across a broader swath of southwestern Asia’s Fertile Crescent, and over a longer time period, than many scientists have thought, excavations in western Iran suggest. Between...

Iran | 4 June 2013
Jalili vows to put agriculture top of agenda

Iran’s Principlist presidential candidate Saeed Jalili says boosting the country’s agricultural sector will be his top priority if he wins the June 14 vote. Jalili, who is serving as secretary of I...

Iran | 13 February 2013
Iran's agricultural exports up 14%

Iran's agricultural exports have grown by 14 percent since the beginning of the current Iranian calendar year, which began on March 20, 2012, compared to the same period in the preceding year, IRNA qu...

Iran | 2 October 2012
India and Iran make progress on wheat deal

After months of negotiations, India is making progress toward a deal to export some of its surplus wheat to Iran, two people with knowledge of the talks said Monday. Iran had expressed an interest...

Iran | 20 September 2012
Iran's oil minister says crude exports rebounding

Iran's oil minister said Wednesday that crude exports are rebounding after being hit by a European embargo in July, describing for parliament the strategies by which the Islamic Republic says it is co...

Iran | 8 August 2012
Chicken sold at inflated prices on Iran black market

Economic struggles are deepening further in Iran, as smugglers are selling vast quantities of chicken on the black market at inflated prices. Dubbed the 'chicken crisis,' organized smugglers have b...

Iran | 19 June 2012
Lebanon asks for broader business, economic ties with Iran in agricultural filed

According to IRNA from Beirut, the Lebanese Agriculture Minister Hussain Haj Hassan put forth his proposal in a meeting with visiting IRI Deputy Agriculture Jihad Minister in Research and Planning Aff...

Iran | 3 May 2012
Deadlock on wheat talks with Iran

Iran and Pakistan have hit a deadlock in talks over the price of wheat in a one-million-ton barter deal to get round Western sanctions against Tehran, a senior Pakistani commerce ministry official inv...

Iran | 27 March 2012
Iran buying wheat, fearing more curbs

Iran is ramping up imports of wheat, including rare purchases from the U.S., in a sign Tehran is building a strategic stockpile of grain in anticipation of harsher sanctions or even military conflict.

Iran | 22 September 2011
Azerbaijan may ban poultry import from Iran

It will be forbidden for Azerbaijani businessmen to import poultry and poultry products from Iran if Azerbaijan...

Iran | 4 May 2011
Wheat Production Will Exceed 12m Tons

Wheat production is expected to exceed 12.867 million tons in the current Iranian year (started March 21) despite low rainfall last autumn...

Iran | 28 February 2011
Iran boosts wheat storage capacity

Thirty seven silos were simultaneously inaugurated across Iran on Sunday, boosting the nation’s wheat storage capacity by 1.3 million tons to 8.7 million tons.

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