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Jordan | 17 July 2018
Jordanians urged to boycott tomatoes as farm sector dubs campaign 'misleading'

The Consumer Protection Society (CPS) on Monday urged Jordanians to sustain their boycott of tomatoes, as leading agricultural institutions described the boycott campaign as “misleading”. Mohammad ...

Jordan | 8 November 2017
Agriculture exhibition aims to boost local farmers' achievements

An exhibition titled “Khayrat Al Urdon” was inaugurated on Tuesday at the Ras Al Ain Gallery, as part of the “Creating employment and improving food security in the host communities of Syrian refugee...

Jordan | 23 October 2017
10,000 tonnes of ‘rotten potatoes’ banned entry into Jordanian market

The Ministry of Agriculture on Sunday said that a shipment at Aqaba Port carrying 10,000 tonnes of allegedly worm-infested potatoes will not be allowed into the country. Ministry spokesperson Nimer...

Jordan | 5 October 2017
Facing an even hotter, drier climate, Jordan testing desert agriculture

Hope in Jordan is taking the form of a cucumber in the desert. It is not a mirage. Some say it is the future. In the arid southern desert of Wadi Araba, where scorching temperatures and dust dev...

Jordan | 18 September 2017
Ministry to allow hiring foreign workers anew in agriculture sector

The Ministry of Agriculture on Sunday announced plans for allowing the recruitment of new foreign workers in the agricultural sector. The scheduled step is aimed at increasing the number of guest w...

Jordan | 14 March 2017
Jordan's Agriculture minister meets with German counterpart to discuss cooperation

Jordan's Minister of Agriculture Khaled Hneifat discussed with German Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture Christian Schmidt and the accompanying delegation, means to forge closer cooperation in t...

Jordan | 28 May 2015
Jordan to finance agriculture projects in ‘poverty pockets’

A multi-component scheme that targets small-scale farmers in several parts of the Kingdom was launched on Tuesday. In a country where the agriculture sector contributes to only 2.9 percent of the g...

Jordan | 10 March 2014
Middle East drought a threat to global food prices

The Middle East's driest winter in several decades could pose a threat to global food prices, with local crops depleted and farmers' livelihoods blighted, UN experts and climatologists say. Varying...

Jordan | 19 October 2012
Jordan aims to attract Brazilian agricultural investment

King Abdullah II of Jordan and the Jordanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Judeh, demonstrated an interest in developing partnerships with Brazil for projects in the Dead Sea and Red Sea, in add...

Jordan | 28 September 2012
Jordan: Boosting agricultural earnings

The agricultural sector is becoming more modernised and export-oriented, with an emphasis placed on increasing output and quality, as well as nurturing niche areas. Despite a number of challenges, par...

Jordan | 13 September 2012
Palestinian farmers wither in tough climate

Once a mainstay of the local economy, Palestinian agriculture in the rocky West Bank is in decline as farmers struggle to protect their livelihoods and their lands. Deprived of water and cut off fr...

Jordan | 18 June 2012
Spoiled poultry allegations spurious

JORDAN - Minister of Agriculture Ahmad Khattab denied that the ministry allowed the entry of spoiled poultry into the Kingdom. According to Mena, during a press conference, Mr Khattab dismis...

Jordan | 8 June 2012
Companies still running despite cancelled contracts

Several agricultural companies in the south of the Kingdom are still operational and pumping underground water although their contracts with the government expired last year, a former water official s...

Jordan | 19 September 2011
Jordan bought 200k tons of wheat

Jordan bought 100,000 metric tons of wheat bran and an equal amount of barley from various origins, the Ministry of Industry and Trade said.

Jordan | 13 January 2011
Farmers blame guest workers for rising prices

Agriculture sector stakeholders on Wednesday argued that guest labourers in the Kingdom are a major reason behind the rising prices of fruit and vegetables.

Jordan | 5 December 2010
Cabinet discusses ways to improve people's living conditions

The Cabinet discussed on Saturday several issues related to improving Jordanians living standards and ways to enhance the level of services through boosting the performance of the economy and developi...

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