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Malaysia | 8 August 2018
Malaysia 'needs university that focuses on agriculture'

Malaysia needs a university that focuses on agriculture in a bid to produce experts and specialists in the sector for the future, said Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Datuk Salahuddin Ayu...

Malaysia | 13 July 2018
Challenges to 'Malay only' perception of Agriculture Ministry

The Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Ministry wants to change the perception that it is only for the Malays. Its minister, Salahuddin Ayub, said this was because the ministry wanted to have the ...

Malaysia | 23 May 2018
China demand pushes up durian farming in Malaysia

Rising consumption and prices have attracted large-scale durian farming in Malaysia recently, thanks to its rising prominence in China. As the planting is gaining momentum, some analysts foresee th...

Malaysia | 11 July 2017
Women boost presence in agriculture sector, census shows

Findings from the 2016 Economic Census revealed that women are steadily increasing their presence in the agriculture industry, owning 1,541 companies in 2015, compared with 580 companies in 2010. T...

Malaysia | 19 May 2017
Malaysia's economy grows 5.6% in 1Q, driven by manufacturing & agriculture

The Malaysian economy grew at 5.6% in the first quarter of 2017, against 4.5% a year earlier, driven by the manufacturing and agriculture sectors, according to the Department of Statistics Malaysia. ...

Malaysia | 12 March 2017
Malaysian government to form National Dairy Board

The Government will set up a National Dairy Board early next year to plan and spur the development of the national dairy industry in an integrated and holistic manner. The board will be led by the ...

Malaysia | 5 July 2016
Mindsets 'must change' over agriculture, especially those that are 'backward'

Governments and people must change their mindsets towards agriculture, especially that it is “backward”. This is to ensure better food sovereignty and to disperse economic risks, said Global Univer...

Malaysia | 31 December 2015
Agrobank sees promising outlook for agriculture in 2016

Agrobank said the outlook for agriculture sector in 2016 is positive and promising, and it would provide financing to businesses that invest in technology to increase productivity through various prog...

Malaysia | 29 June 2015
No shortage of chicken, says agriculture minister

There will be no problem with chicken supply this Hari Raya as Malaysia's output is at 125%, said Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, adding that the country was even able to export chicken. The agricu...

Malaysia | 8 July 2014
Company hosts Dutch Agriculture Minister's visit to Bidor dairy farm

Dutch Lady Malaysia, together with the Veterinary Services Department (DVS), hosted a visit by Dutch Agriculture Minister Sharon Dijksma and delegates from her ministry recently. As one of the lead...

Malaysia | 16 June 2014
120,000ha of agriculture land left idle for decades

The Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry has identified 120,000ha of idle land throughout the country with the potential for agricultural projects. Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob s...

Malaysia | 29 October 2013
Malaysian highlands hit by land clearing for farms

On the tree-lined patio of a colonial-style hotel, tourists sip their drinks as they enjoy the cool air that many come to Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, for. Their view of the lake in front of them, ...

Malaysia | 22 October 2012
GM crops to boost Malaysia's food security

Rapid population growth, climate change, escalating food prices, diminishing agricultural land and water resources pose a serious setback in increasing food output to feed the world's fast growing pop...

Malaysia | 9 October 2012
Depending on rain alone is risky

Improving agriculture water management is critical to sustain plantations' produce and livability of farmers in times of harsh ecological conditions. Energy, Water and Green Technology Minister Dat...

Malaysia | 26 June 2012
Local bananas finally break into US market

Local bananas will finally be able to break into the American market after officials of the Department of Agriculture (DA) confirmed that multinational Dole Philippines will “soon” export bananas from...

Malaysia | 26 June 2012
Govt to drive development of post-harvest tech to boost agriculture

The government will generate more initiatives and provide relevant incentives for the development of post-harvest technologies in a move to boost production in the agriculture sector, said Deputy Prim...

Malaysia | 25 June 2012
Government driving R&D to boost agri output

The government will generate more initiatives and provide relevant incentives for the development of post-harvest technologies in a move to boost production in the agriculture sector, said Deputy Prim...

Malaysia | 11 May 2012
More meat, milk for Malaysia

The Johor government has embarked on a programme to produce more cattle and goat meat and milk for local consumption and export.

Malaysia | 12 April 2012
Stuffed tigers act as decoys for farmers

Trader Faizat Zainun has a reason to smile as his business selling stuffed tigers along Jalan Kuala Krai-Kota Baru near Kampung Pangkal Petai, here, has gained popularity in the past two months.

Malaysia | 12 March 2012
Malaysian minister in 'cowgate' scandal to resign

A Malaysian minister embroiled in a scandal over government funds meant for a cattle project says she will resign.

Malaysia | 12 October 2011
We have enough rice - Malaysian ag minister

There is enough rice supply in the country and the public should not resort to panic buying, said Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Datuk Seri Noh Omar.

Malaysia | 19 August 2011
Malaysia relaxes ban on Australian animal exports

Malaysia says it has lifted a ban on the live export of Australia goats, sheep and cattle, but says the ban remains in place for racehorses.

Malaysia | 28 June 2011
Malaysia wants to produce poultry vaccines

Malaysia is exploring opportunities to produce vaccines for the Newcastle Disease and Avian Influenza poultry diseases...

Malaysia | 14 March 2011
Ethanol producers ask for benchmark price

Ethanol producers are asking the government to set a benchmark price for domestically produced ethanol to encourage full production.

Malaysia | 28 February 2011
Malaysia to let in 45,000 foreign workers

Malaysia said on Monday it will allow Indian restaurants and businesses to recruit 45,000 foreign workers, mainly from India, to help fill a shortage that is crippling their activities.

Malaysia | 21 February 2011
120 cows dead, owner suspects poisoning

More than 100 heads of cattle were found dead at a farm in Sri Cheeding near here.

Malaysia | 7 February 2011
Middle East to invest in $700m in Malaysia

Middle East countries are expected to invest nearly $700 million (Dh2.57 billion) in Malaysia’s eastern region, especially in halal food, a Malaysian official has said.

Malaysia | 28 January 2011
Cattle rustlers take off with 500kg bull

It took less than two hours for thieves to breach an electrical fencing and stole a RM4,000 (S$1,679.20) bull in a grazing field in Felda Sungai Gatom, Segamat recently.

Malaysia | 5 January 2011
FMD detected in 5 Malaysian states

Milk cattle farms in five Malaysian states have been affected by the foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), the Malaysian Veterinary Services Department said on Wednesday.

Malaysia | 27 December 2010
Farmers advised to prepare for subsidy reduction

Farmers in the country must be prepared for a reduction in government subsidy...

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