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Mongolia | 2 March 2016
Mongolia faces livestock crisis as bitter winter bites

Mongolia, a country struggling with depleted government revenues and a historically weak currency, is seeking millions of dollars in international emergency assistance as a harsh winter known as a dzu...

Mongolia | 2 September 2014
Mongolia reclaims desert for farmland

Droughty seasons are a fact of life across Inner Mongolia's sandy, desert-prone grasslands, but farmers and herdsmen in China's second largest province have made some extraordinary gains in defiance o...

Mongolia | 9 June 2014
Number of newborn livestock exceeds estimates

As of Friday, 16 million livestock were born this spring, which exceeds the estimation of welcoming 15.1 livestock this year. A total of 19.4 million livestock were expected to deliver 15.5 million...

Mongolia | 8 August 2012
Dairy boffins take expertise to Mongolia

A team of Irish dairy experts are heading to Inner Mongolia, as momentum behind the UCD and Enterprise Ireland-led initiative to develop China's dairy industry using Irish expertise gathers pace. T...

Mongolia | 19 January 2011
Mongolia Mining sector's growth is 100%

Excluding gold, the mining production occupies 80% of Mongolian exports. With gold accounted, the figure will be about 90%.

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