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Iraq | 7 August 2018
Iraq's farmers hit hard by water shortages

The canals branching out of the Tigris river and into the adjoining farmlands are empty and dry. Devoid of water, the rice, wheat and barley fields are left without vegetation. The Tigris today is ...

Iraq | 6 July 2018
Iraq partially reverses ban on farming summer crops amid water crisis

Iraq has partially reversed a ban introduced last month on planting summer crops as the country grapples with a worsening water shortage crisis, AP reported on Thursday. Amid rising pressure, Iraq...

Iraq | 5 July 2018
Iraq bans farming summer crops as water crisis grows dire

Iraq has banned its farmers from planting summer crops this year as the country grapples with a crippling water shortage that shows few signs of abating. Citing high temperatures and insufficient r...

Iraq | 22 June 2018
Islamic State kidnaps farmer after storming village in Iraq

A group of Islamic State (IS) militants stormed a village in Salahuddin governorate and kidnapped a farmer there, a security source was quoted as saying Wednesday. “IS terrorists attacked late Tues...

Iraq | 11 February 2018
Iraq seeks $100 billion to reconstruct agricultural industry

Iraq seeks around $100 billion in foreign investment in transport, energy and agriculture as part of a plan to rebuild parts of the country and revive the economy after a three-year war on Islamic Sta...

Iraq | 18 September 2017
Iraqi farmers fight against imported goods, corruption

The Tureibil crossing, or more commonly known as the Karameh border crossing, between Jordan and Iraq reopened in early September in tandem with the opening of another border crossing with Saudi Arabi...

Iraq | 15 August 2014
Captured wheat fields give Islamic State a new weapon

After seizing five oilfields and Iraq’s biggest dam, the Islamic State now controls yet another powerful economic weapon – wheat supplies. Fighters from the Islamic State have overrun large areas i...

Iraq | 30 April 2013
8,000 years after its advent, agriculture is withering in Iraq

As temperatures in Southern Iraq approached 52 degrees Celsius (126°F) last July, Habib Salman, a 52-year-old farmer in the Al-Islah township, shot himself in the head, leaving behind an eleven-member...

Iraq | 6 March 2013
Iraq lifts import ban on Egyptian dairy products

Following a series of protracted negotiations, Iraq has agreed to lift its two-year-old import ban on Egyptian dairy products, Industry and Trade Minister Hatem Saleh announced Tuesday. Saleh is cu...

Iraq | 30 January 2013
Iraqi agriculture in crisis

Beset by a lack of expertise, capability and workforce, agriculture in Iraq — and other sectors of the economy — is dysfunctional. In the mid-1990s, following the invasion of Kuwait, an economic bl...

Iraq | 10 April 2012
Iraq wheat payments too little, too late

WA farmers will be paid just a fraction of what they are owed from wheat sales made to Iraq during the 1980s.

Iraq | 5 March 2012
Iraq Seeks to Buy 50,000 Tons of Wheat

Iraq plans to buy 50,000 metric tons of wheat from all origins, except Romania, according to Fawziyeh Hameed, spokeswoman for the Trade Ministry.

Iraq | 26 September 2011
Iraq struggles to revive date palm sector

After years of wars, sanctions and drought, farmer Qais Nima Khamis says it’s time to save the dates — and bring back Iraq’s long-regaled fruit palm industry, which once led the world mark...

Iraq | 25 May 2011
Alien weed hits cotton

An invasive alien weed, silverleaf nightshade, is threatening cotton and wheat crops in Syria and Iraq...

Iraq | 11 April 2011
Iraq receives 200k tons of wheat from Australia

Iraq took delivery of more than 200,000 metric tons of wheat from Australia, Hassan Ismail Ibrahim, director general of the country’s Grain Board, said.

Iraq | 22 March 2011
Iraq seeks foreign investment in agriculture

Iraq is seeking foreign investment in agriculture to help the country become self-sufficient in grains within three years.

Iraq | 21 December 2010
Iraq rice yield up as water supplies grow

The yellow fields on the banks of the Euphrates are producing higher yields of aromatic Iraqi No. 1 rice this year...

Iraq | 28 November 2010
1500 tons of wheat offered to Missan farmers

The agricultural department in Missan offered 1500 tons of wheat to farmers in the province within preparations for the winter season, a local official said on Friday.

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