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Lebanon | 28 August 2018
Lebanese cannabis farmers hope legalisation may bring amnesty

Cannabis is hardier, less thirsty and cheaper to grow than the region’s other main crops like apples and potatoes, but it is also illegal - for now. Parliament will consider legalizing its growth ...

Lebanon | 13 August 2018
Climate change is turning the Middle East's breadbasket into a cannabis farm

The farmer plucks a cannabis flower from a long stalk. He presses it against his nose, inhales deeply and begins to extol the therapeutic -- if not necessarily scientific -- properties of his crop. ...

Lebanon | 23 April 2018
Lebanese farmer-turned-candidate running a pro-cannabis platform

In Lebanon, on the roads of Baalbek-Hermel leading to his village of Deir al-Ahmar, Shawki Fakhri is contesting the upcoming local elections under a pro-cannabis platform. But he has no interest in...

Lebanon | 2 July 2013
Food security needs 'more holistic' agriculture

Agricultural experts have called for more holistic agricultural innovation to achieve global food security. Their report, a science and policy 'comment' published by the International Center for A...

Lebanon | 3 January 2013
Lebanon bans imports of cattle from Brazilian state

Agriculture Minister Hussein al-Hajj Hassan banned on Wednesday the import of livestock from the southern Brazilian state of Parana where a case of atypical mad cow disease was confirmed last month. ...

Lebanon | 14 March 2012
Lebanese banana exports hit by Syria uprising

A year into Syria’s uprising, the impact of the crisis on the Lebanese agricultural sector has been significantly less than experts had predicted, officials told The Daily Star Tuesday.

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